Monday, 25 June 2012

Seven days, of outing.


Be prepared for a long post.

Just got my laptop today at the Sony Centre in KLCC.
Can't be more pleased T.T THANKIU THANKIU
I've waited long enough... felt like dying the seven days I couldn't online.

 This is the one I got, from the S-Series(business).
RM3300 I think. Just in time, been out for just a month :D
Lucky my lappie didn't kaput before that =.=

Was supposed to get E-Series(personal)
but I got this one because... errr.. I liked the backlit steely keyboardy. HAHAHHA
 And the battery lasts double! :3 Six hours while the other was only THREE!

Side by side, the successor and predecessor.
Bye bye my old vaio. Lasted me all through high school-

And I was happy enough because only the motherboard went kaput.
Could still save files from hard drive, THANKS TO SIMKUAN'S BROTHER! :D
He actually came to take out the hard disk, with his tools and all.
OH MY SAVIOUR. I just wanted to save the old pictures and documents.

I hate losing pictures. It's like moments deleted :(

I dropped my old laptop once and had to change the hard disk.
They downgraded my hard disk. 60GB of storage, LMAO. LAUGHABLE.
This one has about 550GB more storage to go around. AHH.
Download whatever music and pictures BLABLABALBA!

And of course, works much faster! :)

icriedthedaybefore. PMS. LMAO.
But life is always like that oh.
Happy sad happy sad.

But always remember you can't stay unhappy if you have friends and family there for you.
Well if all you care about money and sex- you will rot, and die!!!

Okay. Laptop settled. Can go back to doing my own shit.
Facebook, twitter, blogging. Mostly social networking shit.
Because I'm... vain T.T I can't stand not worshipping myself.
Admiring my photos. Edit edit. AH, blog. 
Write about my favourite topic ever- MYSELF! <3

LOL WTF half-kidding! HAHHAHAHAH

Have also decided I will use pink Vaios for the rest of my life.
MY GOODNESS. I tried using my brother's Mac and it drove me crazy.
I'd rather not use a designer's laptop then T.T 
typical Windows user using OS like a noob. LOLOL

Saturday was going to Jaya One for "Clothes Buffet"
Sim Kuan's idea, she can go to great lengths to get great bargains.
MUAHAHA. Like that Charles & Keith warehouse sales, which was totally worth it.

This Clothes Buffet though, was pretty shit because they wrote there
"12pm-6pm" but truth was they finished their stock before two o' croc struck.

Left with a long line of people queuing, all dissatisfied and a few who shouted at the host.
LMAO. The host was like asking mosquitoes to buzz off, except the mosquitoes were customers.

LOL WTF really. A few aunties went up and scolded them hosts.
"You said until 6pm, now is only 1pm!" BLBALBALA.

Lucky were those who came early.
But, do know you have to fight for great bargains ;)

Although it was a bit foolish of them to underestimate the hunger of shopping when it comes to women. They make the event so big but don't have that much clothes. HMM. No need promote so much in the first place? :3

Ate Wendy's. Some Crispy Chicken Burger thang.

Outfit, gunning for motorcycle chic. LMAO.
Except everyone knows I can't ride a bike to save my life.
Aww it'shokay! Fashion is just pretend and play. 

Went to Sunway Giza after that, everyone a lil' dissapointed but still.
Loud like shit in the car. Xuan, Chi Cheng, Sim Kuan, Mei Yen.
I got shotgun because I have a big ass ^^ HEHE
Li Chen was designated driver of the day.
Long time didn't sit in Rebecca already :3

Just shopped a while in F Block, Li Chen had to go home after that.
Bought the phone case thingy with filter turret! FUN THANG!
RM29, but not the original Holga one. That one costs over a hundred (x.x)


Chi Cheng took this while I was sleeping. Too tired ^^
She wrote a note on my tissue paper when she left. HAHAHAH

 LMAO. Only bad thing is, can't use it for front camera.
But good enough! Gadgets I can never live without? 
Handphone, camera and laptop.

Err. Three of em went kaput this year.
Handphone and camera- stolen by some stupid thief karma will strike =.=
Laptop- motherboard sort of overheated, got to old. It was time!

And oh. I miss Chuckie as well. 

Always, always miss him.
Always feel like something is missing.
No cuddly thang greeting me when I come home.
No furry pet to stroke when I'm worried.
No doggie to cuddle when I'm sad.

It's calming having a pet, even scientifically-proven 
people with pets live longer because they're happier and have lower blood pressure.
But, sometimes they leave your blood boiling. 
Chewing off your hundred bucks comic book. 
Breaking your shoe into two.

But hey, there's always good and bad. Give and take.
If you asked if I'd rather hurt and lost, than not have at all...
I would always, always choose

to have had, had hurt and lost.

 Saturday was Beer Factory, Xuan's cousin booked a table there.
The guys were nice, paid for the drinks and all :3
Hmm, very ON that night, saw a lotta familiar peepo.
Nicholas and his gang were also there.

