Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Hello hello!

Got back from Malacca last Sunday night, went with the great peepo above ^^
left to right: CC's MUM, CC's Aunt, Siet Yen, Chi Cheng, Yours truly, Xuan, My mama, Aunt's friend and Chi Lam :D

As you know, the camp is. Err. Hard to summarize.
Some psychological understanding camp.
Mental rehab? Boot camp???


Motivation camp!?

Oh wait checked the website.
Psychological workshop.

Had to arrive at Chi Cheng's house six o croc in da morning.
I had few hours of sleep. Chi Cheng and Xuan?
Lmao, both of them soham- skyped till no sleep!

Chi Cheng's mama drove us all da way to Malacca, superwoman ^^
Also found out where Chi Cheng got her braking skills from.
Alphard huge car, we filled it up.

Ended up on the car "floor" because
I wanted to lay horizontal.

I like laying down. I don't like sitting.
Unless there's something for me to do on the table. ^^

After like. Two hours? I don't know, slept all the way.
Good thing Malacca's not that far.

Stylized photo of the place we lodged in, basic of the basic punya accomodation.
HAHAHHA. But lucky the rooms have air condition. 

The thing I didn't like, can't check in until at night.
I slept from seven pm until next day noon that night ^^

Okay, seminar started the minute we arrived.
Took our name tags, potty break, then into the hall we go.
Around 650 people in one "ballroom".
A lot of middle-aged aunties, kids, some uncles.
Can see iz a family thang.

 Ya know.

It was really interesting seeing people's problems.
Can learn a lot of things.

You might also realize
compare to what others are facing
your problems are minor ones.

First thing they told us about was family roles
of when you were a kid.

There are five:
  1. Hero
  2. Martyr
  3. Scapegoat
  4. Charmer
  5. Lost Child
At first I wasn't sure which role I was
because it's really confusing and
you might play different roles 
during different stages of your life.
Knowing which one you are 
plays a big role in solving 
any sort of burden you're facing.

Because in life, shit happens.
All of those shit accumulate over the years.
Do you realize we smile less, become more cynical
as we grow older?

They said when we see a baby, we can't help but smile and feel protective over them.
It's because they're so pure and full of love- trusting.
Untainted by the horrors of the other side of humanity.

As more shit happens, it covers the light shining from our hearts.
LOL, or so they say ^^ so. you have to take out the broom
and sweep away those shit.
Because consciously we may be saying, "I've gotten over it"
but subconsciously, it's there. It affects the way you think.
And you're trapped in repeating the same miserable pattern.
So people there are mostly just trying to get out of that.
It's mostly problems from their parents
and then when they marry
those problems that gave them burden
burden their marriage and tears the family apart.
Ya know, like how Adam and Eve and the sin and curse gets carried on.
See this baby.

My favourite eh. I love her smile :)))
Ern Ling? Fuck, I dunno how to spell her name. HAHHA
My mama's brother's baby! Two years old.

She reminds me a little, of my younger self.
I like how trusting she is. And. She never lost her temper with me before.
I can't stand bratty kids. Feel like... slappingthem.
But this little baby... I will slap whoever lays a hand on her. HEHEHE

She so cute eh.

Oh yeah back to that. 

First day was kinda hard.
Long hours listening and listening.
Watching people cry and then crying yourself.

Second day, skipped with mama.
She bad influence eh. LOL.
The trip was like partly to spend time with her
and listen to the workshop. Don't mind la, go with friends :3

Went swimming. The pool quite dirty. But wtf. Good enough.
I mean got algae growing. But as long as no random fish or frogs.

At night, there's this uncle we call him 抱抱叔叔。
Hug hug uncle. HAHA! 

The legend holds it that
if you hug him he can feel your problems.

I think maybe a little la.
But more was when he asks you to draw the cards
and the way he looks into your eyes is like...
all your secrets are transparent to him.

Feel so naked and raw.

