Thursday, 7 June 2012

I love my friends, oh!


Wednesday was girl's date with Chi Cheng and Xuan.
So fast and it's already the month of June.
Time flies quickly.

The fountain of youth flows away.

Where we had our tea time. Levain! :3
 Somewhere off the streets of Jalan Imbi.
Country style cottage, quite some foreigners.
 Cakes and macaroons sho colourful (#.#)

Ate chicken lasagna, very good. 
But super filling with the cheese and whatnot.
And why the watermelon juice so exy,
lasagna so cheap?! ?!?! =.=

Watermelon juice RM10.50,
Add RM2.40 and you can get a lasagna. LOL?
I hate expensive fruit juices. 

With bou bou, she erm. Skipped college to go shopping.
HAAHAHWTF I don't know why her college is like hotel. 
Come and go as you wish! Shopping mall and eateries all around too~

Chi Cheng who drove us all the way to KL ^^
Thank you oh. But you drive like shit oh!
Her sudden brakes and sharp turnings. T.T
Both of us told her we felt dizzy riding in her car.
CLOSE TO THROWING UP wdgigdiweiuhf

 OHOHO. Nude bandage skirt from Sungei Wang.
Pink crop top from Topshop. It's the same as the one in turquoise!
Just the colour :3 Bag- Jaspal, Accessories- Diva, Heels- Charles & Keith.

In her car ^^ Went to Times Square next.
Been a while haven't been there. 
Xuan the one, KL shopper. 
Walk through every nook and cranny.

If you walk enough, you'll soon have this illusion you are a tourist.
A tourist in your own country, yesh yesh.

Chatime because the weather is sho hot.
Bubble tea so overrated yoh ^^
Had some Magnum Almond. Hoho, fav ice cream.
Ma de gwenllian, has plenty of those at home. 

 Swapped my high heels for the city. Hallelujah.
Can die if I was wearing heels. 
Walked Fahrenheit to Times Square back and forth.
Heels make manageable distance, painful. 
True story yoh!

And Xuan shopped less today?! So good already never "bai ka" ^^
LMAOOO. Also visited Room Chen's shop. 
The Room8008.blogspot :D She was very friendly and talkactive.
Xuan went to collect her stuff. 

I got a turquoise tank top (TURQUOISE!!!)
and a sort of military red asymmetrical skirt.
That was it. AHH. 

It's hard to guard your money from flying away when you go out. T.T Poor wallet !@#$%^&*

I wanna save money. A lot of events for June and July. 
Term break. And college will finally be starting. 
I only have two wishes.
1. It will be fun.
2. It won't suck the life out of me.

OKAY? Please be good to me ^^

And then there's trips. Pangkor and Malacca.
And the girls keep saying wanna go Bangkok to shopping.
AIKS. Should work. But. Working is like...
being treated like a dog. 

Like a mongrel. WTF.
I am pure breed !@#$%^&*(

LMAOO. Jkjk^^

That was about it for KL ^^

Last Saturday was G6 with the Taylorians.

Created with Gifboom

Wore that red zipper jersey dress.
Went with Jin Fye and his girls. LMAO.
Normal normal.

G6 dancefloor damn... schizophrenic. 
Either lonely like a Sahara dessert or crowded like Big Apple.

If you're brave enough to be one of the first ones on the dancefloor...
well enjoy as long as you can because minutes later the dancefloor 
will be so packed it's hard to walk.
Let alone dance. T.T

So you see. A lot of people wanna go on the dancefloor. 
Just need someone to start it up. I think G6 has more Lala crowd.
Vertigo... Banana crowd. HAHAHAHAH

Lala- speak chinese
Banana- chinese don't speak chinese
Yellow outside white inside oh!

Honestly I like Lala better because it's odd
if you're a chinese and you don't know how to speak your own language
and is oblivious to your own culture.

But sometimes it can't be helped, their parents never teach their kids
chinese and stuff. :/ I DON'T KNOW.
I remember in high school there was a line divided. Banana and lala!
Seafood and fruits! LMAO.

Err. Language problem can really cause a divide 
because people don't understand each other.

OKAY LAH WTF. Anyway, after G6, 
took ride home with Shao Yang and Yen Shen.
Went to al-Safa. Maggi goreng dan watermelon juice dei!
I DON'T KNOW WHY their watermelon juice was spicy. T.T
Made me choke. And Ramly burger sho nice.
Live so near but never tried before. =.=
Yen Shen the sahem kept asking me to SHISHHHHA.
Too much will choke and die oh. ^^

OKOK, that was Saturday night.

Friday was steamboat at Chi Cheng's house ^^
And that is Chi Lam by the way.

Look so alike even FB tagging thinks they're the same person weyh. 

Jennie was busy because of school. 
Mmm it's always either school or parents. :3
But after she finishes her shit she'll come back ^^

Went jogging at DPC. Err.
Five is always the number when exercising.
Five laps, five rounds.

I tend to get guilty for slacking off if I'm out to exercise
because I seldom do. So it's always ALL OR NOTHING.
I be jogging alone while they be chatting in groups walking T.T

But a few days after it, it was hard to run because 
I've been coughing and when you cough your abdominal muscles contract.
Contract too much already oh. Zi bay.
Let me run la.

I feel like a dog when running.
Like a huskie la. ^^


And wtf, a week already sorethroat and coughing.
Sick a bit healthy a bit sick a bit !@#$%^&*

On Chi Cheng's bed oh. 

There was this Auntie who's some sort of psychologist.
She let us play this tarot card-like thing.
You can ask for whatever you want
and pick your cards.

Err. By the end of it we were convinced enough
to go to the three days lecture at Malacca.

Chi Cheng kept promoting! 
And the three girls sitting across us, lmao.
I used to be ******, but after that I felt so much better.
I used to be **********, but felt renewed after that. 

LOL. Okayokay. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, 
just that some people have ones with more bones.

I think the people with the most serious problems 
are people who deny they have problems.
Come on, who are you kidding? 
Life's not perfect. But what fun would there be in living a life that's perfect?
Perfect is boring, predictable. So appreciate imperfections yoh! ^^

Eight months I've been without school nor job. 
Err. You don't feel the pinch until all your friends are in school.
Sometimes I wonder if people are sad because they have too much time to think,
and if some people don't feel sad because they are too busy to think?

When I get sad... I cry for the littlest reason.
And just as suddenly as I get sad, I'm okay again. :3
Friends make me happy.

Trust me, you can't be emo for long 
if you have friends for you.
And family! ^^

All for today yoh!
Bye peepo, see ya soon :D

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