Okay okay, whatever happens in drunkland stays in drunkland.
But. I never get drunk, just almost tipsy.
Because getting drunk is a torture itself,
my body wasn't made for ingesting alcohol =.=

Sim Kuan never gets headaches. I do. 
And I hate feeling the need to puke. LOL!

But honestly, nice to have a specialized activity for night owls.

So, that's Saturday! :D

 FRIDAY was just having sorta early dinner with Sim Kuan and Xuan.
Highlighter yellow top, neon pink skirt and feathers.
Know what I was going for?!

Trashy neon hippie! BWAHAHAHAH
The one Americans do best.
Volkswagon vans, peace signs and bellbottoms. YEH, YEH!

Itchy hands, haolian mind ;3

Chi Cheng came to drop by as she was at Amelio's with Daniel the boyfie.
LMAO. Xuan finally got her license, finally! Congrats yo!
But it's not firm independence yet, have to wait for car availability.
Like that time when I was waiting for Cooper S!

That's thing of relying people.
You can't blame them for not giving it to you-
if you were truly capable you'd be able to get it yourself.

So that is one of the reasons why I want to be rich.
To not be a burden to my parents, but instead be an asset. YA KNOW.
Not spend their money but give them money.
But err. That will have to wait, for at least three more years.
I'm sorry! :3

Somehow I think I will always be rich.
And you are what you think. If you say yes, you are right.
If you say no, you are also right.

Because you're the writer of your own story,
the director of your own movie.

Sometimes life is not what you get, but what you give.

Oh yeh, face-reading? Big foreheard/nose/chin are signs of prosperity. 
LMAOOO. I know I haz a big nose, at least it's good for something ^^
And curved eyebrows mean friendliness. HOHO. My one like half-circle owh.

Seriously, I google plenty of shit each day.
Google= my answer to everything.
When people ask me things, I WONDER WHY.
When they can get a much accurate answer from Google in under one second.
Without the "err" "ahh" "I think ah".

But if you wanna talk about fashion or guys or enemies or sex scandals....

WTF, talk too miach sometimes.

Err. After dining at Rakuzen@DPC,
went to Beer Factory again that night. 
Wore Zara white skorts and neon tank.

Friday's crowd was really very bad,
unlike Saturday! But the thing that's so lovely about BeerFact-
near and no cover charge.


Thursday was Jin Fye's plan to swim at Tropicana.
LOL, in the end Sim Kuan and I were the only girls who went.

With my ex-classmates, the bastards of Science Two! LMAO.
Weng Hock, Ping Kuang, Vincent, Dylan, Wei Kien, Theng Loo.

The pool really, really looks like the one in BSD club. 
I think BSD copied. LMAO. The same pool. The same slide downstairs.
The same cave thingy by the side. 

Posh club, can have weddings there too :3

Had a bit of communication problem upon arriving.

HAHHAHA! Managed to find our way in da end!
Err. Accidentally sneaked in. Jin Fye asked us to come out.
I like sneaking. :( I like secret entry. I like. I don't know.
I always like the "off" things. Bad, bad.

The guys played this game where one person sits on top 
another person's shoulder. Come face to face with another people
in the same position. And wrestle him to fall! ^^

Wah, I like that one. Can be rough.
Pushed down Sim Kuan and Weng Hock, SPLASH!
Dylan said I was very light, because he was carrying Ping Kuang 
before that. HOHOH FATASS. The single hai. LMAO.
New nickname for him, always call me wai hai ma de.

Butterfly on the slide, see who slide off the furthest.
Eeekk, a bit paranoid sometimes when going to slides.
Bikini... very small... if come off... DIE.

Ate at Shiraz Restaurant & Bar after that.
Apparently they have very nice pork burgers,
but me being me I obviously wouldn't know if they were nice or not.
Ate some salad and soup instead. HEALTHY YOH!

 Outfit inspiration?
Err... how bout Patriotic Rebel!

LMAO. Honestly, I just make names up along the way.
Should do this more often. Do different themes and explain their looks.

A lot of tops with flags nowadays. Union jack and american flag.

Top from Zara, Shorts from F21. The thing about High Street fashion is it's easy 
to bump into someone wearing the same person as you do- especially when
they have outlets in almost every farking shopping mall worth going.

I used to be paranoid of that, but now I sort of take it in a stride.
Like a competition to see if you'll wear it better

Look, anyone can wear a beautiful thing
but the special ones are those who can wear an ugly thing and make it beautifully irresistible.
And on the other hand, there are people who make even beautiful things ugly, and that's just sad...

Sometimes it despairs me to see someone with potential for beauty
but they don't believe themselves enough/are too lazy.
It's like they're degrading themselves as God's creation !"£$%^&

But indeed, I do admire people with natural beauty.
I'll confess that girls who dress up are often high-maintenance and materialistic.
Or at least, I am. 

But really. I saw a person in the same Zara top. And let me tell you she definitely looked like shit.
GOODNESS! Such a nice top but she wears it like pasar malam shit. Despicable!
I wear it as a cover-up after swimming and still look way better.



