Monday, 20 August 2012

How afraid?

I will not be such a wanderer of the night from now on.

Yesterday, as usual- dim sum at Grand Imperial and then shopping at KL with family.
Spontaneous outing with Gwenllian, Hanyonya and Zagorski after that.
Went out around 10pm?

Was deciding between karaoke, movies and shisha. 
shisha was the winner because G&H voted for that and Z and I were neutral.

 Went to BSD Al-Safa, but NOH. Hari Raya, closed down.
So we went to MJ Cafe at Tropicana instead.

It's like high-class Al-Safa.
But honestly, their restrooms were shittier than Al-Safa like times ten.
Times ten because I was expecting a much more decent toilet. !!!

You know what girls do when the toilet seat is too despicable?
Activate thighs of steel, pee without tush touching the seat.
HAHAH. Layer tissue on top for extra protection as well.

SERIOUSLY GROSS, felt violated using it T.T

But other than that, nice atmosphere la.
No lala among the crowd, ang mohs- yes.
Saw Brandon and Ru Yuan.
Nicholas came to drop by as well.

After MJ, went to Sportsville at Giza to visit Nicholas play futsal.
HAIYO, already midnight but there were tons of guys running around.
Y they so energetic.

And then.
Four of us got really creeped out, scared ourselves.
LOLOL. It happened after we went to Sportsville.
Where we entered the parking lot and ran like hell towards the elevator.
There's been so many cases happening- at teens and families' hanging-out hotspots.
The Curve, 1U. Parking lots.

And then we remembered it was Hungry Ghost Festival
and Yi Han said it's more strong this year.
HAIYO. I remembered snickering at Sim Kuan 
when she told me she didn't wanna go out that much during this month. 
17 AUG- 15 SEP

Yi Han recounted this incident of someone getting possessed
during the Hungry Ghost Festival. He was out late and all.

On the way home the road was dead empty, maybe one or two cars passing by.
So glad our car was filled. Imagine if you're driving alone at night 
and you have a surprise passenger. =.=

Sungai Buloh much creepier than Kepong.
Going back to Kepong, sho many cars mah de.

Thinking back. It's lucky I haven't got anything happening to me
when I was in the "night-wanderer" phase. I loved the night, could stay out
till five in the morning. The only one was getting my bag stolen, 
but I can forgive that.

No more faicai life, sigh. Iz time for hardworking life.
My dad is my aspiration- doesn't matter if you're poor, 
doesn't matter if you haven't got a degree. 
As long as you are aggressive enough 
when it comes to achieving your ambitions- 
you can create your own rags to riches story.

You know when a story starts tragiclly but ends beautifully,
and the struggle at the start simply makes the story much more meaningful?
Maybe your story is like that. 

We can't change beginnings but we can always write our own endings.

That's why I'd always choose the boy with ambitions
rather than the boy with money. Money ain't nothing if all you know is
how to spend it. =.=

Ho-hum. Enjoying my holidays for now
Can't remember the last time I could enjoy a slow morning.
It's always wake up six thirty, rush rush rush. Trying to beat the fucking jam.
Bye bye to that for two weeks. 

Gwenllian asked if I got raped, would I want to be allowed to live or be murdered instead?
Ask me a thousand times, I'd still only want to live. It's a basic instint, this will to survive.
 I'm not going to die just because someone did something stupid to me. 
It's unfair for me. Big psychological trauma, yes indeed. But it wouldn't be my fault if it happened to me, I would ease my trauma by making sure he got punished for what he did.

Always carry pepper spray and always find safety in number.
Never get drunk stupid and then drive when you're drunk stupid.

 Standard field sobriety tests are:
- try to walk in a straight line, heel-to-toe.
- tip his or her head back with eyes closed 
and try to touch the tip of the nose with the index finger.
- reciting all or part of the alphabet, forwards or backwards.
- stand on one foot.

try this^ when unsure if you're sober enough. LMAO.

 Live as long as I smile.

HAHHA. Just a short update, this one.
Felt like writing ^^

till then, peepo! :*