Saturday, 7 July 2012

First week

Photo above irrelevant
except you know now 

I'm too busy with college to even camwhore properly.
so, recycle old photos ^^

First week of college making me a zombie.
Not enough sleep, not enough nutrients, not enough exercise.

Takes a bit to get used to,
waking up so damn early in the morning.
farging SIX o' croc in the morning.

Have to drive and eat my breakfast with half a hand T.T
so my breakfast is always some kind of bread.
Usually, Sausage McMuffin. AIYER AIYER

Needa stock up on sushi and fruits :/

HA! ^^ Saw Siet Yen and Qi Yao twice, Xuan once.
So good they study in Taylor's- super near!
Can come Sunway Pyramid to visit. :3

Sushi as always,
Tamago Mentai is Zanmai's trademark.

Siet Yen talked about wanting to switch courses and I thought she was kidding
seems like she's pretty serious thou :3

The next day she asked about what to bring when registering and all that. LMAO.
Listen and see first, because switching courses is a big deal ^^

Okay so far haven't tried taking more than forty-minutes to go/come back from college.
That's the good part of waking early and ending early.
But. I'm sho afraid of August :((

Life-drawing class on Wednesday- pretty interesting.
A life model came. A pretty tall girl from HELP.
Drew her with charcoal, pencils, ink. 
Free media.

Other than that, a lot of colour swatches painting.
Finding tones and shades in between,
so you know how to control
mixing the colours.

Yep yep, practise makes perfect.

I feel happy doing it, I don't feel like I'm wasting my time.
Sitting and listening to someone explain to economics and shit, oh dear yes.
Painting and fashion feels much more natural :)

Listen to iPod while drawing and the time flies.

My assignment was to find ten pictures of models posing- five bad, five good and why.
The teacher also asked us to observe, really look at the things around us.
What makes someone beautiful. What makes someone ugly. And, why?

Okay okay. Friday was my piano exam. The grade eight one.
I started piano when I was fifteen. I thought it was too late,
but let me tell you that "now" will never be too late for anything.

I remember I used to be really passionate, 
looking up songs everywhere 
and printing piano sheets.

Everyday after school I would be playing the piano, at least one hour.
Once in the blue moon when I was really into it, I could do five hours.

Sitting there, drilling the notes.
I started faltering when I started learning driving.
My evenings after school replaced with driving lessons,
and after I got my license of course I went out a lot.

Dressing up became more fun. Playing the piano felt like a lot of work
and I was really passionate previously because I felt happy
conquering something I thought was mystic.

And then I found out how to play it, and it wasn't so mystical.
I lost my touch.

I see people expressing themselves through the notes of the piano keys 
and I thought I would never be able to do that.
But I did, and got blase of it.

Why? Why do we never appreciate the things we have?

So anyway, this year I've been wanting to stop my piano lessons really.
I just didn't have the heart for it anymore :( painting, yes yes.
Fashion? Yes yes.

But it was good, to know the feeling of playing the piano with expression.

OKAY? Okay ^^ blabbering crap owh.

After that I walked from Istana Hotel where I had my exam 
to Pavilion. According to google map it's about one km away, sap sap sui.

Met up with Xuan and Vinnie. Vinnie is Rysher's friend.
Also Steven Tan's girlfriend.

She was friendly, with sampat potential. Open-minded type too, can tell. :3

Was supposed to meet the dogs around five in the afternoon, but couldn't make it.
Stupid fucking jam in KL for two hours, because of the rain and shit.   
Xuan was driving and she was okay, as in better than Jennie with handling the jam ^^
Jennie here sure scold babi sial asshole motherfucker all those HAGAGGA

Xuan soham one, see chocolate truck beside her scream she wanted choco.
A guy cut her she took picha of the car and insulted him on twitter. LMAO.

And then we soham one, got bored of the jam and rushed out while Xuan was driving
to buy snacks nearby. OH YEH BOUGHT MOONCAKE. 
Simply grabbed, ten bucks for one!!!!!!!!!!

Bought already rushed back to Xuan's car while she was stuck in the jam. 
WTF, move a bit only. That time, walking would be around 10x quicker than driving. =.=

SOHAM BETUL KL!!!!!!!! But Jennie suit KL driving, rough enough.
Xuan is not that vicious yet, perhaps also why she is more patient.

Okay. So sad didn't get to meet the dogs. Next time "bar".
As King Jiat would always add. LMAO.
He's like the assistant, always inform us of outings.
Send the same text to three of us ^^ HAGAGGA




Only Saturday and Sunday can catch up on sleep :'( wo hen shang xin.

Okay okay diam. ^^ Iz good enough I got a nice college nice friends nice home nice laptop nice car blablabalbalbal



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