Monday, 2 July 2012

First day of college :D

This was... Friday? :3

Girl's outing, 1U. I love going out with them.
Haolian together. Dress up, shop shop, take picha.
Simple materialistic life. HAHAHHAHA

Everyone wore so colourful that day.
Nice nice owh, I love colours.
COME ON I'd rather you blind me with 'em brighties 
than bore me with 'em dulltards.

Mega Sales everywhere.
LaSenza! 3 Cotton Bras for RM135! 
Already memorized. And 5 panties for RM95.
HAHHA WTF I actually remember stuff I receive from e-mail.
Clothes, what to do. Topshop, 50% and 30% here and there. :3

Glad to have my favourite brown heels back!
Was getting rotten at Siet Yen's house. Left em while carpooling :(
Four and a half inch and still comfortable.
Stylish and comfy, best of both worlds yoh.
Charles & Keith ^^

Red green blue purple

Chi Cheng's err. Friend from Chong Hwa ^^

After that went DPC a while. Rakuzen with da mosquito. And then head over to Garfield's house. 

His plan was to drink at Athena, Pavilion. With KJ and the dogs.
But the plan a bit rosak, very rushed and scattered LMAO.

But everyone made it one piece in the end.
Poor thing Jennie car battery kaput! <3 
Actually my car steering has also gone a bit haywire.
Maybe cos I kept disengaging the bumper thus making some lubricant leak.

Who went that night hmm Shao Yang, Qi Yao, Xian Jiong, King Jiat, Theng Loo, Ding, Vinoth, Daniel, Xuan, Rysher, Sim Kuan and I. Ordered three beer towers, but I didn't drink even half a glass. Be decoration only doh! They all smoke a lot outside, didn't go club but smell like it :3

Was supposed to go G6 but didn't happen- for good also. Time to retire from clubbing- half la. College starting and all. Settle down yoh! ^^ 

 And then after that, the usual family dinner at The Curve. Was supposed to go Stage, but realized needa book tables. HAHHAHA potong stim weyh. Shiga Lin was due that night. From the ever accurate movie about clubbing life- 喜爱夜蒲。Lan Kwai Fong yoh, clubbing district of Hong Kong.

Hmm. I like going places as in making appearances. Like everyone's there. And I can just slip in. No need to worry about booking tables and ordering blablabla ^^

Sunday was going to KLCC, didn't buy much except Art supplies. Made three separate trips and spent about RM300 on 'em. But good la, can use for very long time and no need to buy books :D

Today is also first day of college, finally finally!!

Wore this dress to college. Err.
Always better to overdress than to underdress if you're not sure of the dress code.
I like throwing on dresses, because it's in the morning.
No need to rack my brains to find perfect match ^^

But tomorrow I wanna try wearing shorts :(
Because really f**king hot!!! Especially when walking to different blocks.
And yesh yesh. Wore five inches to college, was the only one wearing heels.

I think it's friend problem. Especially Sim Kuan. 
Wear them all the time until you feel short without it. LMAO.

Didn't take much pictures today- ya know, first day.
Can't show haolian pattern too early, later they think I too sohai
don't wanna make friends with me :(

HAHAHAHHA. But I can type out today's experience ^^

My class consists of 16 people, if I'm correct. :D
Two guys, one of them is the winner of the fashion competition thingy.
Out of the 10 people who won, he was the only one who enrolled.
Because. Eventhough the scholarship prize is RM10k, the whole course is farking RM108k.
So it's 10% discount on a 100k price tag :/

But- first prize is RM60k. :)

Err. I know one girl is from Johor Bahru and she stays at a house with eight roommates. Yi Qian ah. Didn't really get her name. T.T Most of them gave me their chinese name, VERY THE HARD TO REMEMBER OWH. Remembering faces easy shit la ^^

Another one is from Ipoh, but she's moved to PJ to study. Went to PJCAD before, 19 years old this year. Both of them sho independent. She's called Elaine if I'm not wrong. Doesn't speak chinese much, thin too. Reminds me of Jennie from da block ^^ Good sense of style, very mature. She was the only one whose dressing appealed to me. LMAO. Topshop top, black blazer. Saw her loafers looked oddly familiar, the gold bamboo buckles reminiscent of Gucci. Asked her from where. BINGO! GUCCI AH!


Err. Another one is called Jie Ying. Her boyfriend's studying in UK. Another one lives very near to The One. Fragging walking distance near. T.T Those who live in PJ/Shah Alam area say, "YOU LIVE SO FAR" when I tell them I live near Kepong. HAGAGAG

Another duo, a guy and a girl- both of them from SMK Kepong Baru last time. Pshhh go anywhere also got KB students. HAHAHA! Esther and Scott. Wah! I remember their names ^^ They carpool. Scott lives in the same row that Xuan's house sits. LMAO. Can go stalk him already.

Only four people drives to school, including me. WAH! SHO LITTLE. Others so nice T.T Walk to school, mama fetch, daddy fetch... !@#$%^&* But! Driving or living in hostel, I'd rather drive! Instant yes to driving! I love home and I love where I'm living. Close to friends yoh!

