Monday, 28 May 2012

My first job

*long post alert

Done with my stint as HTC Promoter.
Five days with Chi Cheng, done :D

How would I describe it? Simply put...
And was literally so. T.T

A couple of months ago, Xuan and I went on a job-hunting trip at 1U.
As with anything, we were very excited with the idea of it...
then died down when we found it was easier to
simply give up on the idea.

Dad always told me to dress like a poor kid if you want people to hire you. LMAO.
Because if people think you're well to-do, then you won't have to work hard
since you're not desperate enough for money.

Err. Asked two stores and they never called me back. !@#$%^&
Gave up after that.

HTC was because I told Chi Cheng I wanted to work.
RM600 for five days, and I was like, "ON!"

You see. At first it feels a lot for five day's work.
But soon you will realize,
you actually need every bit of the money and more.

Because everything looks easy until you try doing it yourself.
Stand for 12 hours. Okla fine la sit half of the time.
But the fact that there are 24 hours a day and there are only 12 left,
wtf was there to do with my life? Sleeping already takes at least eight hours.

Work, shower, sleep. Rinse and repeat.
No time for anything else. I didn't like that I was being a slave,
my whole life was about making money.
 For that five days only, thank God.

Fuck that system. Sacrificing health for work,
then using the money you earned to repair your health.
 ... Ironic, isn't it?

But, I'd say that working is a good experience to have.
People who've worked, people who've never worked- they think differently
because they know exactly what hardwork has been put for every cent earned.

Relying on your parents is easy. Just say a few words, they're worth a few hundred bucks.
Just because we're precious to them.
Relying on yourself? Stand for hours at the end just to earn the same amount of money.
Shitty, isn't it? But be prepared, because just so you know- you can't rely on your parents forever.

I hate being a burden.

At the same time, working takes away part of the guilt I feel from being a burden to my parents.
Earning money is a joy, because it means you have the capability to support yourself.
But lmao. I'm certainly not there yet.

Wake up around 8 something every morning. Snack a little before going off.
Chi Cheng is always with me :D Thank God.
Her parents fetch her to my house. Thank God too!

Chi Cheng also found a free place to park on our second day. LMAO. NOW I KNOW.
I asked Rysher, he said Dataran Parking. Pay RM2 and farking crowded.
I found a sweet spot outside Dataran. Truly sweet. ^^
No saman, no scratches AND completely free. LMAO! ASIAN.
But have to walk damn far, dangerous at night.
That's why lucky Chi Cheng goes home with me too.

I was damn enthusiastic on our first day.
Eager to serve customers. Shove out brochures.
I wondered why Chi Cheng was so fucking lazy.
Later I realized, more often than not, hard work goes unappreciated
and it is simply more comfortable to take the easy way out.

At first there were some offbeat moments.

And then boredom made us plain crazy =.=

Err. Mock fighting scene at the end because Vince complained I was blocking him ^^

The best part of working is not money but friends.
Working with friends and having friends visit.
They make things bearable. I don't think I could've gone through a day without Chi Cheng.

Sometimes people put money as their priority because 
money would never betray them like people would.
But what's the point? Money can't give you love.
You can't create memories with money alone.
You can't create laughter with money alone.

The best things in life are free and friends are one of them.

Sometimes people are scared of being "used" by their friends.
But fuck that thought. You're supposed to help friends.
It's a little bit of give and take that makes the word 'being used' laughable.
Because real friends give each other benefits without counting like a granny.

With Jin Fye. LMAO.
Mayor of most visits. He visited us everyday except for our first day :D
And that is Jin Fye's pose btw. He likes to do it on cars. He's simply acting cool. Cheh.

