Wednesday, 2 May 2012

TG, everyday.

Hello peepo! :)

Having blogging mood lately.
When that happens- BOOM!
It's always all or nothing. :D

Monday night was Nazri's farewell.
Leaving to UK. "How long?" "Few years" !!
And I didn't know so many peepo were going to TGIF!
Sim Kuan asked, I don't mind dap pang with close friends.

As long as the host knows I'm coming.
But actually I don't mind dap pang, iz nice to meet new people! ^^v
But then if I feel unwelcomed/awkward I'll head for the door. Lol :3

I did have fun! 
It was nice to see the people I don't usually hang out with.
They all still look the same, talk the same.
If you look at them one by one you couldn't tell the difference
it's only when you look at them as whole, then you can see.
But I suppose we'll always remember our high school friends.
And then some of our high school friends, become our 
mid age friends, retirement friend, too.
That's what I hope for.

With Vincent, he finally looks thinner ^^'
black is a slimming colour. HAHAHHA
Yehdiu I know, but he's always saying I'm fat. =.=
This dude used to call me out often, now? NOW?! 
Mah de, phone never ring from him. 

Daniel is always mocking the girls when they're posing.
What face is that seriously, lmao. ^^

Li Chen came, surprisingly! ^^v
Drove herself and dressed up too. :3
I love it when people dress, I love it.
Similarly... ahem...... when people don't dress up... :/
I mean for parties! :)

New camera, I always ask people to hold and aim the camera.
I suck without the front LCD, seriously.
Seriously seriously why doesn't Canon makes them.
No wonder I'm so fucking hipster about Canon.

But it's okay I'm happy to have a camera

Pictures taken by Hairol,
they look kinda horny.

You know why?
Hairol said he wanted to a movie director once.
It's still the same, except he adds that he wants to do
"adult films" as well.

And he incorporated it to taking photos.
"Suck on that straw."
"Put your leg on the chair."
"Look like you wanna fuck each other."


So that's what happens when you have a guy ask you how to pose.

One more. 


Wore this heels, a very comfy four and a half from..
Charles & Keith :D

I like stiletto, those spindly heels which look like they could stab through your lungs.
But I always look short in photos, I like to arch my back.
Sometimes I tiptoe, cheat ^^v
Meh, all part of posing.

Peepo said this pair of heels was nice :D
Hairol's comment? Lmao.
"It looks nice"
"Great for porn"



It was nice to get a whole section to ourselves. 
One loonnngggg table outdoors.
People kept climbing over the steel railings though,
too cool for front door. Pfft.

Often in gatherings- one long table.
Looks neat if you know everyone,
but it's really awkward if you don't know anyone
and you can obviously see one half, the popular noisy group.
The other half, quiet & awkward.

But for that night no la, of course ^^

Happened to me going to someone's party. :3
And I hate it when people are not friendly, 
at a party but not prepared to meet people and they just sit there.
Host or friend who brought you but never introduce you- also bad.
It's like you're a dog! Tailing the owner! Lulz.

But a lot of the times people are friendly, do the usual
first meeting thing.
"Hi, my name is '....'," extend hand for handshake, smile.
Make small talk. Where are you studying? 
How old are you? BLABLABALA stalker questions ^^

Honestly, whenever I meet more than 3 people at once.
I forget their names. Completefuckingly forget. 
And I hate that! :(

Never forget that plz! ^^

Decided to share food with Sim Kuan for that night,

Somehow, sharing a plate of food makes it additionally tastier! :B
Btw, photo of Tennessee Chicken stolen from the net.
Sim Kuan's pick. I was thinking of salad.
Not a meat person :3

I'm wary of TGIF, Chilis, Itallianies.
Servings fucking big and damn hard to finish.
But that one, two chickens. Perfect.
one for me, one for you ^^
so romantic.

The sauce was also sex.
or is it because I was sharing it with Sim Kuan.

Went home after settling the bill,
RM780 if I'm not wrong??? 