Another one is the only Malay girl in the class, she parked right beside me in the morning! ^^ Umm. Fuck. Forgot her name. Tomorrow ask again! ^^ Her clothes reminds me of Zara a lot. Reminds me of Sara in a way. But more toned down ^^

Okay. I don't know if they'll read this or not. Added few of them on FB already. Dafuq, no need to panic when I'm clueless with lessons ^^ Okay sounds very stalker but I'm writing down so I'll remember what I know about them.

Whole day was about drawing, I think Art Block will be my new best friend. Lugged around this huge black canvas bag that can fit ten Prada bags. Inside? Paint palette, gouache, poster colours, water colours, pencil colours, white pastel, charcoal, masking tape, kraft paper, sketching board, layout pad, art block, at least ten brushes and at least seven pens, eight copic markers, water tumbler................ YOU KNOW HOW FARKING MANY THINGS ANOH!!

But okay, I diam. The instructor said in Paris the students had to lug around their domestic machines. SEWING MACHINES. Like those Pilots with their mini carrier luggage. All the way through subway.

Oh yeah. In the morning the traffic was okay! ^^ HEHE. Everything went better than expected. But the thing is I have to wake up 6.30AM EVERY MORNING. But! Wake up early leave early yoh ! <3 1PM finish class hehehehehehe. On Friday's it's until 11AM. 

Got rushed in the morning going to McD drivethru. Almost bang a car when he braked to U-turn. NO SIGNAL LEH BOI. Lucky I swerved into another lane in time, and lucky lucky lucky no car was in that lane. HALLELUJAH! I WILL NEVER BANG MY CAR! NONONONON MINI COOPER NOT FOR BANGING YOH!

Err. Breakfast on the way is a must. So early, and so free when driving. One hand hold steering, keep my car all the way in the fast lane. Another hand hold burger or popiah or whatever nom noms. HEE.
Coming home is quicker than going college.

Very happy I didn't get Monday blues today yoh. That soham Jennie only slept for three hours no wonder she'll PMS HAGAGGA. But today she didn't :3 I slept for almost six hours, enough enough. Won't get PMS. But- come home very tired. Wanna do something productive but the bed always proves to be more seductive...

And lucky lucky didn't late yoh. Err. I fell down coming down from my car. HAHAHAHA. Lucky my car door block me, no one see my sohai trip. But honestly my face damn thick. Super shameless. ^^ AND WALANEH. First time I saw the parking spots sho empty! Miracle! Early riser gets all!

Two drawing sessions for today. This is called Pre-Art course, until August. After that I dunno timetable will change anot? :( But first day very relaxed! :D The instructor just ask us to draw what we think is fashion. He gives a lot of constructive criticism. Says when you are sad and frustrated it is good, because you'll be desperate to improve yourself.

But ma de. I'm more to carefree and happy. Lazy because I'm easily contented. I think the driven artists are those who are really depressing, always see room for perfection. The reason they are never happy is the reason their work keeps improving. BUT WTF. I like what I do, I don't get depressed.

And LMAO. Even the toilet has art. Some drawings students prolly sketched while pooping. Still masterpieces. Yesh yesh loh famous for Art students. TOA= tons of assignments. 

After that was going to another block for basic still-life drawing. Measuring heights and widths of objects with your pencil and arms straight out. Err. A lot like... mathematics and geometrics. But they weren't too strict first time around. That class, mixed with other seniors. Guys mostly. Also saw Reynard! I remember people always said he drew well!

Err. I keep finishing the drawings too fast. It's like I want to go slower along the way and add more details and depth, but I can't. I like fast. ZI BAY. Allocated time one hour plus, I'll finish it in twenty minutes. And I don't like doing nothing. Bring storybook? :( LOLOL. But can listen to iPod also. BUT MA DE. Class not even twenty people, hard to curi tulang!!! Not like Taylors T.T
And can't skip school too. Will get warning letter. Minimum attendance, 70%

After college it was still early, 12.40 liddat boleh pergi sudah! ^^ Went to have lunch with college mates, not bad not bad. First day already have lunch together ^^ Ate at Kim Gary. Seven of us went? Charles from Taylors came to visit.

Owh I miss high school friends. I don't know why but they always feel like the original. Jennie Xuan Chi Cheng Siet Yen :3 Miss them owh. The dogs also. Daniel Vinoth King Jiat Shao Yang Vincent Weng Hock Ping Kuang Theng Loo Xian Jiong Rysher Qi Yao ^^

But college is so far sho good :D Must find someone to haolian with me eh ma der. 
Happy that college finish early. But fuck fuck owh! Have to sleep early!

6 o'croc used to be the time I sleep.
Now it'll be the time I wake up! :3

Okay okay. 6.30. Midnight is my yearning wife, calling me to sleep. 
That's all for today. Miss you peeps!


XOXO ^^v

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