Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Between teenage hormones and sleepless nights
Trusting the wrong people and vying for the wrong things.

When the show has ended and you’re shouting for an encore-
Foolishly forgetting no one was there to listen.

Between fake smiles and gritted teeth
Looking past the veneer of our masks
And the truth was ugly
But beautiful because it was real.

People who’ve talked bad about me,
I really wished you’d do it in front of my face
and see if you feel ashamed.

It’s easy to talk bad about others,
but you’d cower in shame
if I even began to tell you what’s wrong with you.

Asking for a 360 degree turn
But you never wonder
If I even want to change directions.

Why does everyone expect me to fit into a cookie-cutter personality?

Am I supposed to shut my mouth because the person beside me’s not talking.
Am I supposed to act like nothing’s happen because you’re pretending to?

You say yes, I say no.
We all have our reasons to justify ourselves.


When you’ve soared to the highest
Gravity drags you down when you fail to pave a way,
A way to go even higher.

Stucked in a dark tunnel,
Crawling to see a glimpse of light.

Suppose the bad things in life makes the good things in life, better.
And God will never give us more than we can take.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t sit down and complain,
Lay under our covers and cry.

Suppose everyone has their stormy days when the lemons are just too sour.
When will they find the sweetness in an endless sea of sour?

When and where, the waves fail to wash away the prints of yesterday
Missing it just enough, to have the sore reminders stay untouched


Coming near just enough, to hear the crashes ebb and fade
Like the glory of yesterday.

The truth is-
the skies has never been as tarnished,
The night never darker.

Two people who could’ve made each other happy
End up making each other hurt the most.

I don’t know why I’ve gotten on a ride
On a train that would’ve derailed.

You were the one who flew off the tracks
And I wouldn’t know if I were the one who made you do it

So it’s trying to solve a problem
To an equation that doesn’t exist.
A question mark; eternally present.
A closure- eternally yearning.

I don’t regret how things started
I regret how things ended.

The truth is raw,
The truth is naked.

Listen it here
In the voice of half-truths and whispers.


Put the recording tape of a long lost past

“Who’s this?” you may ask,
before realizing in a heartbeat
that the person in the conversation
was you.

What may sound true to you today
May not apply to you tomorrow.

A deep cut may leave scars,
And the pain may be remembered
But the relief lies in not feeling the actual tinge of pain.

That’s the beauty of healing.

Look at a picture, 
if you want to find beauty,
You will find it.

If you want to find imperfections,
You bloody will too.


Now the song has ended
It’s time to play the next track.

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