Monday, 30 April 2012

IU Day part two.

Pictures from Jennie and Amanda finally uploaded. LMAO.

I am still the Queen of Efficiency.
I wonder if it can stay the same when college starts? ^^

I thought I was the only one without college,
but nevermind. I have Chi Cheng as company now.
And she hasn't even applied yet!

White white white.
This sort of white should be my new thing.
Clean and expensive. Ivory white?
But not white as in those cotton tee white.
I look bad in tee shirts.

Loudspeaker Karaoke.
Dresses attract stares because people always wonder 
where you're going dressed so formal.

My steam face partner, LMAO.
Xuan asked both of us to do it. ^^

3 in the morning and I'm feeling very, very restless.
I can't get enough of this world, I'm not doing enough.
I want to faster learn french, faster learn sewing patterns.

There is a lot of things I want in this world and
earning enough money would be a fucking good start.
I won't try to avoid materialism- that's like asking a
bullfighter to avoid violence.

When you want to be a fashion designer who sells,
it's about embracing consumerism.
I am indeed at the other end of the spectrum.

Went to 1U today, 

 Wearing exactly this outfit.

Was supposed to wake up for dim sum.
And I did set alarm, but 1am instead of 1pm...
reverse double-facepalm, I KNOW.

I think I heard someone shouting from the other side of the door
but I was too caught up in dreamland.
Sigh. Whole family diao me. 

Coincidentally, Xuan was there.
Chi Cheng asked me to go 1u eat sushi.
Her last day working.

Xuan said she was at Chicago 
and I kept hearing CHIKAKO CHIKAKO.
I thought it was some ViVi clothing store..

Chi Cheng and Xuan gossiping like fuck,
holding iPad. Girls gossip is like.
We say all the things we really like
and really don't like
and make fun of everything.

It's a beautiful thing to know lots of people
because people are never boring.
But then I always have this placement in my head,
people I instinctly know I will click with
and people I'm not bothered with because I don't see any future.

People are great assets.
Money comes from people.
Fuck, all I can think about is money.
Fuck, I need college.

Chi Cheng left to get back to work before we managed to camwhore.
Bou bou accompanied me to shop.

LMAO, when I shop with Jennie
she'll tell me to not buy this, not buy that.
Worse part is when she scoffs before I even try. Ma de.
Iz good to try new things!

Xuan on the other hand, asks me to buy everything.
It's good to have friend's opinions.
Jennie is more practical, stay safe and think thoroughly.
Xuan is more open-minded.

But props to Jennie for coming a long way
since her white tee and denim shorts days^^
 And I realized I can't do patterns well.
I can do colours, but not patterns.

Got four skirts from Kitschen, diff colours^^
cheap cheap.


 The only thing new is the military skirt from Kitschen.
I like pulling together shades of brown.
Military/safari look is fine for me.
Leopard prints, LMAO.

Military chic, Burberry does it best.

Skintone plays a big role
in choosing clothes that flatters.

Also realised I have six Charles & Keith heels
... short peepo must have heels.

I can talk about fashion a lot because it's concerning my future career
what better way to experience fashion
than by experimenting it yoself?


I feel sohem doing mirror shots but Cheeserland always does them
why not ^^ helpful for taking note of outfits.

And I always fucking forget my clothes.
There's too many spaces to hide in the closet.
So nice there's no uniforms inside thou ^^ 

Yellow skirt, Kitschen.
I have another sunny yellow skirt liddis,
but it's too big to be high-waisted. 


Oasis v neck dress
$115 -

Cropped jacket
$110 -

Platform heel shoes
€5,95 -

Kiss lock handbag
$85 -

Alexis Bittar lucite jewelry
$195 -

Mixit floral ring
$9 -

Perry ellis perfume
$65 -

Natio gift sets kit
£16 -

Beachcomber Trays
$39 -

Destination: Anywhere Laser Die Cut
$3.75 -

sunny yellow and powder pinks
up for a posh afternoon tea! ^^

The same denim vest.
Have to sew the buttons, LMAO. 
Light blue suits tanned skin.
Dark blue suits fair skin.

red dress; red tube
was a bit lazy for this, lmao ^^

Below no more camwhore pics,
only pics from internet ^^

Coral, turquoise, seaside colours= ON.
Channel Billabong-esque look ^^
great on tanned skin.
My skin is somewhere between tan and fair,
but more than tan than fair. Warm skintone.

Gold bangles are a must, have them by the dozens.
Gold accessories are a must, in essence.

Forgot black, this kind of white leaves me breathless ^^v

Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively, my current style icons.
Because they have a posh aura and are both connoisseurs of body-con.

There is too much to see in fashion.
All for today! :)

Happy fashion-ing ^^v

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