Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cravings of a tangible kind

Hello. So quickly a week has gone by.
So, so quick.

Picture above, flashbackfriday :)

Chi Cheng drove the whole day.

Echo Park at Sunway Pyramid.
Chi Cheng went there to buy birthday present for her younger bro.
Sho nice. Bought snapback, so expensive. Around a hundred?
She told me she finished her Nokia wages !@#$%^&*
I hope I don't when I get mine. Hide! ^^

But honestly, it's easier to save money now with my big wallet.

Old wallet is that mini one from Accesorize.
So cartoon. Looks like an envelope.
Very convenient, honestly takes up less space than my phone does. :3

Switched to DKNY one, bought it from Australia trip
with my leftover money at the airport. Forgot how much. 

Err. If I keep a hundred bucks I will spend it, because I think
"I didn't have much to begin with, anyway..."
But if I keep a few hundred in my wallet- I won't, because it is nice
seeing all those bills and I just want to collect more.

HAHAHA. And that is how I save. I want 5k.
Don't know what to spend it on, or save how much.
But all I know is I wanna save until 5k, and I haven't been saving in a while.

Okok back to that day.
Wore pink playsuit in the afternoon.
In case of exercising. IN CASE. Didn't happen that day.
Mmm, needing more shorts. To exercise.
Encourage healthy lifestyle. LMAO.

But... I like skirts too. That airy feeling you get.

Marily Monroe depicts it most accurately. STEAM.

Sietyen likes 1920s in particular. Throwbacktwenties! LMAO. 
Err. Running on a bit of bad luck lately, her car crashed near Kepong The Store.
At the bridge. Car in front of her emergency braked, she braked.
Super happy she didn't hit the car in front. Only few inches of space in between.
And then? *BOOM. Kancil hit her Civic's butt. 
Sent to hospital for one week!

And she lost her phone today..?! :/ 
Someone apparently stole it. Meh, I hate thieves.
Especially thieves who still from their friends.
Stealing is already bad enough, but stealing from someone who's your friend?
Dog, dog beyond words.

Me? I've got my phone stolen twice before =.=
I swear. No more next time. !@#$%^&*

Okay back to Friday! :3
After Sunway Pyramid we went to DPC,
met up with Siet Yen and Xuan.
Sim Kuan and Rysher also came, sat outside Coffee Bean.

At night was Chong Hwa drum concert thingy. 
Sim Kuan went to her BAC event. 
Was lazy to go, but went to the Chong Hwa thing in the end.

Really having the CINA spirit! HAHAHHA!
Tickets were RM35, VIP tickets. So at the front row.
ERR. No hot guys. Enough said.

Chong Hwa, Chi Cheng and Xuan's ex-high school.
Err. Chi Cheng still keeps in touch with her Chong Hwa friends.
Xuan looks like... she forgot most of them?!!? LOL.
And they always promote themselves as.. ex-班花
Like prettiest in the class.

excuse the engrish

I did bother to apply a bit of eyeshadow. HEHE.
There are two main things that I bother with makeup.
Eyeshadow and lipgloss.

And then after that was Vertigo and G6 with my nightlife partner.

^^ After her BAC event she went home to drop Li Chen and pick me up
so nais of her :3 err, along the way, her friends kept callling to rush her.
I think we are always an hour late, live in another time zone.

PS: If you go out with me, be sure to text me when you're on the way,
not when you're there already. Unless... you wanna risk waiting... :x

Because it always comes down to not being the first one to arrive,
being the one to wait. I like... arriving at the same time.
Which is hard to do sometimes.

Err. Actually they went to Vertigo I went to G6 for a while. LOL.
Vertigo, damn strict with the bouncers. Look at all the barricades.
So mafan, I don't like. Need cover charge and everything =.=
Not as big as Zouk also!

All of Jennie's friends were friendly, good with socialising.
Erm. I realise that bananas are more open to meeting new people
in comparison to lala. But wait. Banana as in English is their main lingo,
some of them know chinese. 

A guy called Derek offered to pay for my part, fifty bucks each.
Which was a very nice gesture! :) But I sheepishly declined...
Because. I've only met him. 

Went to G6 after that, found a friend who brought me in.
One of the G6 crews. HAHAHAH. Skip the queue yo!
Being a girl is nice. Free things come easy.

Met his friend, offered me some drinks.
But main point for me is not drinks. ^^
If you know me well you know what I'm saying.

Sometimes guys ask for phone number. 
I don't hold my handphone mostly.
So I say really I've forgotten my handphone number
eventhough it's the only number I've been using.
Oh wait maybe I can remember if you....

It is handy though, to keep numbers of regulars you 
might meet again. After all, it's always these few places.
Over and over. Same place, different night. Different place, same night.

And that was my Friday.

Saturday afternoon was steamboat with the girls and their guys.
Daniel and Qi Yao too. 

Wore that crop top again, Qi yao said my clothes getting shorter and shorter.
That the one I wore with turquoise skirt was okay but this one is shorter.

