Monday, 30 April 2012

Bersih lagi

As usual, Star paper delivered to doorstep every morning.

Today's paper was one of the most disheartening read.
How can a national newspaper proclaim such biased views on the Bersih rally.

Headlines is of Bersih supporters smashing a police car,
but they never say the reason why.

The video:

They never mention that the car hit some of the protestors.
It lost control after the protestors threw water bottles and other items at it.
On a sidenote, also shows how fragile a Waja is. LMAO.

But what how dare they portray Bersih as the ultimate tyrant when there's this:

Police were supposed to protect citizens, not hit and kick them
like old school mafias. WTF? WTF?

A random police, went towards the dude and kicked him a few times.
For the sake of it. YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

Even if the protester did something wrong, you arrest him and take him to the station.
Not take out your anger on him and beat him up in a perverse gangfight.

And this, Jib Gor on last year's Bersih rally. #yehdiu.


Politics is such a taboo subject that nobody really dares to talk about it.
How many times have a read in the news, people arrested for things they write online.
About the government.

Dafuq, no freedom of speech?

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