Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hello. Time passes quickly when you're busy.
But if you're busy doing what you don't like, then... NO!
Slower than being free!

So it's a good thing for time to be passing quickly :)

In college, if I'm not holding a brush it'll be a marker
if it's not a marker, it's a pencil
but never, never a textbook.

LMAO. I think I've not read more than three pages worth of things
in this two weeks of college.

A lot of colouring, learning how to control your brushstrokes.
The one on top is a bad example, can see the light colours in between.
You have to re-do until it's perfect.

It's like... you get frustrated when you do it ugly,
but when you do it pretty... it's pretty satisfying.

Everytime after college, hands will be covered in shades of black, red, blue.
Whatever paint I'm using. Hazard to clothes weyh!
I like to snack in class. And listen to iPod. HOHO.

LOL. Been a long time I didn't get to do grocery shopping with papa.
Papa not there means cannot buy too much. 
Have to use pocket money :((

HAHAHHA. So I got too excited that day at Isetan. 

Last Sunday at KLCC.
I shall never go hungry again!
Errr. Five hundred bucks for the groceries. 

I sit at the table nearest to the inside of the room.
Four to six students occupy three tables.
The table at the most outside is mostly latecomers.
Cos all the seats taken. lol.

I like sitting nearer to the inside of the room because the sun is too shiny :3
The gallery has glass doors, with huge curtains.
Passer-by are always curious and peeking into the glass doors. LMAO.
Can see my course mates put their heart into doing what they do,
because after all this is what they signed up for.
I never bothered with homework last time,
but I actually took out and did my assignments last night!

While skyping with Xuan and Sim Kuan. 
LMAO. Look at my moustache,dayumm.

They bo diao me, busy with their own thing :( HHAHAHA
Sim Kuan has been up in her ass in textbooks recently,
get kinda PMS while studying. Concentrate very hard. 
Stress and under pressure! I think my third year will be most stress,
finish own collection and stuff! Sim Kuan is just scared because she 
doesn't wants to retake.

Xuan was busy playing Tap Sonic =.=!
She has exam the next day but she didn't bother studying.
"Engrand only woh" LMAO. She tried reading computer studies I think.
The way she looked at the book... was like trying to decipher an Egyptian scroll.

Tuesday afternoon after college was impromptu swimming session at the condo.
Chi Cheng came to my house a while first since she was fetching her sis. 
BSD sho strategic yoh! ^^

Gwenllian's photo, swim at the condo with LJ, Daniel, Xuan, Chi Cheng and Chi Lam.
Chi Lam quite ON ah, suddenly say swimming then jom saja. Postponed her tuition sumore lol.
Both of them borrowed my clothes, ma de, I'm like their extra wardrobe. LMAO.
But I don't mind, if not they can't swim. My house is like the pitstop.

Siet Yen hadn't return my clothes. LMAO
Like one month already? HAHHAHA. That time after she used it I said
 I'll wash it, she said nevermind she'll bring back home and wash. Wash until gone gone dy!

Sim Kuan couldn't make it because she was cramming for exams, but she napped in the end. Misplaced sleeping hours yoh. Same thing for me, sleep like four or six hours everyday.
Fark, sleep enough when I have to wake up six o croc. =.=!
But end early, I'll go home nap nap! ^^

I went swimming because I wanted to exercise and long time didn't hang out with the dogs.
Well when LJ was in Taiwan we kept saying we'll hang out after he comes back.
Can't do empty talk yoh!

After that we went to eat at JAN JAN THAI RESTO! 
Just at Menjalara. Very nice, ordered a lot. YUMS.
No need to eat maid's cooking for dinner ^^v

Pandan chicken! Pineapple rice! And some fish and prawn and vege.
YUMMY OH. Bill was RM100, looks like a lot but divide it by four, only RM25 per person hoho.
Chi Cheng and Chi Lam had to go back home early.