I cried eh ma de. 

Six of us, went to do the card thing.
Pair by pair.

But ya know. Funny thing they say.
Crying is a part of our mind's way to heal.
So when people cry during the workshop, let them.
They're actually getting their money's worth.
lol ^^

I don't like it when I'm upset and people look at it like it's nothing.
I mean you can leave me alone for me to sulk and cool down
but not come and tell me 
"eh no need sad lah little thing only"

I will internally do *fliptable,jpg!
Because, you don't know the pain I'm feeling. :3

The auntie was also very nice, the one who brought us to this camp.
A lot of peepo with the eagerness to help people.
It's not willingness anymore. It's eagerness.

But I don't like the main lecturer honestly :/
too much of sexual innuendos and he has fish lips 
that makes him seem greedy like our JG.

People repeatedly come back to this camp.
Because of various reasons.
You can open up your problems to strangers.
You are urged by people who want to help to solve your problems.
You can understand why people do this, why people do that

A lot of misunderstanding can be avoided
if we learn to look at things from other people's point of view
and listen before pointing our fingers.

At night, went to Jonker Walk.
The dogs came! Surprise visit.
Mah de, all their boyfriends came.
I was thinking if Sim Kuan was here
sure she would be patting my shoulders and saying
"we're the last ones standing".

But. whatever should come will come.
whatever should not come should die far far. :3

The dudes who came- three cars.
Qi Yao, Rysher, Daniel, King Jiat, Han Yuan, Theng Loo, Weng Hock.

Theng Loo got cheated. When he got on the car, 
the guys initially planned to have supper at Kuala Selangor.
Then... changed plans. To MALACCA!

They stayed until 4 in the morning, Qi Yao and Weng Hock stayed over.

Jonker Walk not bad, got feel. HAHHA.
Glad I brought enough money for some night market shopping.
Everything... cheap to the max.

Three earings for RM5. Those drop earrings, chandelier earrings.
Malaysia is like 3 for RM10.

iPhone cases also, half the price ! WALAO. 
Kinda regret didn't grab more. Should get one-year supply.
AHAHHA jk bro

The entrance, some huge dragon lantern crowding the top 
and a fountain in the middle. A lotta food as well.
Even sushi. Bubble tea, mochi, caramelized strawberry. HEHE.
Damn happy eh walk a little buy food, walk a little more

But, Penang food still the most ichibeng! :D

The next day, skipped with Mama also =.=
Went to Renaissance Hotel to buy handbag for her sister.

And then Malacca Mall. Dataran Merdeka.


Ever since getting car, ever since college.
Arms got kinda tanned :x
Must protect! No freckles pls!

Overall I think the trip was worth it
but I don't think I'll be going the workshop again?
VERY TIRING EH. HAHHAA! But it was nice because I went with friends
and mami skipped some with me lol =.=

Right timing to la, there was a lot on my mind recently.
WAS. All those shit getting clogged up.
The most important thing is to learn to let go.
Have understanding and forgiveness.
The most tiring thing you can do to yourself
is bearing a grudge. Or, constantly pressuring yourself 
to live up to someone's standards.

Know who's worth keeping in your life
and grab hold of them tightly
let go of the ones who aren't worth it.

College ah! 
Siet Yen's first week joining our college.
Good timing, on Monday my car got sent for repair.

My car came back from the workshop
a much better car. 

Just like I should come back from the workshop
a much better person. HAHAHAH

Basically, the steering lubricant kept leaking 
that's why it was so stiff. NO WONDER =.=
Sport steering where got so kao!!

So have to send it to repair next week as well
dad thought I was rushing to use the car so 
he thought of waiting for holiday. NO NEED LA.

They also fixed the brake, gears also change smoother. 
AHH. Love my car now. Mah de, last time so easy to kiss.