Mei Yen my baby also came to visit ^^
Xuan my bou bou came to visit on our first day. SILLY GIRL TOOK TAXI.
Jennie my luv came to surprise us on our last day. HAHA MA DE knew she would come ^^v

HAGGAGGA! Thanks to everyone who came to visit ^^

My working and sohai-ing partner DaiHaiLow ^^
HAGAGAG she thought me a taiwanese girl accent.
Err. She's very sweet until you get to really know her =.=
Tried to tattoo my arm while I was sleeping. Drew a line over my calf with their free gift pens.
WERTYUI you know I'm the type to revenge. Took two pens and ran after her.
LMAO. She almost knocked down our booth. =.=

Basically it's only the two of us managing the booth :D

Good thing is no manager spying on us.
Supervisor is... errr... like to ogle the Peugeot roadshow models.
There was also this particular sohem worker beside us. Samsung booth.
He likes to come over and just stand there looking at us.
You come here and talk to me I get it, but to just stand there and stare like you expect a show?

I told Chi Cheng to shoo him away. LMAO.
They started talking.
"I SUKA YOU" the guy said.
"Saya tak suka you. Kamu ini yong shui" Chi Cheng.. replied.


But the guy didn't get pissed... just continued. Another time he came.
Chi Cheng said. 'Diam la cibai'.


Another time he looked at us? Gave middle finger. LMAO.
Chi Cheng really dares to be rude ^^
The guy didn't really get offended but continued wtf.
I think he was.... curious maybe?

Customers always come to our booth and ask about Samsung and that is one of the things we hate the most. Because Samsung booth is just beside us good grief go there if you like samsung so much.

But me, when working. The thing I can't stand most is tolerating being mistreated by superiors.
I mean you can correct me if I'm doing something wrong but don't fucking take your temper out on me.

(start of rant, skip if you like :D ranting nonsense)

There's this Assistant Manager called Alex or whatever fuck curse you to hell and basically we just called him dracula because he had this ugly middle parting and whatever's left of his hair is gelled to extreme sloppy wetness and his eyes has some problem like he hates everyone in this world and he doesn't know how to blink and his cheeks are sunken like he needs to suck blood from you. He is also short.

The first encounter was Chi Cheng asking for help because our lights coudn't be turned on. He found the main switch and scolded us for asking help on such small matters. Yeh, superiors don't like getting bothered with small matters. Chi Cheng said hmm maybe someone accidentally stepped on it. Innocent remark. And he was like. Step on your buttocks. DIU.

And then another time he asked us to use our sleeves to wipe the glass display. YOU SOHAI AH. Wipe yourself la sohai. And then another time in the morning he said, "you better sell five handsets today or I'll beat your butt". At that time I was mildly contemplating suing him your sexual assault. Have a thing for buttocks. Chiu, go ask a guy to fuck your ass la sohai.

Okay I'm sorry now you see I can be very rude when someone gets on my nerves. Diu. Most sohai person I've ever met gossiped about him with all the coworkers and they say everyone doesn't like him and he has a problem with everyone and a day before he had a temper outburst. Fuck, so much venom in him that even all the love in this world could not cure him.

On my last day he was talking with the samsung workers and he called me to come. Must learn to pretend not hearing next time, this is one of the life-saving tactics when it comes to PMS-ing superiors. He asked me how many HTC sold for that day. I said two. He looked at the samsung workers and did this degrading look. So little ah? Diu. (At the end of the day, we sold five.) He asked how about yesterday. I said five and walked away. Did the eye rolling thing. LMAO. Because it was last day, didn't care if he's offended.

After that my mood got killed and I thought if he tried to look for trouble again I would just shout that everyone in this company hates you and it's a wonder why they hired you. You're like a pest nobody wants. Talk so much, manager never said anything you open your mouth for what? Go find some ass to fuck la.

And then the best moment ever was cleaning up on the last day, packing the goods and returning that shit. Going into the store, the dracula was kneeling on the floor fiddling with some shit and he was looking for trouble again. Walked into the store he asked me why we close the booth so early. LMAO. He asked quite loud but I ignored and stomped off to return the stupid goods. And walked out of the stupid store, out from the cage, released from the leash. No no not under you anymore.

Fuck you la you work whole year also not even close to affording the car I'm driving.

HAHHAHA OKOK usually I don't think like that I just use that to console myself. :// Knowing that I have a capable dad makes me feel better when people mistreat me. :3 Because they won't have a dad that treats me as good as he does and if their parents did love them enough why did they turn into such horrible pests anyway. The winning factor is also that my dad earns more than you lifeless bitch.