That was my Thursday. HEHE!

Wednesday was Pavilion with Chi Cheng and Chi Lam!

Both of them really look alike weyh.
But, personalities very different. Chi Cheng is definitely more uncouth. Friendly and rude xD
Chi Lam is like... quieter and more mature eventhough she's the younger one. LMAO. 

Had brunch at Ginza cafe.

 And in case you were wondering, 
yes yes they do serve cappucinos with art on top. ^^

Bought the nautical bikini from Cotton On, sales owh!
Crop tops from Forever 21, again. Err. When I'm into a store
I buy a lot until I get bored. Before that was Zara. LMAO.

Chi Cheng drove like a bull! Told her the brake will surely get worn out quickly,
and then few days later her car was sent to hospital. HAHAHAHHA
Something about the car tyres pressure being too high. EXPLODE IF UNTENDED. 
Lolol dramatization. But she seriously kill the brakes! Friction overheat man!

Tuesday was 1U with Sim Kuan. 
Chi Cheng and Chi Lam dropped by a little while.
Catched up on Gossip Girl and served Chi Lam some garlic toast
MY SIGNATURE. She was starving. 
After finishing school is liddat, I remember the feeling well :3

Denim, denim. Cowgirl look. LMAO!

 Dolce & Gabbana did a great take on raunchy cowgirls few years back @.@

Guess, also great for cowgirl wannabes.
Blonde bombshells to the TEE, love their ad campaigns.
Fashionable porn, LMAOOOO!

Honestly, I dare to wear belly-baring tops more in girls-only outings.
Don't dare too wear too revealing most when going out with family.

 WITH FRIENDS?! LOL, like this also can! ^^

Bought shorts from F21 again. Purple and dark blue! :D

 Monday, went to DPC with Chi Cheng.
Unagi really so expensive T.T
They crazy, RM68 for an unagi set meal 

Oui! croptop and grey shorts,
guess from where....?

yeah yeah, Forever 21! xD

Okay, DPC is really good for taking photos.
Actually, wherever there's lots of sunlight ^^
The open-air area in SS Two Mall, too!

That's about it! With my beloved Chi Cheng :*


Sunday was Pavilion,
Sim Kuan went there too. Both of us went with our families.

AH. Ran back towards Forever 21 like a dog 
because I was afraid she had to leave before I arrived. LMAO.
Ran like a dog, in five inches. 

Healthy brunch at Madam Kwan's. FRUIT PLATTER OM NYOM ^^

 Err. Spent quite a lot that day T.T
Which is why I might be working for a week, next week. xD

Clothes all from F21, necklace from Juicy!

HEHE. Shopped until very happy (and also very guilty)
and that was the night my laptop went kaput on me after I forced shutdown
when it hanged while I was watching Gossip Girl. LMAO. 

I was so... anxious restless despaired.
But nevermind! The old has to go, to give space to the new! :3

Saturday was
High School Gathering.
At High Society in SoHo KL.

Half a year now since, everyone's out of Sekolah Sri Bestari!
Sho fast I know! And I've been doing nothing but play =.=
AHHHH college starting next next week already T.T
Wonder how it'll be hmmm!


With the host, See Siet Yen! :D
She said, such a waste she didn't take event management.
LMAO, I think so too.

Great turnout, a lot of schoolmates I hadn't seen in a while.
Most of them still look the same, it hasn't been such a long time! :)

With Yih Wern, HAH! So glad she could come ^^

Like the red hair effect here :3

With Vincent- matching colours. A lot of dudes wore Polo tees that day.
HEHE looks good. SY turned up in three quarter shorts, lapsap tee and slippers.
OMG! HAHHAHAH! My ji mui who criticizes everyone, but is ever so confident of himself.

Three of us again. 

This picture reminds me of the times around SPM. LOLOL.
Supposed to study, but went out all the time.
I regret nothing. Results came out okay. LMAO!
But pshhh, college has a lot of assignments, can't be lazy owh!

We all look the same, except Gwenllian's hair is much brighter ^^
Sim Kuan's fashion sense improved a lot! Last time she always turned up in denim shorts and
white tees. Always complain white black blue! But boom, she improved a lot! ^^
Her dressing is always with a formal touch thou. LIKE... LAWYER.

I don't know what's different in me, except the middle-parting.
And incessant high heels wearing after the Charles & Keith haul compared to last time.
And err. Clothes... tighter? LMAO. 
And history.. err... 

OKAY. Moving on... *AHEM

The ass pose. The S pose. Same thing. 

LMAO, the guys know my pattern.
Asked me to do the trademark HAGAGAG

Push up your chest, arch your back, angle your arms and legs, push out butt. Done! ^^

HIOHIO. I hope to be friends with them, for a long long long long long
long long long long long long long long time.

Honestly, when it comes to friends, I like saving the old ones 
than going for new ones. HEHE

So that's my weekend.

Pretty good, I think. 



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