Alignment also fixed. They said they hook it up to the computer
and tuned everything. HEHE ^^

The red is sex, I fantasize about my car.
Car molester. HAHA ^^

Kept shouting at Siet Yen because she had the habit of 
pushing the glass windows to close the door.
Because normal cars have the sides at the windows.


Not bad to have Siet Yen in my course
someone who already gets my way of speaking.
HEHE. Like how Scott has Esther noh ;33

Also have a niggling urge to get a dog.
A brown toy poodle, to be specific.

Dunno eh. When I buy something more than 1k,
it's mostly because I've been drooling bout it 
for weeks.

I have been dreaming of hugging a puppy 
like how Chuckie was always there :'(

But. But. Having a doggie is a huge commitment.
Maybe wait a while more for myself to settle down? ://
HMM. Tahan a while more noh.

My favourite breeds used to be Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier.
But both of them look like... noisy and not used to being cuddled.
Poodles are also very smart :3

I like shih-tzu,
but it reminds me of Chuckie too much.
So no la ^^ Chuckie still my number one eh,
so many unforgettable memories.


Which reminds me. 
I am desperate to get my camera back alive again
Don't know if it will survive =.=

didn't make the cup to be safely portable! =.=
It spilled all over my handphone, camera. Those shit.
iPhone is good against water i think. OR am I just lucky.
Got my iPhone wet a lot of times before, the 3Gs.
Mister 4S was first time. My earpiece was a bit muffy but
I think it cleared after the water dried.

The effing 1k camera doesn't want to turn on eh.

Karen Tan is a careless shit :(


Espo when I'm tired or busily excited. 
I don't wanna give a flying fuck about my belongings.
:( In the Malacca ribena case it was tiredness.
Chi Cheng so excited,
"bring camera bring camera!"
mah de, dead camera- no use! :(

Chi Cheng got accident because of Ribena before.
Ya know. The Ribena spilled, she bent down to clean it.
LOLOLOL. Okok, hers more serious.


The sun may set today but it will always rise tomorrow.

College madness, havda wake up early. 
Remind myself everyday to sleep early.
IN D END? Still slept at two ytd, woke up almost seven =.=!

OKAY. But did a lot today. 1U Sushi Zanmai with
Siet Yen Qi Yao Xuan Chi Cheng Sher KJ Sim Kuan.


iPhone pic of my outfit today, LOL.
iPhone pic quality is poor, but fun to edit the crap out of it ^^
blue hair out of nowhere as well xD

After that went to Menjalara visit my favourite baby coussie ^^
and bid adieus to mama heading for UK.
I wanna go Europe. Trip trip! Save money!

Also work during holidays, hopefully.
It's bearable when you have friends.
And when you think about the cha-ching cha-ching!
It's a beautiful thing, receiving the money weeks later.
You forgot you worked your ass off, like a present from God.
Money from da sky! HAHHA TOWK KOWK!

And then after that went to gym with Mei Yen and Li Chen,
keep fit keep fit.

Once I get started, half the shit is done.
I always finish the crap out of whatever I've started.
I HAVE started. If it's something other people want me to start then maybe err...
not that diligent. LOLOL.

So. Knowing that the problem for me is starting.
I have to kickstart myself now and then.
Kick my mind to start!

And then bath, dinner at home. 
And then blog.


College college wake up early buay buay! 

每天快乐noh! :***

^^^^^^ thanks for reading peepo trolololo!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Before I leave

Heylo there! A quick post before heading off to Malacca.

Have to wake up at 5.30AM later to meet up with the girls.
Zombie, panda, night owl- words to describe lifestyle character for now.
It's been a cat and mouse game trying to get enough sleep ever since college started!

 Just finished packing my clothes.
Six different tops for three-day trip 
because the last time at Penang I ran out of tops =.=

Bring more better than bringing less.
If going with parents then pack light. 
Leave space in luggage to buy a lotta shit home *w*

Okay okay, this Malacca trip is Chi Cheng's idea.
This psychology seminar thingy. Just go for fun.
Xuan, Siet Yen and I are in.

