Saturday, 29 September 2012

Giza honey

 Cold expression.
Okay, smile smile ^^
Helloooo! Happy Chinese New Year.

Lolnojk! Wore this yesterday and people said it looks like CNY outfit. 
Hohum was feeling for red.

Went to Giza yesterday, for Jasmine aka Ah Miaoooooo's birthday celebration.
Happy happy birthday! :*

Love this picha *w* missus miao always changing her look lol!
One time I see her it's bohemian, another time I see her is vintage.

 At Fullhouse. Cutie resto yo! 

With them girls, enjoying their last year of high school.
Seeing them reminds me very much of my life last time.
Mmm, I miss it. 

Like how last year Ci Min also had her birthday party there.
Anyhow, last year there would be a birthday party at least once every month,
out of the eighty students at SSB.

With Sim Kuan, my partner. HEHE. One package.
Another half has gone to Redang. The Gwenllian Girl.

See the background behind.
Arthur's Day, didn't even know what it was.
Everyone scrambled over to Giza for free flow.
So fucked, when we arrive. Massive jam :3
Thanks to Sim Kuan for driving. 
So hard to find parking -.-

What are those things called?! 
I tried googling it, but nothing coherent came out for
what are those things you take photo with at events and premieres.


With the chlo chlo! Really look like barbie doll weyh 
I wanna put her in my pocket and take her home ngehehehhehe.
Thanks to her for inviting me ^^ so sorry I came late :(
the terrible jam!

I don't want being late for outings as a habit!
Somehow I can be punctual for college, but waste so much time
dilly-dallying when it comes to outings.


Hehe, did make up that night.
I used to have this mistake of dressing up 
but forgetting about my face =.=

If you have make up on, you can wear something more casual
but still look formal. Maybe some girls can lean on natural beauty,
but I'm not one of em T.T

I love winged eyes. Arched eyebrows. Full cheeks. Glossy lips.
And then a little shine everywhere.

And poufy hair. Espo at the crown.
Fiddled with some hairclips and ended up with a new hairstyle ^^
 No need to learn, just play around with your hair in front of the mirror hehe

And remember the last time I said my cheeks look diff on that aquasonic night.
Realized it's the blusher hehe. Makes it round and full, I likey!

The famous Giza pillars. Giza o giza.
How many memories I had there.
The start of clubbinghai.
Now collegehai, okie

I will miss you :'(

HAHAH o wait wtf. Went Movida after that.
Finally saw the dogs been so longgg.
Xianjiong, Ding, Daniel. 
Aiyoh, they brader. One change hairstyle others follow suit.
because they go to the same hairstylist, at the same time ^^'

It was damn packed, free oysters. LOL?
I don't know why suddenly Movida seems so small ~.~
A matter of perception. You'll think something is big,
until you see something even bigger.

So you can never win. Being smart, being rich.
But- you can be smart in your own way, rich in your own way.
Leave a legacy with your way. it could be an invention, it could be a building.
Or it could be your kindness to people.

Whatever it is. Just use your heart fully doing it. What my dad tells me hoho

With Bowie to the Heng!

This was after that,  vroom vroom. Went to Aquasonic. 
Seldom like driving alone to clubs, but somehow I had the mood that night. 
First time clubbing with collegemates yoh! ^^ 

Scott's idea. Our photoshop lecturer told us there's no Saturday class tomorrow, it goes on alternate weeks. Scott screamed then said he wanted to go clubbing. LOLOL. 

Hnnghhh, realized I forgot to take picha with him !@#$%6 

And oh my god. I tell you I can always find people who remind me of high school friends in college. Scott, it's Jin Fye. But it's like. You don't push it.

The thought just comes to you. 
You think you look like this person the more you notice them @.@

 With Karyn, ehehe.

She is so tall. Five eight at least? I was wearing five inches there and she's still taller =.=!!
She reminds me of Jennie. The smile, and the way she's a logical thinker.
Candice reminds me of Siet Yen. Yee Chien reminds me of Chloe.

