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Been a while since I've done a full-fledged post.

This one is ^^

First thing you might notice. 
New blog layout!


 Clap pls, it only happens once in a blue moon.
I'd say I change blogskins... twice a year. HHAHAHA!

Finally changed it to some blogger dynamic layout thingy.
Very clean and focuses on the posts.

But the sidebar feels so desperately empty :(
Hover over the right side for the downsized sidebar. Lol


At The Pool KL, our celebration for our beloved Gorgeous Queen <3

Nicholas Fye Fye yoh!

The Pool by day.
 The Pool by night.

With Jennie from the block! ^^

First time going The Pool, Jennie drove us there safely indeed. Used google map. Accidentally went into some condo. HAHHAHA. It was actually beside a car dealership garage thingy at Jalan Berembang. 

I am much better at giving directions than following directions. If, IF I do get lost, I feel helpless and it is trouble when Karen feels helpless. CRY FOR YOU ALSO CAN AH.

We were the second to arrive, Jin Fye's car came first. By five minutes like that ^^

With Yen Shen and Kok Leong who also followed Jennie's car.
There was also a stage where supposedly people who got tipsy enough could dance.
Jin Fye rocked that stage later that night, to Beyonce's  "Run The World"...!
Chest-popping, ass-shaking, hair-whipping. LMAO.

The girls.

A little more than twenty of us? But only five girls plus Xuan. Chi Cheng didn't make it because she had to return to her hometown, Bentong. SAME AS MY HOMETOWN ^^ Siet Yen's still at UK blehImissher.

We sat inside. Vincent booked for our tables to be beside the pool but they gave us inside. I don't know why. Err, poor them la because later on we wet their carpets. HHAHAHA.

I changed four times that night =.=

Nautical-ish bikini from Cotton On. Before that I liked wearing the red monokini 

Yep, it's nice to have a party by the pool.

But. The Pool is very expensive if you want to do a party because it's in KL and all, more for adults who are actually working! Not kids who spend parent's money T.T

The pool at the deeper end was like 2 meter. There's a walkway in the middle and underneath the "bridge" there's a lot of bars and railings for you to play ^^

Like monkeys.

Xuan came sho late! Around ten? ^^

Sho glad I didn't follow her car. HAHAHHAGAGAGA

Because I knew she would be very late.
Errrrrr. She always arrives when the party is almost ending.
She was late because she was celebrating cutie wei wei's bday ^^.
So cute. 

And thanks to Theng Loo for lending me his shirt.

Fourth and last change! Turquoise dress.

Err. During parties, always Jennie will wear red and I'll wear blue. DUNNO WHY. HAGAGGA
Orange is also my favourite colour to wear nowadays.
Something so fresh and shiny and bubbly owh.

And wait! The party hasn't ended yet-

A fire-eating performance. HEHE.

That's kingjiat on the top right and amanda on the bottom left.
And our birthday boy... on the last pic. ^^ 
YA KNOW, bday boy almost must get KO-ed.

The fire-eater asked Kingjiat to try putting the flames in his mouth.
But of course to us untrained individuals, it's just hard to override our protective instincts.
LJ said the thing was really hot.

Next was Amanda, she held the wick for the fire-eater who is also the fire-breather, to create fireball. It looked like a scene out of Rihanna's music video.

But honestly I am not sure what that guy is because he's a fire-eater a fire-breather a fire-dancer.

And the last pic is Jin Fye passing out after over-consumption of alcohol.
The last drink of Flaming Lamborghini did it.

He teared up a little (okayalot)
saying he missed us a lot.
Yeh it's true high school friends are a bit more special.

He said, "你画画很美!你的图画我全部都收着!我很想念跟你们一起玩!"

Okayokay. Kinda touching.
Hmm people cry over silly things when drunk. LOLOL

Hope our queen has had a nice birthday!
We gave him a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume set,
the dogs shared the present.

After that we went to eat dimsum for supper at Ful Lai Menjalara.
Only one something, not that late :3

Food is always great for bonding.