The manager is good, never look down on others or throw tantrums at all :D I like him. Indian. The dracula is chinese. Sohai disgrace. Waihai.

But I suppose wherever you go, there will always be people like him. People who are a little higher than you are and make you take all their shit. Tell you what, ignore them. Okay this is my first time that's why I'm so angry. I hate feeling victimized. I hate tolerating. I hate not being able to slap someone when they need it on their face.

If they're the biggest boss, leave the company. If they're not, look for the boss and be friendly and respectful to them. Then be disrespectful to them and deny when they complain to their boss. Because people who act like that? The whole company disdains them but somehow they're kept there like a pain in the ass. And to others, always be a sweet person. It pays to have more allies than enemies.

(end of rant)

After ranting all that out, I don't feel so angry. Because it's all gone. He's still stucked with his job, working in a place where everyone is disgusted of him and will gossip about him to me behind his back. Even the samsung girl. Complained to me he simply scolded her to turn on the display lights when in fact one of them wasn't working. She showed her the torn wires. My god. Arrogant people are often stupid.
And I, I have a bright future ahead of me. I will work hard to get to where I want to be, but I promise not to step on others just because I hold a position above them.

Because one day you're in, one day you're out. Job positions can be changed, but who you are- can't be.

LMAO told you this will be a long post. Didn't write for five whole days owh! :D

What I do sometimes. HAHAHHA

What I did during work... sleeping. Eating. Camwhoring. Talking to friends.
But of course also, serving customers and selling handphones.

We can have breaks but we didn't want to eat alone and leave each other alone
so most of the time we takeaway food and eat it on our counter.
Sushi Zanmai, Shihlin, Lavender. What we ate mostly. And cut fruits.

Sometimes I wear heels. They told us to wear black skirt but lmao.
No one was there to restrict anything. The important thing was simply the T-shirt.

Serving customers, you need to talk a lot. Be sociable and friendly.
When you stop, you feel a bit awkward getting it on again.
Because customers expect you to do all the talking
and they just go on looking at the phone screen.
Some will nod away and if you're super lucky they'll ask you questions.

The most turn-off phrase to promoters is "just-looking"
because it means 95% you're not looking to buy.
It's a handphone, if you wanted to buy you'd know what you're looking for.

Out of say 80 people who walk into our booths, 70 are just curious.
10 are not sure if they want to buy. Around 3 out of 80 will buy from you.
Of course, depends on what day and what brand you're selling ^^
Saturday and Sunday is five times normal sales.
So they are fucking important days for retailers.
No point opening a store if it's closed on those two days, really.

Potential customers who put their hand in their pocket?
99% of the time they won't buy anything from you.
Because it's a subconscious gesture to protect your wallet.
Those who put their hands on their hip and make themselves look bigger
might just buy from you. Because they're subconsciously conveying
they have power and money.

The people who really want to buy have an eye out for promoters.
They approach us instead of the other way, lmao.

There was this datin family. Daughter with jewellery all over and Balenciaga giant city handbag.
Mother also with even more jewellery and Chanel 2.55
I wasn't even 30seconds into promoting. The daughter said, "Saya nak satu, lah"
LIKE BUYING A PIECE OF RM2 BREAD and not a 2k handphone !@#$%^&*()

Mostly it's Malay who buys, Chinese who ask a lot but never buy. LMAO.
There was this chinese ah pek and he was like looking to chat.
We don't need 2k handphones blablabla. I know but some people want it.
Don't wanna buy go away! And then he asked if I was healthy. I said yeah.
Because my definition of healthy is not being terminally-ill/ having fatal diseases.
And then he asked me if I wanted to get my palm read.
And then he said I sleep too late, always feel tired, backache blabablabla.
Sigh, who isn't tired nowadays.