Siet Yen's family and my mum is going.
And of course Chi Cheng's mami and her sis.
Xuan is the SOLO YOLO!

 Clockwise: CC, Gwenllian, Siet Yen, Jennie from da block and yours truly.

So sad Jennie's not coming for this trip :( the missing one. ALWAYS HAPPENS HMM
She wasn't there for the steamboat, where the psychic auntie persona at Chi Cheng's house
convinced us to go that trip.

But yeh, a bit expensive. RM800. HEART PAIN WALLET PAIN.
Expensive because of the seminar. I'll tell you if it's worth it after I'm done ^^
Penang was half that sum of money, and expensive because of the hotel.

Also another upcoming one, 17-20 AUGUST.
Pangkor doggie trip! Damn lucky all these trips
Friday Saturday Sunday. 

... I have two absents on Fridays. One for piano exam and another one for tomorrow.
Err. The one academy. 70% attendance or get kicked out.
So if there's 10 school days you can miss maximum 3 days.
I don't wanna risk warning letter eh!
The other girls so lucky can skip skip skip! !"£$%^&
Oh yeh Siet Yen coming my course next Monday! ^^

Daddy already a lil paranoid of college attendance because of my beloved brada.
But lucky now he never skip owh.

D Village Resort the place we are staying.
Air Keroh Melaka. 

Very basic accommodation.
ya see? LMAOOO


I'm not so sure what that seminar thing is.
Like finding your true self. 
Understanding your past hurts and healing yourself.
Listening to people's life stories and crying along the way.
Chi Cheng goes almost every year and she says she cries
listening to people's story.

Because it's touching and raw,
and it relates to us. Always.

You're not alone going through hardships.
Divorce, heartbreaks, bankruptcy, widowed. Whatever.
Everyone has their baggages, their skeletons in the closet.
A story to tell.

Life might give you a bad hand,
but you're the one playing the cards.
So don't let the cards play you.!

 HAH. Mami finally back from UK.

But okay. Makes me feel reassured.
They say if you wanna know how you look like when you get old
look at your mum. Photocopy!

AND AND. She told me 500 bucks for two way ticket to UK.

And announced on twitter asking the girls to go.
And then the next day... FOUND OUT IT WAS 500 POUNDS
not ringgit. !"£$%^&*()

HAHAHHA! No wonder. 
If it was so cheap, everyone would be flocking to Europe already =.=

But Europe is a really beautiful place :(
Art history found in every corner. 
Where artists are born and breed.
HNNGHH. Last time I went there was when I was nine.
Don't remember much. But out of the many countries I've been to,
Europe, USA and Hong Kong are the nicest.

I wanna try Japan! 

Okay. Travelling is very expensive. Have to save up.
No time to work sumore! :/
One of college mates actually work and study at the same time.
8AM-1PM, college. 4PM-10PM, work. WOAH.

When I come home from college,
all I wanna do is... 

Lol. Pig. Unproductive eh! Successful people are always stressed
 and deprived of sleep.

Stress is what drives us to finish up things.
The constant pressure for us to complete our to-do list.

That's why they're at the top. 
They sacrificed themselves.
It's not like "success" dropped out of sky for them.
They built their own ladder to reach it.


Mannequins and textbooks came piled atop a lorry.
FINALLY ^^ each of us had to carry the mannequins.

The One Academy= Tons of Assignment.

Never-ending assignments. Perfection is the minimum standard
not the maximum standard.

You finish your assignments, but that's not the end.
You let the lecturer check. 9 out of 10, re-do!
If it's bad, make it good.
If it's good, make it better.

It's how you improve.
Always push, there's always space for upgrading.

Mister Yen is direct la, but criticize in a constructive way.
How direct? 

"This is too high school, you're in college now".
"Would you honestly want your boyfriend to step out 
in that kind of clothes?"