LMAO. Because my skirt was more high-waisted, covered belly button. 
Lol. Crop tops bralets corset. What to do, it's trending.
And suit Malaysian weather owh. ^^

Also reminds me to keep waistline in check. 
Only dare to show if mirror approves owh.

Also, it's nice to walk around with sunglasses.
people think you're not noticing them, when indeed you are watching intently.
If you are getting attention, that is good.
If you are getting attention and they are making faces- bad.
If you are not getting attention at all- so bad you should change your outfit.

Because honestly I can't stand people with no sense of presence.
Wallflowers that really sink into the background and 
you can't tell if there there or not.

It hurts, it hurts, to have someone so far away.

Stayed home for Saturday night, a rare occurence that should strike more often.
Xian Jiong warned me of college. 3AM, HE JUST FINISHED HIS ASSIGNMENTS.
Blardy. Kind of sad seeing everyone take on separate paths.
But then, we're still together. the dog spirit.
That- time to time, our separate paths may cross no matter how far they strayed.
Honestly, I have in my list of bridesmaid already. HAHAHA PFFT. ^^

Sunday, sunday is always family day.
Shopping at KL. Last time we had dim sum,
but bro and I kept waking up later and later... until..
it's too late for dim sum. *kneels on floor

Our timezones keep getting later. Dinner time, wake up time, sleeping time.
Every fucking time.

Err. End up buying a gold bracelet thingy from Guess.
I thought of not buying anymore accessories from Guess,
because I bought a ring and it broke into half.

But anyway. Exceptions. I like gold accessories. :3

 Tiffany & Co's Elsa Peretti diamonds by the yard bracelet.
Oh I've been wanting this for long.
Err. RM3k according to the website, but not sure how much in Malaysia.

I don't know man. That black Prada bag is around six hundred bucks more expensive
in Malaysia than in Aus. =.=

Tiffany & Co heart tag earrings! :D
Chanel earrings are the norm, but I laik solid metal earrings more :3
Sterling silver range is much cheaper, USD125 for this one.
Err. Again, don't know how much in Malaysia.
The tax and the shipping and everything !@#$%^&*

But I really like gold. It complements my skintone. 
But the thing is it's so bloody expensive I wished I had cool skin tone.
Sterling silver? $24 per ounce. GOLD YOU SAY? Bloody $1615 per ounce.
BLOODY MURDER. BLOODY sixty-seven fold difference.

Again... I'm not working, I'm not supporting anyone.
In fact I'm simply at this stage of life where I need someone to support me.
And therefore I spend on fun and tangible things.
Not bills and mortages. Hmmm.

Wasteful life. 

Chanel 2.55 is such a classic. 
RM10k classic, wow. 

LMAO. I had decided for now.
My future line. Bubu!
Logo in curvy juicy letters.
White, with gold trimmings and red shadow.
Main colours- red, white and gold. 
Clean cut rich bitch look.
Inspirations? Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.
Shiny fabrics, cream white, gold embellishments.

Oh by the way the 2.55 above is in quilted canvas.
And I have thought of sticking to not harming any animals in the process of making clothes.
But it is ironic that my line doesn't use leather and whatnot, but the maker itself does?!
!@#$%^& It's like. I don't want blood on my hands.
But good handbags are always in leather.
And I justify myself by saying, cows are always slaughtered for meat.
But.... still.... :/ 

Fur and exotic skins, I can't stand though.
Lizard, crocodile. GAH. Bred to be skinned. 
That's the ugly side of fashion, I hate.

Random gifboom while drawing.

Err. Sometimes people ask me how I draw.
I don't draw any "base" beforehand. 
Too lazy for it. ~.~

Wherever my pen goes is permanent.
Usually I start with the face first, then the neck.
And goes down. I like drawing the legs most.

Paint the clothes with Buncho poster colours.
And then artliner everywhere. And then colour pencils on top maybe.
WTF I am so not useful in describing.

Vivi, Malaysia edition! :D 
Finallyyyy. A bit exy though for RM10. Premier issue.
Malaysian's bazaar is ony RM7.40. :3

Features the usual japanese brands. EMODA, WC, and etc.
None of which are available in Malaysia. LMAO.
But, they do feature boutiques from Sungei Wang, which is good! :)
Lena and Chuckei inside.

Vogue and Bazaar are still must for me. Ultimate fashion bibles.
Popteen and Vivi are fun fashion. :)

Prada handbags in Saffiano leather,
quite a few caught my eye. 

The internet, means endless "window" shopping.
Around a thousand euros each, but you know. 
Different case when it's in Malaysia.

College, quickly start T.T
I am too tired of relaxing.
I want to get tired so bad I'll cry for mercy.
Do that to me, oh yes.

I'd rather be lifelessly busy... than lifelessly free.

The emptiness and stagnant run is making me nail-bitingly anxious.
Maybe I will cry for a break when I have broken my fingers making dresses.
Or maybe I will cry in joy making dresses.


I can't complain anything even if The One burdens me with a moutain-full of assignments.
I told myself, I have energy to do things I'm passionate about.
Daddy let me choose my course,
I can't dissapoint myself!

Tell you what, I don't want to be safe.
I want to run around recklessly
...and be saved.

So I'll go ahead now. :)

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