Too free lifeless, too busy lifeless. ~.~

Sometimes I ask are you looking for anything in particular.
This guy, he said yes. I said okay what are you looking for then.
Then smarty pants answered I'm looking at this handphone.
Fuck! I'm asking what you're looking for not what you're looking at.
HAHHA learn your grammar first ma de.

Some guys will ask if I buy this handphone will it come with your number and shit like that.
LMAO. If you're handsome I say yes la okay. HAHAHAH

But... out of the five days seeing more than five hundred people...
I only found two guys who I thought was handsome. TWO. TWO.
Sumthing wong with me or wad?!
A buff dude in grey shirt and a tanned taller buff one.
Tanned one bought One X :D he bought it the next time he came back.

Being a promoter also teaches you to exaggerate to sell your handphone.
Teaches you to be narrow-minded because only the brand you're selling is the best.
Teaches you to lie because customers don't like it when you don't know.

A customer asked how big the internal memory of One X was. 32 GB, I said.
He asked why so little. I was surprised because what the fuck do you need so much of memory for.
Porn movies? =.= It's enough for seven thousand songs =.=
And then he said iPhone has 64GB.

Err. Chi Cheng was beside me. She asked him to go buy iPhone.
LMAO. Then he went to complain to the supervisor.
But no effect, because he complained to the wrong person.
Unless you go into the store and complain, maybe got effect la.
The supervisor is the friendly hamsap one.

Chi Cheng doesn't mind tantrum-giving superiors (WTF)
but wil be arrogant to customers. I'm nicer to customers,
because I know what people expect when they're buying.
I know what I'd expect.

Most customers were okay, none gave me tantrums. HEHE.

with Chi Cheng ^^
thank you for eveything owh <3

Working was tiring, but I don't regret anything.
I'm glad of what the experience has taught me because the only way to live
is to get out from your comfort zone.

That is all :)
Have fun everybody :)

PS: I'm so glad I'm done working everyone can kiss my ass now.

PPS: I would still work again... if the pay is better and/or the time is shorter. ^^

HAHHAHAHA. Ma de. Have to toughen up and complain less oh! ^^

Bye peepo! :*

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Getting a job and more shopping

Hello hello hello ^^
*photo above solely for decorative purpose

Four days I didn't blog, it feels a lot to me because 
I'm scared I'll forget what happened. =.=

Pictures are very useful! :D I always check Instagram, Gifboom, Twitter, Foursquare.
To remember what I've been doing. HAHAHA. Pure noobie!
Social networking trailing every aspect of our lives.

Today is Tuesday. Piano day, always clash with Jennie because 
it's the only day other than Friday where she's free to find me. 
HEHE, her motto is always to balance everything.

Chi Cheng dropped by to take back her iPad. 
Left her at Daniel's house.

Top and shorts from Zara. HAGAGAGA 
I always wear new clothes ASAP so it doesn't ends up being forgotten.
It's not a good feeling to be forgotten :(

Loving sunshine yellow. 
Top's colour is a bit like those neon yellow found in highlighters ~.~
Used to be annoyed I can't find interesting tops but I think I can do away with tanktops 
as long as there's something shiny to look at. Fabric or accessories.

When I am older, I don't wanna collect diamonds. 
I wanna collect gold bangles, gold necklaces. Cartier LOVE!

With Jennie from the block ^^
She looked pretty tired but can't blame her. College!
She's not the kind to go home like a good girl after college.
Goes shopping. ~.~

Jennie looks so tiny without heels! :3

Eee, a lot invigorating colours to look at in shopping malls.
Before that was always dull black or brown, CHEEBYE.
Bore me to death.

Now? ^^ Neon yellow, salmon pink, fire engine red,
calm turquoise, coral orange 
 HEEE feel so happy seeing them. Glad for summer.

Honestly, I'm not always so into fashion.
Sometimes I get lazy too. 
Now is just one of those times where fashion is my preoccupation.
Well all or nothing for everything.

Got some crop tops. Black and pink.
Umm. Have to wear with caution. 
Easy to look slutty,
IF, IFFFF you show belly button. :/
Oklo find maxi skirts. or something high-waisted!

HAHAH! Meet my burger for today ^^
Sexy anot?!