Candice. Hehe. Her dress was a killer, mega sheer. Right in the middle!

With Yee Chien, hehe both red to the max can go blind lol.
Karyn, Yee Chien, Bowie and Aaron- first time going to clubs.
Err, Karyn and Bowie I think they enjoyed it?

The thing with clubbing is if you start, you'll go quite a lot of times
before getting bored.

Well I had one whole year of that already, settled down la ^^

That night didn't go wild, but went up the platform for a while with them.
Had to drive. Took nine minutes to get home, could shave a few minutes more
but I was afraid of roadblocks! Go 140, but brake when I see some weird lights.

I don't want any DUI shit. Lucky I can stand not drinking for clubbing :>
Because my point is not the alcohol, but the crowd and the music.
Bad for your ears thou ~.~ they buzz. 

Hehe, also- I damn cheapskate. 
Parked at my college and walked to Sunway Pyramid in my heels to save twelve bucks. 
Because. I don't like using my money on things that aren't worth it.
I hate paying for parking, for tax, for tolls. :3

Yawning during Language and Communication class.

I hope you yawned looking at this picture- I do, everytime =.=
I was so bored I opened my webcam 
and yawned waiting for it to open. :<

With the Siet Yen, she was damn tired. Not bored, but more on tired. LOL.
She said she was glad I stayed on, accompany her. Hehe so sweet.
Siet Yen is like the tough mama type, but actually very sweet la ^^

Mister Yen always tease her, the chubby rich girl. HEHE

Still have a lot of shit to do, Saturday but I'm not out partying hoho so CB.
Daniel's spinning! I really wanna watch him spinnnn. Say he has a track dedicate to me :3
ChiCheng my beebo has gone to Bentong! 

Mah de, I don't like not seeing each of my girls at least once each week. 
Mei yen dropped by ^^ 

Stress over assignments, but I suppose it's better to give 100% doing something you like and be productive but a lil tired (fuck, very) than give 10% doing something you don't really like. It's like you're relaxed but you're going nowhere :/ 

I can choose to be relax, but it's my teens, my twenties. Make the most out of it!
True they say, we destroy our health to make money then use money to repair it =.=
just like how I tweeze my eyebrows to draw 'em back again :) muahehe

Okay okay! That is all for today!
Glad I camwhored yesterday. I get upset when I don't camwhore enough.
Vain people's disease. HAHAH! Nola nola, blogger's disease.
Blog will die without pictures. 

Buay buay :*

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Turn back.

I always thought it was all or nothing.

If I couldn't give my all,
I'm not giving any at all.

After all this complaining
I realize I can't give up yet.

Tearing pieces of cloth to make clothes for dolls
finishing up books after books of sketchbooks

Nothing worth it ever comes easy
And I'd be stupid to let go so easily.

Monday, 24 September 2012



Every week I sing my prayers for the weekends because it is heaven.
Pure, heaven.
Weekdays are like hell :x

What is new is of course H&M.
Their grand opening was on Sep 22, Saturday. 
Everyone knows that.

Reached at around three in the afternoon?
The hype of it is crazy, really.
Three long rows- it looked like it would take forever,
 but it was more like a fifteen minute queue really. *w*

I am not afraid of long queues as long as it is worth it.
Like that Charles & Keith warehouse sales, oh my! 

Went last minute with bou bou, whom I've been hanging out with for
three times this week. HOHOHO. It is an impressive record
because ever since college, it's only like once a week ~.~


The long queue moves quickly because the store is cavernous.
Spanning across three floors with goodies for men and kiddies as well.

Lol, while queuing outside, Xuan spotted someone familiar and
pointed to the little girl standing under the giant YES cube to hide from the sun.

HAHAH! Kim Bee it was. So nice! She came alone to shop after work.
Sneaked her into our line. 

Coincidentally, also went to H&M today.
Waow, my dad actually walked there from Pavilion.
He never walks. Even to Fahrenheit.

Honestly, I think Zara clothes look better.
H&M is same with highstreet clothings, RM150-200 for a top.
RM50 for basic ones.

