Monday, 14 May 2012


Hellooo :)

Continuation of my weekend! 
It's always my highlight since I'm school-less, jobless.


Made with gifboom.
I thought it was a copycat of Instagram.
Kind of is, but instead of adding filters to make your photos special...
the app will take pics in a burst and make them into a gif.

Nifty <3 I laik. Can think of many ways to work it already.
Why are there no gif option in cameras?
The way I know, take photos in burst and edit them on computer.
Eee, so inconvenient. Lulz.

Gif above was made on Sunday.
Shopping day with family, mustard top and nude bandage skirt.
Had belt on but... I always take out my belt when I sit...

Bought only tops from Zara.
Been a while I didn't buy clothes from high street stores.
Because it's like... boutique, high street, designer.
High street is in the middle.
And I like all or nothing ^^

A lot of their clothes are clean cut, boxy, loose.
Clean tailoring. Bought coral and neon pink top 
Tanned skin, billabong thang. YOU KNOW ^^
Ocean theme, Blake Lively in Miami. Lmao

Tropical glamour, oh my. This trend I can work with.
Coral, neon pink, turquoise, cream. 
Accented with gold accessories and feathers.

Only need tops and shorts, no more buying skirts.
And gold accessories. Maybe some with feathers thrown in.

Why the world only taught me how to spend money 
from the day I was born
and never taught me how to earn money 
until I'm done with coll :(

Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast is a formidable style icon.
She has this in-born swish and swag.
Swag is always important to carry clothes.
Some people have it. Some people don't.

Shy, inhibited people seldom display swag,
maybe a sort of hidden resilience instead. An ethereal-like quality.

The reason why I wear heels?
I like the swag they put in your strut.
I like the pain. It's like it stretches the arches of your foot
ever so delicately.
I like the additional height. Typical Asian petite problem here. 
* points at self

Bought essential facial thingy, toner and moisturizer.
I hate it when they run out. Pfft.
Clothes, wear them a thousand times. They stay.
But ahem. You might wash them until they rip to shreds.
Fuck, why doesn't anything last?! T.T

Saturday, Mei yen accompanied me to ESMOD's launching at Sunway Pyramid.

Didn't take any pictures. Lazy doh. ^^ Wore a turquoise dress. 
The event was at at cinema. Planned to go alone but dragged Mei Yen along
because I'm hopeless with directions. I MEAN LEARNING DIRECTIONS AIN'T

The video presentation inside da cinema.
They did a good job with the video
made me hyped up to start learning.

Participated in the drawing competition thingy.
Didn't win, ma de. I thought very little people participated.
More than 1000 entries. =.=

Okay lesson learnt. Regret not putting more effort. 
I did the drawings in an hour. Proscrastinor sial.
I hope my college comes I won't be too busy.
I don't want to live like a puppet.
I want a bed of roses,
studying like it's playing.

Well who doesn't. LOL
I'm young, I'm selfish. All I think about is how to make myself happy.
The world doesn't work this way, of course.
I understand.

But... if I'm not happy, I don't feel right.
And I don't like doing what doesn't feel right.
I stop eventually.

Nobody knows how the future will be, 
but that's the interesting part. :)

Err. Took 15 minutes to reach there, 20mins when coming back.
Mostly jam at the bridge. But just a little, since it's Saturday.
I can imagine myself cursing worse than a pirate
on Monday mornings.

NOOOOO. Must find carpool partner!
Everything is better when you do it with a friend.
Sun will shine out of boredom's ass.


And then after that, headed to Kayangan Heights somewhere.
Near Shah Alam.

Where we took the first photo you see in this post :)
Photographer was Reezal :D

Here for more photos

PS: picnic-ish photo above was from my camera.
Meh, the girls all lazy to bring cam already.
Cannot. Got mood to dress up naturally means will stick with camera ^^

This is from Reezal.

Hmm. Was hanging out with Chi Cheng and then we talked about taking photos.
I think I said something about yeah we like taking photos
and then photoshoot idea came.

Nice of him to shoot us. HAHAH! 
He'll lay on the grass like it's carpet when shooting.
Give you pointers on how to pose.

Duck face was my pointer.
Said some peepo had thick lips and actually pout
to minimize them. Because big lips can make eyes look smaller.
Me? Diao. Exactly big lips and small eyes. HAHAHA

That's why I don't smile when taking photos.
I like laughing and all, but my eyes turn into -.-
on camera! XD

LMAO. Xuan's friendly smile.
While I'm doing cockstare.

Chi Cheng's

Sim Kuan's

Sim Kuan in black dress, Chi Cheng in white dress.
They match ^^ Fair skin dark dress
Tanned skin white dress. LOL.
Opposites (Y)

Xuan and I? Errr.
Cowgirls can ah? Lol

Outdoor shootings, his photos always look very warm.
Red/green tones prominent.

His rainbow-glowing keyboard on his Alienware fascinated me ^^
 Check him out for more photos, Reezal Rosli ^^ 
 That's all I have from him for now! :)

Red hair looks damn obvious on this one.
Schizophrenic hair la. Sometimes black as iphone screen 
sometimes red as fire. HAHHA

Thanks to the sun and effect.
Re-dye before/when college is starting.
Not at home dyes, I'm scared some strands black some red.
Eee. I like uniformity.

Two most important questions:
"What to eat?"
"What to wear?"

LMAO. Consumer 's life.

Every new outfit starts from a glance in yo bedroom's mirror.
Where ideas take place. Ended up with denim.
Denim vest from Mirrocle, shorts from F21.

With Xuan :)

Chi Cheng and Sim Kuan in the background. Hehehe
Xuan is always tired after college has started. A lot of things to balance.
Sim Kuan is also tired, but mostly with Monday blues.
other times, banyak on ^^ I hope I can be like scorpion king.

Look at them kiddos! ^^
I like this shot. It's like.. childhood moment.
The place reminds me of Bentong.

Chi Cheng, steam face partner.
Her face can make damn a lot of expressions.
animated like cartoon. lmao. 

Had fun with the photoshoot :)

HEHEHE. Weekdays come, mondaytuesdaywednesday bla.
Have to think of what the fuck to do. Most of the time it's impromptu.
HO! Need to practise piano yo! Time is tickingggggg.

4 in the morning, should bloody well sleep.

Life of a person waiting for college ^^
But I cherish my free time too! ^^

Thanks for reading, bye cuties


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