So thankful to be able to eat. And to eat this.
Unagi burger! Tokyo street up in Pavilion.
Cafe Takahashi. And then got some melon breads at Ginza Cafe.

And I love Unagi but every Japanese resto is raising their prices on Unagi.
Bitch. Bitch. !@#$%^ Sushi zanmai's unagi roll is at least six bucks more exy.
But it was cheap to begin with, la. :/ I love my Unagi . T.T
Also hate it when restos hike up their price
while skimping on their portions. I mean WTF YO!
Had some maggi goreng in the morning, not that nice ma de. HAHA!
Something about eating at night and sharing it with friends
gives it an exquisite flavour. Not when 
it's in the morning and when you're alone thou ;(

But anyway all food are blessings to be cherished ^^

Jennie wanted to find bikini but to no avail.
"Why you need bikini?" "Summer ma"
HAHAH WTF. But good la in the end she didn't buy anything.
I always feel guilty when I spend. :/

Okay that's about it for Tuesday :)

Errr. I know it doesn't look like it..
but Monday was job-training with Chi Cheng o.0

The agent asked us to wear dress and make up.
And then after we arrived they told us to customize the tee.
Roll up sleeves, tie at da waist. Wear miniskirt. High heels. LMAO.
?!?!? =.=

The job is HTC promoter!
HTC One X, outside selling for RM2099, 
get it from me for Rm1799! ^^

Job-training, they teach you about the specs. Err. 
I did pay attention. When you want me to do something-
it has to have a point, and not be filled with unnecessary things.

For example, in school there were too many subjects and too many crap
in history and maths or whatever that isn't exactly applicable to real-life.
So I... don't pay attention.

And a very important point!
This is for money. Not an A on the paper.
Humans are all slaves for money.
We sacrifice our health for money
then use money to gain back health.

OKAY. What specs?
Camera, audio, performance, design.
*will blabber crap to memorize please skip if ya like ^^

Camera? 0.7s to start up, 4fps, f2.4, 8mp and 1080p video recording,
take pics while recording video, burst mode up to 99 pictures.
Smartflash and HDR modes.
Music? Beats Audio profile across music, video, apps. 
Crispier and more vibrant audio throughout.
Performance? Quad-core processor for powerful performance built for multi-tasking
and a fifth core that activates when in standby mode to save battery.
4.7 Inch Super LCD2 screen. Widgets and customization-enabled.
Medialink to Smart TV. Play Angry Birds on TV while whatsapping on your phone.
Micro holes instead of grills which makes phone splash-resistant.
Phone with grills may get damaged by sweat or water leaking in.
1GB Ram and 32GB memory. 
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Android also has the most free apps.
Design? Space-age polycarbonate composite that is 4x stronger than metal,
super light and super easy to clean. Just wipe with clothe.
Screen also has versatile viewing angle.

Do you want a better camera?
Do you want good sound quality?
Do you want the best smartphone?


ERR. That's about what I learn from the job-training. xD

The place we had our job-training.
Big building. Noob hai chi cheng brought us to the wrong place. LMAO.
We arrived to the wrong place an hour before and was so confident.
Went to Starbucks to chill. Went up, the receptionist didn't know 
what the eff we were talking about.

Lmao. Half an hour late for the training but lucky the guy didn't seem to mind ^^
 Mostly it's listening to the guy do presentation. Ah I wish I'm good at that.

Very fun to walk around the building.
I keep imagining one day I will be the boss of some big building.
And when my workers hear the footsteps of my heels
they will scramble to work.

Like Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels, except without the leather skirt and whip. LMAO.

Err. Guy gave us our uniform. Tee shirt.
Says XS but still kinda.. big.

Went to 1u after that. Err. Unfinished business.
LMAO. It's fateeee.

The reason I got the job was because on Sunday I didn't buy clothes from Zara
and I asked Chi Cheng to accompany me the next day. And she asked me to
accompany her to job-training.