HAHAHHA. I don't mind it.
Take it with a pinch of humour.
No one's exempted.

Scott's Macbook filled with our pictures. Poor thing eh.
Left to right- me, yee chien, esther and half of jie ying.

 With Bowie and Yee Chien on Yee Chien's iPad.

With Bowie on her iPad ^^

All of them are pretty connected to social networking. Tech savvy type.
Our generation nowadays, tap tap on iPhone during dinner 
instead of having real conversations with friends in reality. Lolol


From my iPhone. 

Walao so many Apple merchandise.
Macbook iPhone iPad.
But the thing I like is searching pictures for reference.
Fabric textures, models, blah! :)

Some silhouette drawing but it looked more like figure drawing for mine :/

One thing you learn is to never be contented with your work, 
because there's so many new things to learn. Sigh.

I feel bad sometimes. Inadequate :<
At school, not everyone was good at drawing.

Maybe not at first, but always sooner or later. LMAO.

I like Bowie's and Aaron's drawings.
Looks like they belong in fashion magazines :3
Interesting la, seeing other people's work.
Some like flowy, romantic style. A lot of chiffon, silk, satin- Valentino.
Some like it structured and boxy. Jackets and coats- Burberry.
Some like it with a dash of Illuminati and rockstar quirkiness. Stars and monotones.-Lady Gaga/ McQueen.

HAHAHAHA. First one I'm talking about is Bowie,
second one Yasmine, third one Scott.
Can deduce a lot from someone's drawing :3
That's the beauty of Art, it's the window to someone's mind
because it's such a pure form of self-expression.

If you do fashion for money it's business,
if you do fashion for fashion it's art.

But you can't hold up your own fashion line without money =.=
HAHHA. Havda swing both ways yoh.

Monday was going to college with Mei Yen, dropped her at Taylor's.
Sudden one cos Li Chen couldn't fetch her.

She destroyed my sleep T^T
Class was ten she thought it was eight so she came.
Every extra zzz hour is precious when you only get maximum six hours per night.
IF I'M LUCKY. Mostly it's five to four. MUST NAP EH SLEEP DEBT SO MUCH.
Texted me like six in the morning eh ma de. LOL.

But glad to see her, been a long time.
True friends cannot drift apart so easily ^^
just like true lovers cannot break up so easily owh.

Ate sushi sushi. Laughed like shit in the car. Singing and playing with webcam.

Just like ol' times :)

Wednesday, impromptu dinner at IKEA cafeteria.
Chi Cheng and Xuan just finished touching up their hair.
No proper pic eh sorry ^^

Chi Cheng got blue-black dye, nice colour for asian hair.
Natural and with extra shine. Like anime girl eh.
Not used to Chi Cheng with bangs yet.
Miss her cocker spaniel ears a bit :3

Xuan just touched up her roots. More immaculate noh.
I JELLY she can draw eyebrows. Siet Yen too.

People who look odd with their natural eyebrows
almost always look much prettier when they draw their brows.

My eyebrow is too dark to draw. 
Groomed it at Bluunis during college break at Sunway Pyramid.
Err. Break was supposed to be 15 mins but ended up taking 50 mins.
The girl la! She said five mins but ended up thirty. LOL.

But glad I got it done. So thick last time =.=
Asked her to try drawing my brows. LIKE SHIN CHAN EH.
Wiped off straight away!

Chi Cheng and Sim Kuan's trademark is their eyeliner.
Siet Yen and Xuan, eyebrows.

Mine is supposedly eye shadow.
But I lazy to put other than parties and clubbing. HAHHA.
Too bling for normal days eh. Later peepo wonder why you so fathiao ! :(
Eyeliner is popular with college girls who make up. The basic noh.

Hmm, people always judge each other.
Judge me, but don't get mad when I do the same.

