Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hi ^^ 
It's been a while since I have done one of those
cheesy meitu edited posts.

None for today either.
I despise people who think their iPhones are viable camera replacements.
But now I'm just like one of them, ma de.
Photo above in place to ease myself so that there's at least one non-phone pic. Lol :x

I really need a camera, feels odd to live without one.
And. I don't know why but whenever I need Jennie most to upload pictures
~!@#$%^&*() fliptable.jpg

...That is why. It is best to rely on yourself.
But when I bring camera I'm holding it, not in it.
I wish there was a way I could control the angle and be in it same time.

Went to 1U for a little meet up.
Been a while I drove alone. 
Sim Kuan and Xuan were coming back from college.
Both tired.
But still talked a lot.

Sim Kuan texted saying she was at the parking. 
I thought she meant 1U parking 
but only found out it was her college parking after I arrived. =.=
Xuan told us to come before 4
but she came around 4.30? ^^

Ma de, communication and time-keeping fail between friends.

 "Why you squint your eyes?"
"I scared my eyes too big, overshadow you guys"

?!?! !@#$%^

We ate at Shih Lin.
 Actually just four of us, sharing two fried chickens.

All the Taylorians has started their college.
More than ten Bestarians I think? Taking the same course there.
Mostly diploma- Siet Yen, Qi Yao, Xuan, Jun Wen, Guat Tyng, Shao Yang, Cheng How.
Foundation are Mei Yen and Li Chen.
Not sure who else?

Xuan had a lot of stories.
Shao Yang and Mei Yen and their antics. LOLOL ^^
Taylors has a lot of shit to gossip about.

I think every guy should see how girls gossip.

1U as usual, tons of familiar peepo!
Tijan and siblings, the sporty peepo.
Vivian Loh told me she saw me as well ^^
Also saw Quinnie.

Short meetup, then everyone balik.

Going back home was super jam.
Those traffic jam where walking would be faster than driving.
Lucky it's just for a while.

It is very nice to hug Rilakkuma when driving.
Actually even better if I put a dog inside.

I don't like stopping while driving,

Monday was photoshoot at Siet Yen's house.
Interesting experience lol ^^
Siet Yen wants to set up an online boutique to earn extra money.
She can get stock from her family.
Her sister-in-law was there, she helped out a lot.
She did my make up too ^^

When a girl wants to be emo, let her be. 
Else she be like this ^

Lazy holiday is over for me.
Need to practise sketching, practise piano.
Sleep early, and exercise.
Jogging swimming cycling okie!
Jogged yesterday, I used to do it every evening. 
With Chuckie and Lucian.
Lucian never lets you slack and tries to race all the time.
Chuckie is the leisurely one, bounce his fluffy ass up and down 
while sniffing grass and trees.


 Random pichas.
I want college to start. FASTER PLEASE.
I'll pay attention and appreciate what I'm studying
because I'm finally getting to do what I want :3

That's all tata! :)

PS: The reason my photos are on a glitchy layout is because I used blogger on iPhone to upload the pictures. HHAHAHA! Don't worry next post will be a decent one ^^

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