Friday, 11 May 2012

Fashion baby

I am back and get ready for a long-assed post
Have the mood today yo!

Picture above was taken at Bershka.
New love, great clothes espo for peepo with tanned skin.
Was wondering why their price tags look like Zara,
no wonder. It's the same Spanish company. ~.~

Dresses, dresses ^^
Not really expensive, but if you compare to dresses from Sungei Wang...
LMAO, confirm exy.

Girls... will always camwhore everywhere :/

I laugh at those girls who buy DSLR just to capture their reflections in the mirror.
But mine not DSLR, so okay lo hoho ^^

That was on Thursday, went to 1u with Chi Cheng.
Since we both fai cai nothing to do, college hasn't started. =.=
But she got boyfriend! Boyfriend can occupy... ALL your time.

Met her up at DPC. Hehe. 
Good that she always asks her mum to drop her off so 
her friends doesn't have to dig vagina. MUAHAHAH

Tea time at Delicious, ordered the very creatively named tea time set.
EHEHEH it's a very happy thing to be surrounded with good food.
Thought the sandwich was filled with tomato. It was salmon.
Delighted I was.

Chi Cheng likes all the chocolatey sweet to your toes stuff. LMAO.
Mm still like Chinoz's tea time more. Don't know if they're done
with their renovation yet. ~.~


Wore blue tank top and that leopard asymmetrical skirt.

Wanted to wear it with a red top but went with blue in the end.
Because. I always choose red, never sayang blue >.<


Chi Cheng is good to camwhore with.
She likes to pose for the camera 
but also doesn't mind holding the camera ^^

And then evening, rushed back.
Daniel spinning at 21, Chi Cheng going. ^^
Daniel the monkey loves to rush peepo. Chill la baboon. 

Err. Was supposed to go cycling with Chi Cheng 
after stuffing ourselves at Delicious,
but got distracted with taking pictures.

BUT! Lucky I did go cycling with Sim Kuan in the end at DPC :D

Sungei Wang day with Sim Kuan, on Tuesday.

Last minute thing. Didn't really take pictures with Sim Kuan. 
She was tired from college, didn't dress up :3
Met Camey, she haz really bright hair like Gwenllian ^^

Outfit, orange bandage skirt and leopard top.
LMAO. Leopard, coral, gold, red. On repeat. 
Current faves <3 ^^ HOHOHO

Had a lot of snacks along the way
because Sungei Wang is for serious shopping
and that doesn't allow serious eating.
Only on-the-go snacks, lmao.
Shopping is more important! :3

Ping tong wu lou! Xuan always look for those whenever
she's in Sungei Wang. Got me hooked.
Sugar-coated strawberries. Caramelized strawberries.
Had some tako too. 

Bought this plain red dress. Dress up or dress down however you want.

Jackets? ^^ Thou I seldom wear them.
Um. Afraid of losing it because I always take them off.
Unless it's the only thing I'm wearing. (Y)

Anotherrrr skater dress.
Because. Who can resist. The silhuoette and bounciness is just. HNNGHHH
Zip up in da middle again xDD

Another bandage skirt. Umm.
You can have 7 but if it's in different colours
and you accesorize it with separated styles in mind.
No one will complain. HOHO!

Skirts and dresses, my thang!
Tee shirts and pants, NONONONO!

OH HO. That's about the haul of the day. Or was it.
Oh yeh some, didn't take pics. Save it.

At night, Natalie suddenly asked to sleepover.
And I am... forever on.

Was wearing pink tap and nat in grey tee. 
Matching hippos. From Jin Fyeee :D

Played Monopoly Deal. LMAO.
I love this type of games. Try to monopolize your friends to WIN.
It's like the dog eat dog business world.

Hmm. Always I win one turn Natalie wins the next turn.
I keep getting too greedy for the money. LMAO.
Make me feel.. rich.
50M worth, of .... MONEY! monopolymoneywtffff

HEHE was glad to spend time with her ^^
I hate growing apart with friends. HOW CAN.

Friends aren't toys you can dispose of.
They are family you chose! :))

Friday morning, TEEHEEEEE

Woke up early because of Natalie. Like 8.30am =.=
Lmao, can't even remember the last time I've ever woken up so early.
Tweeted Bob because that word was all my groggy mind could conjure of.
Mei Yen saw, said go out.

Again, Karen says, "ON"!

Went to eat sushi at Kepong.
Natalie complained about eating sushi again
but she ate the most in the end. LOLOL

How I drive during traffic jams. LMAO.
Rilakkuma on my chest, its softness calming me ever so tenderly.
OHH LALA. Honestly. I have a bad case of road rage.
But nobody outside the car can tell. Or is it?!
Photos taken by Mei Yen.
She's obsessed with her iPad 3, creatively named the... new iPad. @.@
LMAO, take pics of everything and add photo effect. OH 
But heee, pretty fun. :DD
Went to Xuan's house after that, to chill.
Had no idea where to go. Friday or Saturday, always girls hang out day.
Because Siet Yen and Xuan da Taylorians, always so fucking busy ma de.
Sim Kuan? Got coll like no coll ^^ she win she win
Sim Kuan always says, have to balance everything.
Family, friends, college. And for some of them, their boyfriends.
I suppose you can balance everything, just how you set your priorities.
Never forget one because you've got another.

Had a lot of laughs, espo because of Mei Yen.
LMAO. Everything is funny to her, and it kinda rubs on you ^^

her hair matches ^^v

Err. I feel silly. Kept laughing too loud.
Like other end of the room can hear cleary that loud.
Xuan and Mei Yen also, double combo, PWSSSH

With Sim Kuan ^^ She looks so young finally walao-eh.
usually it's office look. Blackblackblack

With Mei mei yen. LMAO.
People always think that we're sisters
easy to believe too, same surnames.


With Siet Yen, she dressed up well :}
Rocking orange, her trademark colour.
So surprised she didn't get pissed we arrived so "off schedule".
ME? OMG EXPLODE. I can't stand waiting. :(
That's whai I always car pool :D Arrive together getherrrr

Wearing Kitschen top, another one of those too long to be top,
too short to be dress that type of tops. CHEEBYE.
Stuff everything inside my turquoise Esprit skirt. Dug it out of closet.

Hehe, love the feather earrings bou bou gave <3
Thought it wasn't my style but chiu. 
So easy to work around it ^^


Guys, met them roadside. HAHAHA!
Nola, they were coincidentally coming out of Celeb Fitness 
just as we were passing by.

Hung for a while, then ciao ciao.
Saw Jin Fye's sister Cherlene OH MY I WaS DROOLING.
So hot ^^v HAHHAHA


Went to Bershka again after that,
fooled around in their whitey white fitting room :3

 So many pictures and I'm not even sorry. LMAO.
From Mei Yen's iPad, again. As you can tell ^^
Siet Yen bought, all others tried but didn't buy ^^v

Dabao-ed Shihlin ricebox thingy, then went home :33
Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.
Again it goes. Weekends damn happening
then coming to an abrupt halt on weekdays.
!@#$%^& XDD

HOHO love my friends, have a lot to be grateful for.

That is all for now :)


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