If there's a worst thing a friend could do to me-
it would be simply the act of betrayal.

because. I give my faith and trust to you and you flip your middle finger to it.
Examples? You tell off my secrets. Ruin my reputation. Cause scandals. 
I hate people who fake. I mean people who fake it like they mean it.
Friends who talk bad when I'm not around then shut up when I'm there.
 But lol. I like friends who insult me in front of my face. 
Refreshing eh. Insult each other.

But of course there's a lot of difference.
And every time someone hurts you, there's a story behind it.
How they got you hurt in the process. The reason.
If you know it, maybe you won't feel so hurt.

But the problem is. We often don't know the reason.
Insecurities leads to misunderstandings and BOOM.
relationships go down.

So my rule is, in tense fights and arguments.
The limit is three days of cold war.
After that, no more silence.
 Unless it feels like they've really changed? :/
But, sometimes it's ourselves who've changed the most.

Also always value your relationships more than your ego.
But. Don't stoop down to people who don't want to give you their forgiveness
after you've laid down your swords and offered peace. Begged for forgiveness.

Okay. Talk a lot of cock onih. LOLOL.

Less than five hours of sleep left.
I don't know why I do this every night.
Night owl sickness, I'm bounded to suddenly want to do things
when the time has left. poo poo!

and ohhh my new favourite song.
Skip to 0:40 if you wanna skip the intro.
When listening to house music and music without lyrics
you have to wait until the climax hits to tell if it's a good song or not.
Sometimes you listen to a song and skip it because the beginning's not attractive
but... actually there's some real good stuff coming. Pays to be patient!

Awesome eh this song. Always bob my head to this while driving.
Or whenever I'm hearing it. Came across it searching for Tecktonik videos.
I wanna learn how to dance :3

Hmm I always thought I would dread driving, but it's actually fine for me now!
45 mins in the morning because of jam =.=
15-20 mins when going home wtf :DD lovely!
The only thing is, I feel very rushed to go back when college's up.
Miss out having lunch with college mates ://
Just scared of jam lolol. Scared and mad.

But other than that. It's nice to enjoy the flow of your wheels
and listen to new tracks on a newly burned CD.
 Ahhh. glad I have my car yoh!

The Cabriolet :D
Suits if I lived in like.. Cameron Highlands maybe. :3
Arms getting roasted eh drive everyday under tropical climate >.<

John Cooper Works :D

 Lamborghini LP640.

The colour is. dreamy. *w*

My dream car is still Mini Cooper. I still dream about it even I've got it.
Still fantasize about its curves, its big eyes, its sexy metallic red, its bubbly ass.

WHEN I've got a monthly salary of AT LEAST RM10k
then, I'll dare to dream of Lamborghini.

Aventador, Gallardo, LP640. They all look so distinctly unique.
The origami angles and sharp mold.
Waow, commands attention.

^^ Well it doesn't hurt to dream a little.

Right now it's just. Learning as much as possible at college. 
Sim Kuan says I tend to walk faster now. LOL. Rush rush eh.
I always feel like having to finish whatever I'm doing. 
Then get happy accomplishing it, pause a while and rest.
Then snap snap, I'll be like "what's next?!"

Okay. Now it's truly time to rest T^T!!!!!!

I think I'm bringing my laptop! :3
Been bringing it out more ever since that day with Mei Yen.
Because it's much lighter than my old laptop
and sometimes I want outing but I also want to rest.
When I rest I like to online, waste time.

So, wtf, bring laptop to outing so when I come home
I won't feel the itch to online and guai guai go sleep.

HAH. Guai guai go sleep.
If only it was so easy.

Okay la okay la. It's actually very easy! :3

Excited for tomorrow. Sleep sleep!

Buay peepo take care! :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012



Been a while since I've done a full-fledged post.

This one is ^^

First thing you might notice. 
New blog layout!


 Clap pls, it only happens once in a blue moon.
I'd say I change blogskins... twice a year. HHAHAHA!

