Friday, 29 June 2012

Short stint at Blackberry

Scattered thoughts, scattered thoughts. 

Was supposed to be working 
but instead went and did this:

Yesh yesh, camwhoring in Ikea
like that time with Sim Kuan and Qi Yao.

Furnitures and free props everywhere.
One thing I don't like is the huge-ass price tags thou. LMAO. 

Err, you know how I was supposed to work for five days?
That was what I thought, but anyhow my first day also became my last day.
For good reason ^^

Blackberry promoter at Harvey Norman in Ikano.
My head is still filled with HTC seriously. Quad-core processor and everything.
Blackberry? LMAO. Curve/Torch/Bold- I may know their names but not really their faces :/

So basically it's a roadshow- it's always roadshows.
Sometimes it's gonna be easy work, sometimes you're gonna have shitty supervisors.
But most of the time they're pretty friendly.

But if there's anything I've learned, it's I like to be on top.
I like telling people what to do, not getting told what to do.
I used to think I don't like bossing people around 
and I wouldn't want other people bossing me around...
But scratch that. I don't want people to boss me around.
I want to be the authority.

But of course, you need to start small and build your foundation
to get on top. Oherwise, you're just based on fragile luck.

In the pyramid of authority though, it is often the ones who are second fiddle who are the bitchiest ones. Say there is the manager. And then the assistant manager. The assistant will always be bitchier than the one on top of him.

I don't know why man.
Feel like they have to prove something maybe??
They will always find fault in your doings.
If they criticize in a constructive way, then it's always looking for room for improvements.
If they criticize in a demeaning way however... then it's making employees dislike their work.
And that doesn't make things very productive. HTC Dracula is one of those instances.

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So anyway... around 1 o' croc 
Chi Cheng and I decided to find replacements.
Because... I don't know.. we felt bored?
And I had college starting next week :3

SO. HAHHAHA. Lucky we found replacements.
Suki and her friend. Thanks to them really T.T

When working, what we look for is always free parking and cheap food.
I found a spot outside The Curve. Damn nice ^^
Food? Ikea hotdogs, RM2 each!!! ONZ AH!




He got back 3 in the morning on Tuesday.
Saw him Tuesday night heheheh.

Him with his darling, reunion again <3

LJ thought a lot about us while he was in Taiwan,
apparent with the souvenirs he bought and 
the twitter mentions and Skype calls <3

He bought candies from Sophisca.
Condom candies, SANITARY PAD candies, plaster candies.
I WANT SOPHISCA! Cute and tastes good.

He also bought a lot of masks for the girls.
For guys? LMAO. He asked someone to close the door, I thought for wad.
Then he took out his backpack and plopped out all the boxes of duty-free ciggies. =.=
The guys were as happy as picking up gold when they saw them. LMAO.

See Daniel's face? Vinoth was saying he talked bad about me behind my back.
That's why he has the "DUN HAVE LA BRO, JK" face.
LMAO. I know la they like to make fun of everything :>

Star of the night, LJ TAN.

AHHAHAHA. Leonard their hairstylist took them to this japanese place called
Yakidori-Do at Solaris.

Very good feel, drank some Sake for the first time. LOLOL noob betul.
Ping Kuang Weng Hock Theng Loo them were also there.

Tuesday morning was going to The One Academy for course briefing.

Actually I woke up around twelve but the poo poo thing was I slept around six.
When I wake up early it always feels like I left half of my soul in dreamland.
A little loud music pumping while driving takes me back though.
So thankful new lappie can burn CDs =.=

Picture above was not taken that day. Put there because that was what I was wearing. LMAO.
Colour caught my eye and I wanted someting to slip on but look nice at the same time.

It takes around half an hour? I think? 
Jam hour, nightmare for me. Don't even wanna think. Later I pee in my pants.
But I learned a little to enjoy driving. Most important thing is the music.
Also nice to have bite-sized snacks. Seaweed popiah owh.
And a bear to hug. My rilakkuma :3

So anyway I came too late for the admission test and too early for the course briefing.
Walked around played diamond dash. For like forty minutes. 
Good la, usually I get very pissed when I wait.
I didn't because I had enough sleep.

If you want me to wake me up early to wait, I really salute you with my middle finger :(
If I get up late and wait, LOL I don't mind.

So the course briefing was interesting, but only half the course students turned up.
Was glad I went thou because I got the schedule. BWHAHAHA. 
And the Art supplies list. Compile everything before 8 in the Monday morning.
Err. I always leave things last minute :/

Oh yeah. Schedule until August is 8am-1pm every Monday-Friday.
I was smiling to myself when I saw it. Ahhh. If you put 12-5 I really diuhai.
I like afternoons for outings. Mornings for perfunctory stuff la.
But the thing is have to wake up early and avoid jam.
Well well, you can't have everything perfect :)

Hmm, Monday is only 10am-1pm though. 
(except for this Monday, 8am)
Can avoid Monday blues, a BIT la.

Very hard to find parking at The One. 
Simply double-parked and left my number.


Fifteen mins sketchie
I did Admission test after briefiing. Allocated time was 3.30pm-5.30pm,
around two hours. Err. I rushed everything to finish it in forty-five minutes because
Gwenllian told me 5' o croc- 7 o' croc is the most fucking jam of the mother jammer.


You just have to draw a portrait and complete 78 English questions to determine your English profiency. Honestly, I am kind of arrogantly careless when it comes to English tests.

OH YEH. Also one thing that made me happy.
One of teachers told us to wear fashionably ^^
No matter if it's sexy, so long as it's fashionable.


Everyday is a fashion show and
the world is your runway.


I don't know why when I wear pink
either Gwenllian or Chi Cheng will call me pink lady.

The colour of romance ^^ Red is like...the colour of sex.
The more aggressive side :/

Current profile pic.
Look like kiddo owh. 

That's my update for today :)


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