And you know I can never say "no" to money.
Because everything you do needs money, and I like doing

But I don't mind working for things I want.
Scratch that, that's actually how things are supposed to work.
In this generation takers are bred more than givers,
how do they find their place in the society when their time comes?
Like. Myself. I'm not independent enough.
Ok learn from square one. LMAO.

Small trees are easy to climb but they don't bear big fruits.
Aim for the biggest trees around ^^

But okay, now I'm young and stupid dunno how to climb big trees.
LMAO. Try the small ones first ^^

Walked walked and ate some Shihlin chicken and Sushi Q after Zara.
And that was Monday! :)

Sunday was dim sum day :)
I wanna have dim sum on Sundays no matter how old I am.
Or wherever I am.

It used to be every Sunday until my bro and I kept waking
too late for dim sum. Err. 1 or 2pm? =.=
They almost left without me, like black sheep of the family!!! T.T
Lucky I woke up in time. !@#$%^&* SO MEAN.

Ate at Grand Imperial in 1U. Before that was Hartamas' Grand Imperial.
Before that Imbi Palace. Mostly eat with my Aunt's family as well.

 I love the prawn stuff. Salad prawn, prawn chee cheong fun, prawn dumpling.
HAHA! Bcos I'm averse to the pork offerings.

Got some lingerie from La Senza. Victoria's Secret is opening in 1U,
but not selling lingerie. SO NOOB. Beauty and accessories.
But I'm glad brands are catching up. H&M TOO! :D

And some gold accessories from Diva. 
They're gold-plated, but you have to diligently clean them to prevent it from rusting.
I love gold. Accessories fucking important.

And after that was when I went to Zara and tried on twenty items or so.
Err. I don't feel bad trying things. Because I'm not buying if I haven't tried it.
I don't feel bad trying and not buying, too. Why should I? I'd feel bad for myself 
if I bought something I didn't like.

But that day I found quite many I liked and when I wanted to buy
Daddy was already at One World valet. :( Put everything down and ran like dog in high heels.
HAHAH! So the next day I went with Chi Cheng.
Glad I could find all of them in the size I wanted.

Saturday was BeerFact with Sim Kuan and Xuan.
Glad Xuan came, so long she's out from the scene. :3
Went to Rocky's pool party before that.
Err. Everyone finished when we arrived.
Sim Kuan and I went after our family dinners.

His house is at Bangsar. Supposedly one unit but he bought the whole floor? ~.~
HHAHA! So when you open the lift it's his house already.
Mmm they were OKOK but I think it's hard to mix around when there's too many people
and all of them know each other well. Introduction, and then everyone does their own thing.
But they're okay la ^^ Same lingo. Alex is the funny one. Like clown LMAO.

Before that was family dinner at Curve, bought three novels HOHO.
To Kill A Mockingbird (I know, how can you not read this classic)
Sherlock Holmes (which is a 1000 pages long and I wonder how long I'll need to conquer it)
and another one about witches and vampires. But not the YA kind. Charlaine Harris kind.

Before before that was Tropicana City with Mei Yen.
Was stunned when we walked into the mall.

peepo in anime cosplaying garb greeted us wherever we went.
HAHHA! Damn nice to see. Guys who are shirtless with temporary tattoos.
Some dude with a whole horse head. Girl in lolita-ish bridal dress.

Watched Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp. Actually it was because I felt like 
eating hotdog. And they always sell those outside cinemas, but without place to sit.
So watch movie. HAHAH

The movie was worth watching, because of Johnny Depp and his quirky acting.
Very character-driven. A bit like Captain America after a while into the story.
Locked away from the world and woke up two centuries later.
LMAO. Johnny Depp used the foreign to current age thing to the utmost.
"Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!", when he saw a TV. ^^

That's Saturday!

Friday was Bangsar with Sim Kuan, Xuan and Mei Yen.
Wondered where to go other than the usual malls, and Xuan 
proposed Bangsar boutique. Gossips I think.

Hmm, Giza better because it's near and we're more familiar with the shops.
Bangsar, lazy to check out each one, one-by-one.
Xuan is always on the trails of new trends. 
Hehe. Because she always buys, and buys the new-looking things.