Finally changed it to some blogger dynamic layout thingy.
Very clean and focuses on the posts.

But the sidebar feels so desperately empty :(
Hover over the right side for the downsized sidebar. Lol


At The Pool KL, our celebration for our beloved Gorgeous Queen <3

Nicholas Fye Fye yoh!

The Pool by day.
 The Pool by night.

With Jennie from the block! ^^

First time going The Pool, Jennie drove us there safely indeed. Used google map. Accidentally went into some condo. HAHHAHA. It was actually beside a car dealership garage thingy at Jalan Berembang. 

I am much better at giving directions than following directions. If, IF I do get lost, I feel helpless and it is trouble when Karen feels helpless. CRY FOR YOU ALSO CAN AH.

We were the second to arrive, Jin Fye's car came first. By five minutes like that ^^

With Yen Shen and Kok Leong who also followed Jennie's car.
There was also a stage where supposedly people who got tipsy enough could dance.
Jin Fye rocked that stage later that night, to Beyonce's  "Run The World"...!
Chest-popping, ass-shaking, hair-whipping. LMAO.

The girls.

A little more than twenty of us? But only five girls plus Xuan. Chi Cheng didn't make it because she had to return to her hometown, Bentong. SAME AS MY HOMETOWN ^^ Siet Yen's still at UK blehImissher.

We sat inside. Vincent booked for our tables to be beside the pool but they gave us inside. I don't know why. Err, poor them la because later on we wet their carpets. HHAHAHA.

I changed four times that night =.=

Nautical-ish bikini from Cotton On. Before that I liked wearing the red monokini 

Yep, it's nice to have a party by the pool.

But. The Pool is very expensive if you want to do a party because it's in KL and all, more for adults who are actually working! Not kids who spend parent's money T.T

The pool at the deeper end was like 2 meter. There's a walkway in the middle and underneath the "bridge" there's a lot of bars and railings for you to play ^^

Like monkeys.

Xuan came sho late! Around ten? ^^

Sho glad I didn't follow her car. HAHAHHAGAGAGA

Because I knew she would be very late.
Errrrrr. She always arrives when the party is almost ending.
She was late because she was celebrating cutie wei wei's bday ^^.
So cute. 

And thanks to Theng Loo for lending me his shirt.

Fourth and last change! Turquoise dress.

Err. During parties, always Jennie will wear red and I'll wear blue. DUNNO WHY. HAGAGGA
Orange is also my favourite colour to wear nowadays.
Something so fresh and shiny and bubbly owh.

And wait! The party hasn't ended yet-

A fire-eating performance. HEHE.

That's kingjiat on the top right and amanda on the bottom left.
And our birthday boy... on the last pic. ^^ 
YA KNOW, bday boy almost must get KO-ed.

The fire-eater asked Kingjiat to try putting the flames in his mouth.
But of course to us untrained individuals, it's just hard to override our protective instincts.
LJ said the thing was really hot.

Next was Amanda, she held the wick for the fire-eater who is also the fire-breather, to create fireball. It looked like a scene out of Rihanna's music video.

But honestly I am not sure what that guy is because he's a fire-eater a fire-breather a fire-dancer.

And the last pic is Jin Fye passing out after over-consumption of alcohol.
The last drink of Flaming Lamborghini did it.

He teared up a little (okayalot)
saying he missed us a lot.
Yeh it's true high school friends are a bit more special.

He said, "你画画很美!你的图画我全部都收着!我很想念跟你们一起玩!"

Okayokay. Kinda touching.
Hmm people cry over silly things when drunk. LOLOL

Hope our queen has had a nice birthday!
We gave him a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume set,
the dogs shared the present.

After that we went to eat dimsum for supper at Ful Lai Menjalara.
Only one something, not that late :3

Food is always great for bonding.

