Friday, 24 August 2012


Hello hello, tis post quite a lengthy one.

This was on Wednesday, I think?
Buddies, they go away for few days but it feels like a year.
HAHAH! Sim Kuan got back from Koh Samui.
Still so fair, =.=!

Had sushi lunch at 1U's Zanmai to satisfy her sushi cravings.

DPC with Xuan after that, was supposed to jog.
But iLazy. Typical me, all or nothing.

Lazy means walk like a fat pooh bear,
not lazy means run non-stop for you :3

Meet up with SY for a while, my long-lost zi mui T.T
HAHAHHA! At Coffee Bean, he stalked a couple one or two tables away.
Apparently they were arguing and the boyfriend wanted to break up.
And then he just left, leaving the girl alone.


Chi Cheng was also there, with her cousins. 
The poodle so cuteeeeeee .
I think I need a dog to handle my anger issues. HAHAH
Having a dog is calming, lowers your blood pressure when you pet it.
Soothing eh. I don't lie. At least that's what I felt when I cuddled Chuckie.

But, I'll see how when my real course commence, see how tiring I'll be. 


The famous eight girls of Form Five also dropped by.
HAAGAGGA. They were at 1U before that too.
Corinne was MIA, Jasmine came later.

Sat at Fitou for a while. One or two hours?
Chit chat. HEHE. Chloe damn cute.
The way she swears.
Is not even rude.

HOW CAN!? I'm the opposite,
can make sushi names sound like swear words.

Random Batman.

HAHAHA! Cute anoh!?

Stumbled upon it on Tumblr.
Ding was dancing this shit the other day at BeerFact.
Teaching others to dance too heeeee

And more random things:

Found this book of runway compilations.
I like sketching from them, and I mean sketching.
Like 15 mins sketch, black & white.

I find it... HARD. To draw the same thing for few hours.
I don't like to colourrrr :x

Camwhore shots...

Current FB profile picha, this minty green Zara top 
that I realised was too big when I got home and tried it
and it kept sliding off my shoulder T.T

Love the colour though, goes well with my skin tone :D

Other greens can look too gaudy on me, especially those colour-blocking tones.
Darker skin=lighter colours. Sim Kuan and Siet Yen's skin=fair 
so contrastful and sharp colours look well on em

Emohai, fade style. lololol

The black thing on the edge, it's the camera strap.
Left it there. Mysterious effect. Bokeh sometimes too if lucky =D

 Souvenir from Sim Kuan, thank you very much hehe ^^
She'll remind people to buy souvenirs but she'll never forget to buy you souvenirs.
So I never bothered to remind at all :P

Leopard-print top, but that colour. Is her colour. Mah de. 
Black and white. Can tell it's from Sim Kuan already.


Sometimes I get bored and take out my makeup
open my closets and just dress up.
That was what happened like 3AM yesterday. Lmao.
It's one thing that girls still play,
no matter how old they get.

And recent wants. The internet is evil.

The blue box experience, just four pieces that really caught my eye ho hum.
Essentials! Earring, ring, necklace, bracelet.

Top two from Return To Tiffany collection
bottom two from Elsa Peretti's diamonds by the yard.

The sterling silver pieces are actually quite affordable, 
but the gold pieces are like bloody hell I need to work for em.

And also Malaysia is just a bad place to buy designer stuffs.
For example this T&Co piece is priced at around USD220,
so convert here will be only be around RM700 right? Not bad?

WRONG AH. In Malaysia it'll go for at least RM900++

And then, difference between silver and gold? 
Silver necklace, USD125
Gold? Haha... USD 2500

Lmao. Damn big the difference!

Arm candy trend :D

Random it bags that caught my eye

What girl wouldn't want to have this behind their doors.
Celine Nano Shopper

Their mini is still huge :3

Nano is perfecto!


Balenciaga. Not sure which one this is, hehe.
Only know their most popular one is the "City"

Chanel, and they are crazy.
Right now it's almost reaching USD 4k for the small flap if I'm not wrong?
It used to be around USD2k few years back, but two times every year they would raise their price.

Ridiculous, I know T.T
Rumor has it they want their flap bags to reach the 7k mark so they keep raising.
Quality still the same, puiiii! But people still flock to buy it :3
Chanel wants to their flap bag to be as exclusive as the Birkin, maybe?
But with Birkin it's also not just about the price, but availability.
The legendary waiting list.


Mini Cooper is my dream car but when I start working
then I will dare to dream about Lamborghini.

This one's Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 if I'm not wrong :3

Gucci bag, no cash.
Honestly applies to me.

Normal wallet but with some money.
Then u take the money to buy branded wallet.


Branded wallet with no money.

LOLOL sad life T.T

I can't wait to earn money for myself. HOHUM.
Feel so bad for getting the car, allowance tighter too because of the car.
But I like Mini T.T

Old post- this previous post I made, all about handbags.
Can see how materialistic obsessed. HAHAHAH

But then life goes on and you live, with or without the latest IT bag.
People out there are struggling to survive,
we only struggle to live. ADUHAI BETUL!

Lol. Honestly. I am scared of working.
Mah de. Can't be afraid of everything.

We go ahead full force!

That's all peepo!

Bye :*

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