Sunday, 1 April 2012


Sometimes I feel lost, like I'm chasing circles.
But the world is round, after all.

Life is a cycle,
sometimes bad things happen to you,
sometimes you're the one doing the bad things.

One thing that pays is to never be quick to judge,
and to blame.

I think it's time to tone down,
I don't remember what I did last week.
Well I could try, but I'm a lil' too lazy for that right now. :)

I want to go back to square one,
press a little restart.

I could go on further, but the songs I'm listening to aren't helping.
I can stop, but actually I can't.
It will go away, but away isn't here for now.

Things aren't always the same.
But what fun would there be
if everything was on repeat in infinity.

And that's all :)

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