Ate a lot, but only RM17 each person. I LOVE MALAYSIA

This was last Wednesday, sending off our beloved Indian commander to Adelaide, Australia!
He's going to Bratford College.

I will miss his reckless driving da most.

Sim Kuan and I were kind off tired since we had college earlier that day.
But lol. Lucky not us driving.

We had our last meal with Indian at McDonalds.
His dad was very generous, treat us all!
Vinoth's family is also going to Aus with him, for a while.

Loves ^^

Shalini, Vinoth's girlfriend! Of course she came to send him off.

First time seeing her in real-life! She's so tall. SO TALL. TALLER THAN DANIEL.
They met at Perfection camp. They're those types of couples who look like they have a lot of spark to set each other alight. Like the way they hold each other's gaze, the way they hold hands.

Unmistakable! Also, look closely and you can see Chi Cheng is at the background wiping her eyes. I was standing next to her looking at Shalini give Vinoth a goodbye hug... and then she was like, "SO TOUCHING" and burst into tears. HAHAHHA. 

Because... Chi Cheng has a strong sense of empathy. It means you can imagine precisely, what someone else is going through as well- and feel their pain.

After that, went to LJ's Fifa house to talk a little about upcoming trips. 
Next weekend I'll be off to Malacca with the girls. SHO FAST!

 This one's also at Fifa house.
Vinoth's BBQ gathering. 

 Ingredients for a good party-
1. Crowd
2. Music
3. Alcohol
4. Food

This was on Friday night, before that 
Chi Cheng, Xuan, Sim Kuan and I went to Pavi.

This. Is so true.

I am the third one for now.
But honestly, compared to faicai life and busy life,
I'd rather have busy life.

All or nothing, eh?
Have to give it my all.
Mister Yen showed us works of students from Esmod Japan.
我怕怕。That's why, the rule is always finish assignments.

Monday, they give assignments to finish before Tuesday.
Tuesday, finish before Wednesday.
So on so forth. So if you miss one thing you're fucked.
You mess up the whole chain and everything piles up! T.T

But at the end of the day, I'm doing what I like
can't complain no shit bout it.
If it's something I'm not interested about? Can die. 

Now it's just painting and more painting. 
Don't know what happens come August.

Teacher's rendering of women's clothing.
Mostly it's markers, watercolours, some pencils.
A lot of shading and exclusion so the fabric doesn't look flat.

But no matter how satisfied you are
teacher will never say it's perfect.
So you learn to think that way.
But yeh, they said before.

If you're not good, it just means space for improvements.

With Bowie, another girl with tattoos in my course. HAGAGGA

Still have more to finish. No time to sleep :(

If you do it too rushed the teacher can tell!

Quick sketch while I got bored doing assignments.

Laptop used to be the mainstay of my desk but palettes and markers have taken over!
I kept asking my maid not to clean it because I'm scared I'll lose the mood to do it if she does. LOL

For me, it's hard to start doing something.
But once I start? I don't stop until I'm done.
I just don't.

Ya know Sim Kuan used to decline outings for assignments last time and I thought
not important also. can wait one mah.

But now that I'm facing the same thing? AIKS! Sacrifices have to be made. Mostly it's sleeping time. I've gotten so used to sleeping for six hours I have to force myself to nap on weekends =.=
But usually I only get around five to four hours on weekdays, that's why I need naps.

Haha, but better to complain that you have too much stuff to do 
than not having anything to do.

When I start to feel dread, 
I just remember the emptiness of having nothing to do 
during faicai life and be grateful! GRR.

For humans, the grass is always greener on the other side.
Maybe because we only see the benefits of things we do not have,
it is what spurs us to achieve more. Even not being contented can be a good thing.

Whatever I want, I will get.
Whatever I want but don't get, I will learn not to covet.

Saw Yih Wern a while last Friday :3
She came Sunway Pyramid.
Had lunch at Sakae.


Finish assignments. BUAY! ^^