Love the current trends. Crop tops, corsets, neon colours, feather earrings,
asymmetrical skirts, bandage skirts. ^^

Ate at Alexis, shared Tiramisu and berry pavlova. Err. Very expensive.
Bill more than a hundred. Eat with friends, usually always cheap cheap. :3
Eat mamak la, truly cheap.

Didn't take picture that day :(
Wore yellow and green,
old CK neon yellow top found at the bottom of my closet
and green Kitschen skirt which I was mulling over how to pair.
Because the green REMINDED ME OF BESTARI. 

That's about it. Have to wake up early for tomorrow.
1U, visit me if you happen to pass by! :)

Work until 27th. prolly gonna be tiring.
But money is my motivation ^^

Bye peepo :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Blue tops


Haolian levels running high, oh shit ^^
Why? Because I took my brother's cam for a run, that's why.

Thursday, went out with Chi Cheng. 
To 1u again, to take a peek at swimsuits.
"The Pool" launching on Sunday, dunno go or not.
Hard, because Sunday is... family day! :)

This Chi Cheng has DSLR but never brings.
!@#$%^ All my friends lazy to bring cam already :( 

Originally wore this, orange top from Zara
and bandage turquoise skirt from Sg Wang.

Simply grabbed a crop top from Top Shop.
And it fits :( too well ^^
Had to buy it and wear on the spot.
Some clothes look like crap on hanger but look amazing when you wear it.
Some clothes, vice versa. AH. The irony.

Crop tops could be a zany addition to outfits :)
Sumore Malaysia is so hot. Hoho.

But I like crop tops which are tight
and bares only the space under ur bra 
and above ur belly button.

Effect is oddly slimming (Y)

Shots taken by Chi Cheng.
Lmao, glad all my friends are handy
in front and behind the camera :D

Psh psh, I'm interested in everything.
Fashion photograhy, fashion illustration
fashion design, fashion modelling.

Do everything for the heck of it, amateur style.

Side shot :D

Hmm, a lot of nice clothes nowadays.
Or is it because I'm on hunting mode.
When I'm on saving mode I ignore clothes.
Save cha-ching $$$!

Bandage skirts are nice. But tight.
You have to... wear T-back.
VPLs are fashion crimes :/

So many shots of me, aiyor. Too haolian.
This is my fav pic of the day of DHL. No idea why..
background I guess? :D

Trying backlight effect,
so the edges around yourself glows.
I dunno weyh, saw a lot of effects like this one on Instagram. HEHE

I like taking full-body shots, especially from a low angle.
Face only, not my favourite with good cameras.
Four-thirds and DSLR gets ur proportions right, eyes farking small.

Conclusion, ignore my face. My body will talk. HAHAHAH
That's how I pose. Face emotionless. Chi Cheng is more on the face.
Sim Kuan, on the smile. Very good girl.(Rubbish)
Xuan, VS Angel macam yes.

Mucking around in Bershka. Tribal prints? ^^

WHAT ELSE. Victoria's Secret is coming to 1u.
La Senza gonna haz competition! FINALLY YO, FINALLY!

Also tried pumps. They're pretty :(

Christian louboutin pumps with red sole, deffo in a class of it's own. #.#
They look very dressy uppy. But hurts like hell.
How does Siet Yen stand it. 

Going home, had to get Chi Cheng home.
Let her drive my car, I lazy. Plus easier for me to memorize directions.
But whatta eff I got lost. Chi Cheng came driving her big Alphard. Lmao.
Props to Daniel for fetching her in and out. He win he win!
I like going out with DHL but I phobia to go her house already. HAHAHA

All in all I did have fun ^^
Trying clothes at Bershka, taking pictures, then not buying.

What?! try no need money! HHHAAHHA

Helped Chi Cheng with picking out bikini.
Sometimes you really need friend's opinions.
They see things you don't.
When it comes to judging boys, TOO!

Oh yeh, hung around in Chi Cheng's room a while before going back.
WELL. So it wouldn't make the trip to her house such a waste.
And I'm very busybody. HEHE.

