Monday, 23 April 2012

I see what I see.

I suppose being in a holiday is a little like riding on a hot air balloon.
It's fun up there, but after a while you feel lost
because you're not sure of where you're heading.

If you want something, you're not gonna get it by
simply looking at it.

If you were to brought me back to where it started,
I'd still do the same thing,
a thousand times over.

I don't do regrets
because even if I did regret,
I wouldn't regret that I feel regret.

Get it?

Lmao. ^^

Because... it's not shameful do things you regret
When you do things that are worth regretting- you're taking a risk.

And in life- the higher the risk, the higher the stakes.

Don't be mad that you don't get when you didn't give in the first place.
That would be like being mad at a vending machine for not giving you drinks
when you didn't give it coins.

Also... never blame your friends for the bad things you tried

because birds of a feather
flock together.

Be happy you have someone to do naughty things with! :)

Everyone needs a friend.

There are the ones who are as close as family

you don't need many
(one bestfriend is better than having ten good friends.)

they're the ones you tell all your secrets to,
not because you feel guilty for not telling
but simply because you need them to know.

there's no such thing as an awkward silence
and "bitch" becomes a compliment, not an insult.

There are also the ones we've grown apart from.

They used to be the group up above,
and you guys promised to be friends forever- to infinity and beyond.

But then somewhere along the way,
your life paths diverge and the gap becomes so big that
it's not the same.

Then there are the friends who betrayed you.

They sweared they would take your secret to their grave
but later they sing,
"two can keep a secret
if one of them is dead".

They stab your back when you're not looking
and smile while you're laying your eyes on them.

Then there's regular friends,
the ones we get along and add smiles to our life. :)

Along the way, comes love.

The crush you're so fond of
and fills every space in your mind
but somehow you don't think you'll ever be together.

The flings you had. because it felt right.
The fling you had. because you couldn't get over your ex.
The fling you had. because you found someone who dragged you to jump headfirst
and you grabbed that hand.

Or also? A guy you fight with all the time but actually have a thing for.
Or also? A guy who's a jerk but still have a thing for. Oh, you masochistic person.

Your first love,
the one you thought you would love forever.

Sweet, romantic, innocent love. 

The "one", or at least the one you thought was.
The boyfriend/girlfriend you tried breaking up with
but never completely severed.

The one you always compare your lovers with.
The one you always go back to.
The one you regret it didn't work.
The one... well, just the one.

And then sometimes.
There are people who have someone in their life that plays all the above
the first love, the crush, the one, the bad one.

Have that someone in your mind already...?

Mm hmm.


Still a blank canvas that hasn't been painted. Lmao ^^

These are actually just illustrations of stereotype roles and such.
Thoughts swirling in my head.

Swirling, swirling.

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