Friday, 27 April 2012

If and only if

If what you held dear
suffocates whenever you try to capture it with your hands,
would you spare the mercy
and let it go?

Why do we keep repeating what is wrong
and stop only when it cripples us?

Stop, only after you've hit.
Apologize, only after you've taken the liberty
to make the mistake.

Must we taste the consequences first
then only the temerity of our actions is understood?

Maybe that's how life works.
Learning the lesson
only after you've been tested.

We hurt the ones who love us
And love the ones who hurt us.

Maybe the world needs the good and the bad,
just like light could never exist without the darkness.

So head for the dark side,
if it doesn't envelop or swallows you completely,
maybe you can come out from the other end
and shine brighter than you ever did.

Maybe, maybe.

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