Monday, 13 August 2012


HELLO! It's Monday, but no Monday blues. 
Monday is the latest I get to wake up, at 10AM.

Photo above taken on last Sunday
Times Square with Sim Kuan, Xuan, Chi Cheng and Chi Lam.

Xuan is the mimi momo girl of our group.
She declared she would be punctual tomorrow on twitter the night before,
set the croc at 12 pm.

We have new record.
Usual is one hour delay. 
But because it was KL and heavy duty car-pool, 
Three hour delay. Lollll.
 Poor thang, she had to drive so far. :3
Thanks to Xuan for driving!

 Went Times Square, to visit Room8008. A very famous online blogshop
now with their own outlet. 

New renovation so nice! But it looks different in real life,
less cutesy because those shelves would be filled with clothes.
HAIYOYO. I think it's really nice to have your own shop.

I play Neopets and enjoy shopkeeping the most.
Eh actually now I still play. Stock market. 

Parked at Pavilion because everyone was dying for food,
our resto was Ichiban Boshi at Pavi. Ordered a lil too much.
Too tired because too hungry, then later too tired because too full.

And then walked to Times Square, the distance feels bloody further 
because of my wedges. Stilettos? Can die.
But. Sure buy slippers to avoid dying. RM10 RM10!

I like walking around in KL though, because you can hop to different malls.
Not like in PJ or Kepong =.= You wanna hop malls by walking? 
Bang wall better!


After that, went home already. To avoid jam and Sim Kuan and I
had to be home for family dinner. So sorry oh oh!

 At night as usual, asked my dad where we're going to eat and he answered with:
"Where else?"

Where else means... The Curve again. HAHHA!
But I'm not complaining. I like eating in shopping malls.
I hate eating at Chinese resto, those kopitiam style. 
But I don't mind if you bring me to Pasar Malam after that :}


 SASA having clearance sale, only for the one at Cineleisure.

Read My Lips lipstick from The Balm.
Original price was RM55? RM59? But. Their price? RM25 WTF!!!
Grabbed the reddest one, third from left. 
 Honestly eh come to think of it I don't have any lipsticks only lipgloss.
HAHHAA. So poor 

Twitter dp! Bokeh hai


 Sunday, stayed home. No shopping .
Aiyo, when something's gone only you'll know how to miss it.

Spent my time practising drawing instead.
Still looks amateur-ish, must improve more and more!

If it's bad make it good,
if it's good make it better.
Re-do, re-do, re-do!

 Monday's class, still-life drawing.
Not my forte.

I can draw an eight-head figure in two minutes,
but I could take an hour to colour an apple.


Sometimes when you do things- you don't have a good start
and you can't pick it up during the process.
That's when I put everything down and say
"no inspiration for today!".


Got distracted. Scott too, because he was hungry.
So guess what happen...

wait for it....




 LOLLLLLL. I was talking to Scott in front of Yee Chien.
And then Yee Chien noticed I kept posing even while I was just talking.
I was like, "ah reallyyyy?" and then started talking about poses.
I asked Scott what his trademark pose was.

HAHAHAHH! He taught me this.
The hunchback. Or the turkey.

This is mine, the "Z" pose.
Because the arms and legs from the angles of Z! ^^
Picture colour looks a bit burnt thou :3

Yee Chien likes taking pictures and editing them.
Scott likes posing. I like imitating and taking pics
to remember outfits. lmao ^^

thx to yee chien for the pics and scott for posing. HAHA!
scott can compete with jinfye eh posing =.=



I want a high-profile, glamorous sort of career.
YA KNOW. Those New York successful women in movies.
Chauffeured in a white Bentley, and peepo opening car doors in white gloves.
Cinching business deals over Hi-Tea at Hotels.
Coming to office like you own the place in Louboutins that gives clickacty tock warnings 
a la Devil Wears Prada.
Front row during fashion weeks, checking out other designers.
And then rushing to prepare your own show. Directing your photoshoot.

HAIYO. That is my dream. 
You know when you want something badly 
and it's like your mind is headed to that direction.
It's where I wanna go.


I dream, I dream.

Someone once said. If you really want something,
grab it with your teeth like a bulldog and defend it like 
your life depends on it. I think my mum. LMAO

I think it's important to have an ambition.
Well, not even twenty. Have to think a lot for the future.

But. Success never comes without sacrifices.
People with high positions are always potrayed as lonely and stressed
behind their successful businessmen facade.
 Don't know, I'll see what happens ^^

 Have the dream life, be a workaholic. Until I am forty maybe?
Establish a company. Reap the efforts and leave the rest to the younger generations.
But for now, for now. I am the younger generation.

Youth is a precious thing.
So make good use of it! ;)

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