Friday, 20 April 2012

Mix and grind

Harror! ^^

Went to Beer Factory at Puchong just now.
Long way from home, but the guys always... don't mind driving.
Driving is fun, they said!

RM1 for a bottle of beer,
but you have to come early.
500 bottles limited.

When we arrived though,
no more! :(

But it's okay, I don't really like beer ^^

The place is pretty, with a huge shallow pool.
DIG IT DEEPER! Pool party!

Who went? Mmm..

Rysher, Nicholas, Sim Kuan, Xuan, Vinoth and Jason.
Drink drink play some card games,
mostly just to check the place out.

I don't mind going there,
if.. I'm not driving ^^

Tuesday, spent the whole day with Sim Kuan ^^

Went to F Block in Giza, my new fav shop.
But couldn't find anything to buy :(
Sim Kuan did thou!

I only buy things I really want.
Food though I can't help spending.
I hate skimping on feeding myself.

After that went OU again, ma de.

But it's okay, OU has good food :)
Unagi sushi from Zanmai ^^
Yummeh, iz sex.

Tempura udon too, salty goodness.

Orange top and yellow bag from Forever 21
skirt from EDC Esprit (bought when I was fourteen? fifteen?!)
Heels from Charles & Keith. 
finally wore them, can never have too many heels from Charles & Keith :3

What else? Coral and Turquoise is a nice colour to wear, suits my skintone.
Feels very billabong-ish too.

Whenever I pass by Billabong stores, 
the sun and sea playing on the screen
always catch my eye.
Makes me yearn to live by the sea.
But. I like city more. 
Seaside= getaway! ^^

Lulz, also went swimming after that.

One day I also dreamt I was in a zombie apocalypse.
Running on the streets with Sim Kuan, hiding in Daniel's house.
Wtf I know? But damn.. exciting.

Makes me feel like dressing a la Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.

Not exactly tight leathersuits, Malaysia too hot for that.
But. The essence of it.
Female assassins are always dead hot in movies..

I actually wore this particular shirt in my dream I dunno dafuq why
maybe because it was black? ^^

It's fun to know what to wear from dreams,
oh. dream more. All those poor abandoned clothes in the closet,
appear in my dreams and I shall resurrect you!

Okay actually I am sleepy and don't have much to write 
except to towk cock ^^

That's all for today,
bye bye sleep tight! :)

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