Friday, 18 May 2012

Blue tops


Haolian levels running high, oh shit ^^
Why? Because I took my brother's cam for a run, that's why.

Thursday, went out with Chi Cheng. 
To 1u again, to take a peek at swimsuits.
"The Pool" launching on Sunday, dunno go or not.
Hard, because Sunday is... family day! :)

This Chi Cheng has DSLR but never brings.
!@#$%^ All my friends lazy to bring cam already :( 

Originally wore this, orange top from Zara
and bandage turquoise skirt from Sg Wang.

Simply grabbed a crop top from Top Shop.
And it fits :( too well ^^
Had to buy it and wear on the spot.
Some clothes look like crap on hanger but look amazing when you wear it.
Some clothes, vice versa. AH. The irony.

Crop tops could be a zany addition to outfits :)
Sumore Malaysia is so hot. Hoho.

But I like crop tops which are tight
and bares only the space under ur bra 
and above ur belly button.

Effect is oddly slimming (Y)

Shots taken by Chi Cheng.
Lmao, glad all my friends are handy
in front and behind the camera :D

Psh psh, I'm interested in everything.
Fashion photograhy, fashion illustration
fashion design, fashion modelling.

Do everything for the heck of it, amateur style.

Side shot :D

Hmm, a lot of nice clothes nowadays.
Or is it because I'm on hunting mode.
When I'm on saving mode I ignore clothes.
Save cha-ching $$$!

Bandage skirts are nice. But tight.
You have to... wear T-back.
VPLs are fashion crimes :/

So many shots of me, aiyor. Too haolian.
This is my fav pic of the day of DHL. No idea why..
background I guess? :D

Trying backlight effect,
so the edges around yourself glows.
I dunno weyh, saw a lot of effects like this one on Instagram. HEHE

I like taking full-body shots, especially from a low angle.
Face only, not my favourite with good cameras.
Four-thirds and DSLR gets ur proportions right, eyes farking small.

Conclusion, ignore my face. My body will talk. HAHAHAH
That's how I pose. Face emotionless. Chi Cheng is more on the face.
Sim Kuan, on the smile. Very good girl.(Rubbish)
Xuan, VS Angel macam yes.

Mucking around in Bershka. Tribal prints? ^^

WHAT ELSE. Victoria's Secret is coming to 1u.
La Senza gonna haz competition! FINALLY YO, FINALLY!

Also tried pumps. They're pretty :(

Christian louboutin pumps with red sole, deffo in a class of it's own. #.#
They look very dressy uppy. But hurts like hell.
How does Siet Yen stand it. 

Going home, had to get Chi Cheng home.
Let her drive my car, I lazy. Plus easier for me to memorize directions.
But whatta eff I got lost. Chi Cheng came driving her big Alphard. Lmao.
Props to Daniel for fetching her in and out. He win he win!
I like going out with DHL but I phobia to go her house already. HAHAHA

All in all I did have fun ^^
Trying clothes at Bershka, taking pictures, then not buying.

What?! try no need money! HHHAAHHA

Helped Chi Cheng with picking out bikini.
Sometimes you really need friend's opinions.
They see things you don't.
When it comes to judging boys, TOO!

Oh yeh, hung around in Chi Cheng's room a while before going back.
WELL. So it wouldn't make the trip to her house such a waste.
And I'm very busybody. HEHE.

You can imagine a huge part of how a person is
by seeing where they live. Chi Cheng's wardrobe big,
but she no wear her clothes. 

SILLY. So many nice things but never wear. 
But I think we all stick to the 30% of our closet favourites.
OKOK new challenge. Wear anything, but the closet favourites. 

This was.. Wednesday?
HAHAHAH! I told Sim Kuan I wanted to make a gif.
Traffic jam it was, that time.

Was supposed to make hand motions in front of each other
but err. Hand itchy, tickled her instead.
Ma de, she always tickle me.

Got the advantage since she was driving. MUAHAHAHAH ^^
Soli ah bro. HAHAH! Complained I scratched her neck :3
Err. High school days, class full of dicks. 
Ding is the most annoying one. He hit girls.
Have to use nails. LMAO. Sometimes accidentally tear of his skin.

Was googling Inoa L'Oreal. 
Hair colour especially for redhead wannabes!

Accompanied Sim Kuan to Kimarie at SS2.
She got a trim. Was suprised I waited patiently. 
Waiting is notmystrongsuit. 
LMAO, played with her iPad.

I thought of doing treatment. "How much?"
"Rm 140" "Oh... haha.. next time"

Because I thought treatment is like... some sort of
super nourishing hair mask. Like upgraded form of 
your at home conditioner, only.

Dye hair, YESH. I don't mind spending the money.
Come back again 'round July, when college starts!

Tuesday :D Sim Kuan always finds me on Tuesday.
Off early. Hehe. So nice always find me ^^
I'm always the on one, free, free, freeeee.

I wonder if I will have time to blog or to do anything else
when college starts. Must enjoy holiday. Was eager to start,
but seeing how busy friends are... haiyo. Wait a while. Pause.
Fai cai life for a month or two and say bye bye.
Been doing nothing but having fun for the past half a year or so.


Club Paparazzi at SS Two Mall. 
Has potential, but deffo needs more crowd.
I dunno why but I think PJ is full of party animals.

Lace top with cut-out from Australia. Fragile shittttt.
Red A-line skirt from Kitschen. Worn very high up.
Heels, Charles & Keith. 

SK is good with down-under shots ^^

Ended up looking very chinese. Decided to go with it
and bun up my hair. With what's left of my broken paintbrush. LMAO.
Didn't mind using it because it was gold in colour ^^

Chinese glam is a nice look to work with. Flaunt with what you're born naturally and not pretend something you're not. But.. fashion is about role-playing too hehe.

Lucy Liu a la Charlie's Angels is the best epitome of chinese glam.
She can rock those butt-tight cheongsam and hot-red colours.

SS Two Mall has potential for great shots, espo the outdoor ones.
Sunlight ah sunlight. Desperate for semi-outdoor when bringing compact camera.
Because.. compact cam don't have lens that absorbs enough light.
But bro's cam. NO BRAPLEM.

Ate at Grumps, random pick.
Meh, SK ended up ordering too much.
But she never wastes. Takeaway and eat at home,

Again I am amazed that she is still very much alive
while juggling with college. Express route LMAO.
Gwenllian, always busy. Ma de.
See her like once or twice a week, how can.

Lazy to call her out after I tried once and she was busy with assignments ^^
HAHAHHA. I feel bad, like I'm distracting from schoolwork.
College work.

Mei Yen, seldom see her. But with her, I can not see her for a long time
but still feel just as close when we see each other again.
HOHO, my bestie since Form 1, can never forget her ^^

Some tongue exercise.
Rotate tongue, left and right.
Roll tongue. Make a line with tongue.
Last one is three-leaf clover.

My bro can do it to, used to not know how.
But bro did it and you know
younger sis always like imitating elder bro.
Try if you can ^^ 

LMAO, I too free weyh.

What else. Planning to read more.
Finished Sidney's Sheldon Tell Me Your Dreams.
Now, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest! ^^
One of the books I bought because they were everywhere
whenever I frequented bookstores. 
And sooner or later you just relent and buy it.

But I bought the last book of the trilogy T.T


thanks for reading ;3

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