Thursday, 12 April 2012

Up in the jungle, working on my fitness

 Pic of the day because my hair finally looks red. 

Hello there peepo ^^v
I was emohai, but today I happyhai.
Being outside does wonders.
Oh, the fresh air!
Oh, the green trees!

Actually, I just went to FRIM
but when you have enough pictures...
you can make a big deal out of anything.
Taking your dog out to shit,
lying on your own bed.

I checked in to almost 10 places today?!
Never been so diligent :)
LDP, checked in too.
(to show Jennie and Xuan I was otw home)

Was waiting for Jennie to wake up and everyone was unsure
of what time to go. Procrastination.
Decided to go 1U supermarket with Papa.
Been a long time.

When I was form 2, going to 1u supermarket with Papa.
Was my outing <3 MUAHAHA lifeless I know ^^v

But I really love grabbing whatever I want, not having to
worry about the prices.
Threw in a red hair dye to the trolley- you know,
in case of touch-up!

Left to right- Daniel's, Mine, Jennie's
CAR CAR! Your ticket to freedom!
Transition high school -> college
Car will be one of the best things that will happen to you.

(But actually public transport is also fun)

Met up with Xuan and Jennie at the private parking again.
I was there first, Xuan and Jennie were at Waterfront.
And then freakin Daniel pulled up beside me out of nowhere.
Damn random! He's too free! HAHAHHA

I asked him why he's here, he said...
he was bored at home or something ^^

This guy will climb on top of his car to camwhore.
And he says we're haolian!

Ah okay... quite haolian... 

heh heh ^^v


meet my new cam! :)

My heart was straying, eyes on Olympus Pen MINI.
My loved one used to be Samsung PL150, 
heart was broken when it left me.
Flirted with Sony Nex C3, but it wasn't meant to be.

I told my Dad I wanted new cam, he shouted "NO!"
Actually he asked if I was crazy.
"Lei ngong gah?"
... ma de!

But it's okay.
At least he gave me a new cam.
He said at home got camera, go take it.
I asked, "your camera? I DUNWAN."
(I feel uncomfortable using borrowed stuff- like my bro's cam)

He said no, a new one.
Free gift... from buying this huge ass five feet tall printer.
For his office, I don't know why da eff for! 

OKAY. Camera iz 310HS
My new partner, confirm.
I feel lost without my camera.
All pics today taken using current camera ^^

The body looks ugly, must bling it out someday.
But the pictures... I have to admit... not bad.

Canon oh canon.
I always had a thing against Canon, because everyone uses it.
But then again- I used to hate iPhone because everyone uses it,
then one day... I became a part of "everyone".

So much for being hipster, 
so much for not trying to be mainstream.

Ah but... Canon compact cameras are good, absorb a lotta light.
Easy to blur out photos when it is shakey thou.
And the thing I don't like, is that ever-present yellow tinge.
AH. Will try to edit the settings.

Okay okay enough crap.


We found monkeys in a treefull place~

We talk alotta cock not sure wanna go or not, 
Jennie had to make it to her family dinner.
But in the end we went.
Kepong FRIM!
Rushing to finish the walk,
good motivation for running.

Xuan was the one who led the way, 
she's the one who comes here. 
Wear slippers but walks like it's sneakers.

Sim Kuan was the one... umm.
Dragging herself. I think she only had picnic in mind...

I wanted to run, but stupiak.
Didn't wear socks, got blisters =.=
From sneakers and not heels =.=

How jakun ^^

The walk was nice, trees here and there.
Waterfall and monkeys.
Didn't get to try the canopy thou.

I always want to exercise, the girls always think about eating
Sim Kuan is the skinniest one, but the laziest one.
She can because she eats healthy crap all the time,
I like eating junk crap. 

Cherries and cereals do it for her,
but super ring and big bang always tempt me. 
And I hate denying myself food, it's so suffocating.
So the only way is... eat more, workout more.
That I can!

Xuan is the middle one. 
Active but also loves to eat.
Orders like... for a family of four.

After what seems forever we finally reached Jennie's car,
and we rushed home.

Xuan and I had dim sum.
I love the prawn stuff. 
Salad prawn, prawn dumpling, prawn chee cheong fun.
Because others are always pork pork pork!
Shi Yong posted deli photo of prawn dim sum night before.
AH. Yummeh.

Wasn't that hungry thou, for the whole day actually.
But its like... when I'm not hungry, plenty of good food.
Hungry? Haha starve at home good luck sad bitch.

There's dinner at home but I felt like staying out a bit longer.
Xuan is busier now with college.


Mine's starting July 2nd. The person called the other day.
At first I was freaking out because I'd have too much of time to waste.
But then I chilled the fuck down.

Ah. Next Monday, find job. 
I can do the finding part, but actually finding the job?
Ah hah, harder.

Ah, read this on Instagram. Courtesy of Lianne :)
Enlightened me quite a bit.
Suprised it was quite easy to read in its tiny ass phone format!

Conclusion, time is precious- farking precious.

Went to the mamak near Spicy after that,
saw Vinoth, Rysher, Daniel and his friend.
Daniel was worrying because of the earthquake.
Saw Ahmad too, with the gang.
They're always there. ABEH!

After that the guys went to meet at Private Parking.
Saw Ding Dong Dong Dong Dong.
They- damn clueless of what to do.
Always lepak at PP first, then decide.
Getting late, so decided to ciao ciao
To Xuan's house.

AH. Camwhored a little.

HAHAHHA *test test camera!

So sorry to disturb Jia Huan.
She sho farney ^^

And then we discussed. Levue fashion needs more updates.


Girls really can talk a lot.
When the funny bone is tickled, 
laugh at whatever.

Time for bed! <3

Had the mood to blog because of the new cam.
Hehehehohho bye peepo! :*

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