Monday, 9 April 2012


Clothes courtesy of:

An online shop Siet Yen is hosting :)
Check it out!

 All dresses above go for RM99 including postage fees.

Umm. Didn't have any make up except for lipgloss.
I was... lazy. I only get excited to make up when there are events.
I like sparkly-shimmery glim glam bling bling.
Shine on the corner of your eyes, your lips
your nose bridge.

But those full-on make up is too much!
My friends are too lazy for it, lucky ^^

I mean those... where you have layers of
eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, blush
all caking on top of each other.

The ideal is always big eyes, slim nose, sharp jaw.
In the end everyone tries to look the same.
And I think that's a pity!

Okay enough bout that ^^

 Went to swimming on Friday.
You know my new mantra....
Lazy holidays are over.

Exercise more, sleep early.
Be wholesome and productive.
Practise piano and do more sketches blablabla. ^^

Swam with SY at DPC.
There's raining and not swimming.
Raining and waiting for it to stop, then swim.
Or swimming in the rain.

I would swim in the rain because I'm stubborn,
but the pool was closed :(
But glad the rain stopped not long after.

Feels like during SPM, when King Jiat would always bring
Xuan and I to swim at DPC.

Oh and by the way. The moodle ^^
This guy seriously... talk non-stop.
Seriously weyh what cock also can talk.

And his dormmates at the back. Taiwanese.
Their chinese seriously damn awesome.
Their accent. (Y)

After swimming Mei Yen came to drop by a while to visit.
And to avoid traffic jam. Lolol.

And then Sim Kuan came, to go to church.
It's been a really long time. I think since SPM?
Was nice to see everyone again.
Randhawa sisters, The Ngs, The Victors, The Lees.

Also went to church on Sunday, hope I can wake up okok.

Saturday was Steamboat at DPC.
Picture above for Sim Kuan with warm regards.
Tradition is to show middle finger and rub it into their face
the person who can't make it. ^^

Siet Yen organized this one, not bad! A lot of people came.
The usual dogs, saw Gary, Jason Chin, Theng Loo, Chee Khoon as well.

Went to Beer Fact after that, met up with SY.

Okok that's about it.
And I really hate phone pics they so blurry !@#$%^

Bye guys ^^v

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