Went to Tesco a while after that for Gwenllian to fix iPad screen protector.
Good lah, she always bully my Wei Wei one. HAHAHHA

Gwenllian's driving. WAH. Sit in her car, feel dizzy.
Her pattern is like Chi Cheng. Press on both brake and accelerator pedals last-minute and hard. FUCK. They brake so hard your head will bob in front. MA DE. 
Stomach contents also bob around.

But okay at least not boring la ^^ LMAO. Always scream.
Really scared they kiss! Gwenllian kiss stationary objects while turning her vehicle.
Chi Cheng's one is hit other moving vehicles, because she thinks she is queen of the road. 

Err. Sim Kuan's driving would be the one I like most 
because she doesn't make me dizzy. LMAO. Make me scared yes, but not really dizzy.
But Gwenllian and Chi Cheng new drivers. I drive very rough too.

Mei Yen one is too slow, cannot stand weyh. Feel like helping her to press the accelerator. 
!!!! Cars are for racing !

 Camwhore while waiting for traffic lights.
Slave to needs of transport everyday. !!! 
One and a half hour spent on transportation everyday !!!
Zi bay betul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, my one is middle jam la. Seven go college. Come back around one to four. 
Eventho college ends at one, a lot of the times havda stayback to finish assignments.
I'm scared if I take home to complete I'll forget =.=
Or perhaps procrastinate until too late. Lazy peepo pattern.
Cannot cannot! I am hardworking girl naw! ^^

No jam twenty minutes can reach. Chi Cheng use Subang way, she said no jam.
Zi bay, I jelly. But I don't know how to use that way. LMAO.

Saturday was 1U with the girls, short outing only.
Xuan and Vinnie were the ones who had shopping mood,
but in the end Jennie shopped at Kitschen too.
Mega sale now yoh, the time to do your shopping.

Gah, my shopping mood was few weeks ago.

Gwenllian brought her camera ^^
But I think she'll prolly take a while to upload, pentium owh. ^^

Vinnie also came, friend of Rysher and girlfriend of Steven.
Also sampat sampat kind.

 With the Jennie. 
Wearing our sunnies and such, we look pretty much the same
as we did a year ago :3

Our food, picha stolen from Jennie's blog.

But she damn lazy owh, printscreen already didn't crop. :3
Stupid instagram, can't save pictures from Insta if you're on the computer now.

But honestly, Instagram is my favourite iPhone app ^^
Facebook and Twitter, can use on computer.
I check social-networking sites a lot.
It's like.. an addiction.

I got so jittery when my iPhone got stolen and I had to use BB.
BB is alright, just that, that BB had no data plan.

And oh photos taken at college. Afraid I'll forget to post them.

Ern Xin? I think?!??! Chinese names very hard to remember >.<
Her brother studies at The One too, Digital Animation.
Much more tiring than us!

Sho good she doesn't have to buy art supplies, can get from her bro!
Since her bro uses computer more! :3

This is Chloe Wong!

HAHAHA JK BRO. This is Yee Chien, she really looks like Chloe. 
Can be twin sisters weyh. The chin the eyes the lips .... 

Quite the sampat kind, a bit yehdiu also. !@#$%
She says she read my blog, HI! if you're reading ^^
Sit beside her mostly.

Oh yeh, asked the lecturer about timetable after August. 
THANK HEAVENS. She said my class will not end more than 3.30PM.
REJOICE! But don't get too happy.. haven't seen the real thing :3

HOHOHOHO. 3.30 not a bad time. Four or five yes.
Four is not that late but I know I need like an hour extra to stayback.
Five hour hailat jam time owh.


 HAHHA WTF. So many popped up on my feed today. 
Made me laugh. And I seldom laugh at pictures :D

Thor thor lan yeh. Thor 9 yu. LMAO.
Ja-thor also. Cantonese, malay, engrand.
Wah, plenty of Thor names to play with in Malaysia.



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