You can imagine a huge part of how a person is
by seeing where they live. Chi Cheng's wardrobe big,
but she no wear her clothes. 

SILLY. So many nice things but never wear. 
But I think we all stick to the 30% of our closet favourites.
OKOK new challenge. Wear anything, but the closet favourites. 

This was.. Wednesday?
HAHAHAH! I told Sim Kuan I wanted to make a gif.
Traffic jam it was, that time.

Was supposed to make hand motions in front of each other
but err. Hand itchy, tickled her instead.
Ma de, she always tickle me.

Got the advantage since she was driving. MUAHAHAHAH ^^
Soli ah bro. HAHAH! Complained I scratched her neck :3
Err. High school days, class full of dicks. 
Ding is the most annoying one. He hit girls.
Have to use nails. LMAO. Sometimes accidentally tear of his skin.

Was googling Inoa L'Oreal. 
Hair colour especially for redhead wannabes!

Accompanied Sim Kuan to Kimarie at SS2.
She got a trim. Was suprised I waited patiently. 
Waiting is notmystrongsuit. 
LMAO, played with her iPad.

I thought of doing treatment. "How much?"
"Rm 140" "Oh... haha.. next time"

Because I thought treatment is like... some sort of
super nourishing hair mask. Like upgraded form of 
your at home conditioner, only.

Dye hair, YESH. I don't mind spending the money.
Come back again 'round July, when college starts!

Tuesday :D Sim Kuan always finds me on Tuesday.
Off early. Hehe. So nice always find me ^^
I'm always the on one, free, free, freeeee.

I wonder if I will have time to blog or to do anything else
when college starts. Must enjoy holiday. Was eager to start,
but seeing how busy friends are... haiyo. Wait a while. Pause.
Fai cai life for a month or two and say bye bye.
Been doing nothing but having fun for the past half a year or so.


Club Paparazzi at SS Two Mall. 
Has potential, but deffo needs more crowd.
I dunno why but I think PJ is full of party animals.

Lace top with cut-out from Australia. Fragile shittttt.
Red A-line skirt from Kitschen. Worn very high up.
Heels, Charles & Keith. 

SK is good with down-under shots ^^

Ended up looking very chinese. Decided to go with it
and bun up my hair. With what's left of my broken paintbrush. LMAO.
Didn't mind using it because it was gold in colour ^^

Chinese glam is a nice look to work with. Flaunt with what you're born naturally and not pretend something you're not. But.. fashion is about role-playing too hehe.

Lucy Liu a la Charlie's Angels is the best epitome of chinese glam.
She can rock those butt-tight cheongsam and hot-red colours.

SS Two Mall has potential for great shots, espo the outdoor ones.
Sunlight ah sunlight. Desperate for semi-outdoor when bringing compact camera.
Because.. compact cam don't have lens that absorbs enough light.
But bro's cam. NO BRAPLEM.

Ate at Grumps, random pick.
Meh, SK ended up ordering too much.
But she never wastes. Takeaway and eat at home,

Again I am amazed that she is still very much alive
while juggling with college. Express route LMAO.
Gwenllian, always busy. Ma de.
See her like once or twice a week, how can.

Lazy to call her out after I tried once and she was busy with assignments ^^
HAHAHHA. I feel bad, like I'm distracting from schoolwork.
College work.

Mei Yen, seldom see her. But with her, I can not see her for a long time
but still feel just as close when we see each other again.
HOHO, my bestie since Form 1, can never forget her ^^

Some tongue exercise.
Rotate tongue, left and right.
Roll tongue. Make a line with tongue.
Last one is three-leaf clover.

My bro can do it to, used to not know how.
But bro did it and you know
younger sis always like imitating elder bro.
Try if you can ^^ 

LMAO, I too free weyh.

What else. Planning to read more.
Finished Sidney's Sheldon Tell Me Your Dreams.
Now, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest! ^^
One of the books I bought because they were everywhere
whenever I frequented bookstores. 
And sooner or later you just relent and buy it.

But I bought the last book of the trilogy T.T


thanks for reading ;3