Sunday, 6 May 2012




I love the weekends but it's always like 
too many things happening at once.

Mondayyyy Tuesdayyy Wednesdayy Thursday 

Was supposed to wake up for dim sum gathering today
with friends. The whole bunch. Missed church too.
GAH I'm bad at waking up on Sunday mornings.

Actually bad at waking up on whatever mornings.

Umm. Rewind back to Saturday? 

Went out with Mei Yen like one in the afternoon.
She called suddenly and said she was on the way to my house.
Was rolling on my bed.

My phone is only ever on vibrate at night.
Never unmuted. NEVER! No one can steal sleep from me.
It happened once. ONCE.

Vibrate because if I'm close to waking up I can hear it.
But if I'm too deep in dreamland, I won't. ^^v
That's why you should always tell me the day before
if you need me to wake up early ~,~

We went to some KL Festival City mall.
MEI YEN DRIVES SO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
80km/h on right lane, highway. =.=
Ate sushi king,
wanted to watch Titanic but didn't show 3D.
I think I will tear up some parts of the movie.
I don't cry easy. But. Sometimes. OKAY.
Especially dog movies. MAH DE.
Before Chuckie died, already emotional.
I don't dare to watch anymore :( 
Hachiko, Ten promises to my dog, blablabla.
People who've never loved a dog won't understand. Won't.
Owning and loving a dog= different.
Chuckie says hi :3
It's like 
thinking about my dog.
Okay and then after that we went swimming at Mei Yen's clubhouse.
She kept saying she wants to swim but asks me to get out after two laps. WAD.
Shiok meh?!
Saturday night after dinner with family at Curve

 The girls round up at my place before outing.
LMAO. I like it, it's like one of those girly things friends do in movies :)
Li Chen was there too but she didn't take picture.
She complains about everything. Camera, dorotha, skirt length
If you're reading this- DIAM LA MA DE ^^

Xuan was... worrying.
LMAO. Jennie became the victim ^^

Same dress, the night before. 
Failed to go out, parents issue.
AH GAH. No point of me having freedom
if my friends don't have it. ~.~

 Taken at BeerFact
With Li Chen, she was nice to accompany me for the night.
Oddly she's okay. If I'm sacrificing sleep, I must be having fun.
Or else I'd get homesick. :/ So kiddo I know! 
Home is da best!

The dress.

Love this one. One of those jersey skater dress, top tight and bottom loose. 
Just the way I laik it! ^^ In red too.

Tops/dresses with zips in the middle are also fun.
Zip up, zip down? ^^ 

Err came home quite late can't do it too often.
I feel very tired no matter how much I sleep nowadays :(

So that's the reason it was so hard for me to wake up on Sunday morning.

Wasn't planning to buy anything on Sunday shopping with family.
But let me say... if you don't plan on spending money
stay away from malls.

AH GAH. Went to Pavilion, was supposed to meet Sim Kuan 
but I went home when she came. Dafug timing's important.
Where, when, who, what.

Fifi Lapin, the most stylish bunny you'll meet.
HAHA! was browsing it at Times and couldn't resist buying it.
Stupid, itchy hands. But hey. Goes in part of career research! :3

DC Comics Superheroes!

HAHA! Their store is interesting. Batmobile! :) 
Bumped into Xuan's friend Joshua.
Asked him how's Paparazzi at SS2 Mall. He said not on. :(
I like new, happening places hoho.

Bought a red tee. I don't usually like tee shirts. Don't usually.
Aiyah I like geeky stuff like comics and pokemon. :x 
There were a lot of nice ones on markdown. But mostly black colour.
The ones in red, too big. AH GAH.

Chose from other side, ended up chosing a limited edition one
Paid without checking price tag. Stupid me lulz
Iz okay, I love red. ^^
Friday was this one.
Jennie and Xuan no college. 
But went out late, everyone woke up late.
It's like, wake up early but checks that friends aren't awake
goes to sleep again.

Bumped into Yihan and Joey at DPC!
Lmao, gossip session. 
Also found out Yihan= pro stalker. 

Ate at Thai resto in Menjalara. Janva?!
The cycled. yesh, in that skirt. Didn't go home to change.
Had to double tie it like sarong, wind kept blowing.
Lucky it's at night, censore everything ^^

Sometimes those half candid in-between shots are the ones that look right.

Okay. That's all I have to say for today.
I don't know why I'm tired. ^^
Enjoy peepo! :)

Never live a life of wasted youth.

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