Tuesday is Labour Day! Holiday, college peepo no college!
Makes no difference to me, LMAO.
Except that college peepo can hang out with me! ^^

I booked Bou Bou for the day.
Asked her to ask Laishia hands off for the day ^^
Mah de, always Laishia, I JELLY
She said, so long time didn't sit in my car.
Used to be my "hit" passenger, LMAO.

Actually... was supposed to go jog at FRIM.
But it was raining... and Xuan said she thought of going Pavi...
and I thought why not :/

AIYOH! Spent money instead of exercising =.=

Went to Sungei Wang, so nice to camwhore after their renovation ^^!
It's like in the middle of Hong Kong. Okay backdrop la.
I miss Hong Kong. The subways and the shopping.
How the salesperson are always friendly, not snobby.
Taiwan ones are snobby. DIAO. 
But then, it's just the ones I meet. I'm just generalising unfairly :(
BUT I CAN TELL YOU! Malaysian salesperson kanasai, look down on people
and love ang mohs. Well, some designer stores. Pity those which hired them! x)

Oh yeh I ended up driving to KL because I didn't want to walk in the rain (if KTM).
But diao, !!! Drove like triple the distance back home because we got lost.
Bah. Need to stop relying on friends.
With Sim Kuan, got lost otw but came home fine.
With Xuan, went there fine but got lost back home. =.=

:( HMPH.

But I always feel so happy to see familiar places, see home.
After driving endless roads of dunno the fuck where. =.=

 But I had fun ^^
Lmao, shameless. Pose and camwhore everywhere.

This was dinner? Around 9 something.
LOL, shopping was more important.
Tempura udon, HOHOHO.
I love food in generally.
Salty food is also yum.

I hate it when I finish the noodles and the waiter comes,
eager to swoop up my bowl. I know you efficient,

But I think I should try other cuisine next time. It's always Zanmai.
5 in the morning, bad to talk about food! :3

Haul of the day.
Look at the plastic bags.
Gwenllian had like five different plastic bags.
I stashed everything in one big bag, so farking eco-friendly.

Buying a lot of skirts recently, four today I think?
And another four during Sunday? :/
I don't usually shop, but when I shop.. err.
All or nothing personality applies to everything.

Asymmetrical hem skirts all the rage.
Vintage, flowy shirts in tawdry colours.
LOL! I hate the tops at Sungei Wang! 
Because they were all of the flowy sort. 
The tight ones were all tank tops. 
I wear tank tops, at home. =.=

I need tight on top foshua when buying clothes.
If not, look like aunty. "WAI"!

A lot of tops with stripes, polka dots. 
Colours everywhere. GOOD!
Loving coral and turquoise ^^
Collars a lot too, detachable collars a la Miu Miu.

Okayokay, flatforms are also all the rage.
Shoes that have to heels, only platforms.

I only remember Celine doing them forever.
LMAO, look at the Prada one.
Now I know where the ones at Giza copies from. ~.~

Asymmetrical skirt hoho. In leopard print sumore.
Was on a mannequin, asked the sales to let me try it on :3
I love leopard print :D

Leopard overload.

Leopard overload x3

Leopard and orange bandage skirt.
Orange always reminds me of Siet Yen.
Hoho, stealing her colour ^^
Nola I want coral! :3

asymmetrical top, lmao.
Same skirt!

skater jersey dress- tight on top and flowy on the bottom.
JUST the way I lurve it.

There's more but I'm lazy to show everything :3
It's good to keep some for mystery too! :)

Haolian sohem signing off. 
Six in the morning. Done blogging =.=
How people with no college lives.

What a nice life. Wake up when people come back from school.
Dress up for party. Blog when people are sleeping.
Fai cai life, ma de. Must end when college starts! :)

And sometimes I laugh at myself when editing pictures.
Where got peepo so haolian, seriously!?

^^ My friends, still the master.

Bye peepo!


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