Ate a lot, but only RM17 each person. I LOVE MALAYSIA

This was last Wednesday, sending off our beloved Indian commander to Adelaide, Australia!
He's going to Bratford College.

I will miss his reckless driving da most.

Sim Kuan and I were kind off tired since we had college earlier that day.
But lol. Lucky not us driving.

We had our last meal with Indian at McDonalds.
His dad was very generous, treat us all!
Vinoth's family is also going to Aus with him, for a while.

Loves ^^

Shalini, Vinoth's girlfriend! Of course she came to send him off.

First time seeing her in real-life! She's so tall. SO TALL. TALLER THAN DANIEL.
They met at Perfection camp. They're those types of couples who look like they have a lot of spark to set each other alight. Like the way they hold each other's gaze, the way they hold hands.

Unmistakable! Also, look closely and you can see Chi Cheng is at the background wiping her eyes. I was standing next to her looking at Shalini give Vinoth a goodbye hug... and then she was like, "SO TOUCHING" and burst into tears. HAHAHHA. 

Because... Chi Cheng has a strong sense of empathy. It means you can imagine precisely, what someone else is going through as well- and feel their pain.

After that, went to LJ's Fifa house to talk a little about upcoming trips. 
Next weekend I'll be off to Malacca with the girls. SHO FAST!

 This one's also at Fifa house.
Vinoth's BBQ gathering. 

 Ingredients for a good party-
1. Crowd
2. Music
3. Alcohol
4. Food

This was on Friday night, before that 
Chi Cheng, Xuan, Sim Kuan and I went to Pavi.

This. Is so true.

I am the third one for now.
But honestly, compared to faicai life and busy life,
I'd rather have busy life.

All or nothing, eh?
Have to give it my all.
Mister Yen showed us works of students from Esmod Japan.
我怕怕。That's why, the rule is always finish assignments.

Monday, they give assignments to finish before Tuesday.
Tuesday, finish before Wednesday.
So on so forth. So if you miss one thing you're fucked.
You mess up the whole chain and everything piles up! T.T

But at the end of the day, I'm doing what I like
can't complain no shit bout it.
If it's something I'm not interested about? Can die. 

Now it's just painting and more painting. 
Don't know what happens come August.

Teacher's rendering of women's clothing.
Mostly it's markers, watercolours, some pencils.
A lot of shading and exclusion so the fabric doesn't look flat.

But no matter how satisfied you are
teacher will never say it's perfect.
So you learn to think that way.
But yeh, they said before.

If you're not good, it just means space for improvements.

With Bowie, another girl with tattoos in my course. HAGAGGA

Still have more to finish. No time to sleep :(

If you do it too rushed the teacher can tell!

Quick sketch while I got bored doing assignments.

Laptop used to be the mainstay of my desk but palettes and markers have taken over!
I kept asking my maid not to clean it because I'm scared I'll lose the mood to do it if she does. LOL

For me, it's hard to start doing something.
But once I start? I don't stop until I'm done.
I just don't.

Ya know Sim Kuan used to decline outings for assignments last time and I thought
not important also. can wait one mah.

But now that I'm facing the same thing? AIKS! Sacrifices have to be made. Mostly it's sleeping time. I've gotten so used to sleeping for six hours I have to force myself to nap on weekends =.=
But usually I only get around five to four hours on weekdays, that's why I need naps.

Haha, but better to complain that you have too much stuff to do 
than not having anything to do.

When I start to feel dread, 
I just remember the emptiness of having nothing to do 
during faicai life and be grateful! GRR.

For humans, the grass is always greener on the other side.
Maybe because we only see the benefits of things we do not have,
it is what spurs us to achieve more. Even not being contented can be a good thing.

Whatever I want, I will get.
Whatever I want but don't get, I will learn not to covet.

Saw Yih Wern a while last Friday :3
She came Sunway Pyramid.
Had lunch at Sakae.


Finish assignments. BUAY! ^^

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