But, big selection. The only thing I really want to see is their designer collaborations.
Jimmy Choo, Lanvin. So sad I missed em all :|

OH YAH. Funny thing while in line to go in H&M today.
Bumped into three people =.=

EVEN saw my lecturer. DOUBLE OMG!

All this happened in the span of five minutes. LOL.
The magic of H&M red carpet. 

Also met up with Sim Kuan for a while,
here for H&M with her parents.
Quick brunchie at Ginza Cafe on Tokyo Street.
Catch up catch up! :3

This one was on Friday, went to 1U with Xuan. 
Was really tired because I had three-hour sleep the night before.
After Xuan left, I konked out for a 6-hour nap :3

I did not buy anything from H&M at all,
but I was excited to be in the store.
Because I like to be a part of the hype ^^

Mei Yen on the other hand spent RM1k shopping today x.x
Too busy shopping. HAHHA!

Good thing because she is usually thrifty :D

The fitting room and cashier counters also had long queues. 
Hnnghh, lazy. And I'm not one of those people who can 
grab clothes off the rack and pay for it.

I have to see the whole collection, try the pieces I like
filter the ones I really want. Then only I buy.


Also another reason is I have been reading books.
Not, the usual magazines and novel jargon.
Well it is a novel, I guess. But not really.


Those business books. Of people who are bloody rich, and how they make it.
I will be buying a lot more of those.

Midas Touch by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.
Self-made millionaires by Adam Khoo.

Anyway, they all say the same thing-
which is successful people fail darn many times
but they learn a lot out of it and they never ever give up. Stubborn fucks they are.

And that education that we get from school? 
They all teach us to have an employee's mindset, 
not an employer mindset.

In school, those who never fail, those who never make mistakes
they are the ones considered excellent students.

In business, you are fucked if you never take risks and making mistakes is part of a job.
No one said it was supposed to be, but it's there like it's a given.
You can't avoid it.

They also talk about passive income, income that you get from investing money and you earn while you sleep. Royalties are a good example of this, like how Lady Gaga will earn a profit for every single CD sold.

If you have to work to make money, it is not enough.
Sounds silly, but really. It is not enough because the money stops coming whenever you stop working. 

Rich people make money work for them.

And another thing is they really like what they do, so even if they get really rich they still get richer and richer each year. To them, it is not the money that satisfies them- it is the challenge.
This is the reason why many billionaires earn so much, only to give it away.

Another insanely twisted perception is how the world imagines a rich person.
They imagine them shopping frivolously and relaxing in huge yachts.

True- they may be doing that. But. A big but.
A whole part of their other time, they are working.
Working to earn money.

They also say about how rich people are always onto delayed gratification
rather than instant gratification.

Lol, is that why little women get to be truly rich?
I mean we all want the instant gratification. Reason why
shopping is so darn popular.

But, when someone is used to investing their money.
Buying a 3k bag is more expensive than using 30k to invest.
Why? Because once that 3k is gone, it will never come back.
That 30k you use to invest may come back in to you
three-fold, six-fold, ten-fold.

Which is why someone with branded bags and luxurious cars 
might actually be pretty poor, 
the banks own their cars and houses- they are fucked once they stop working.

True entrepreneurs can still live off pretty well even if they stop working for a year, for ten years.
They have so many investments that pay off, that what they get from their investments
could be more than what you earn in a whole fucking year.

But of course entrepreneurs never stop working. They love the drive of this... dog eat dog world. 


Okay omgz reading books about how people get rich will be my mini-obsession now.

Makes me remember how Commerce used to be my favourite subject.
Hmm, didn't get my comm award from school yet :/ don't know if I will still be able to because I didn't attend the concert and it's been months now. Lol =.=

I suppose the true value in mistakes is it makes you discover what you should really do.

I have discovered what I really want to do.

I want to make money.


I know it's not easy and I'm just a puny tiny sea crab in a sea full of whales.
But I will keep this drive in me. Learning in college just teaches me to be an employee.
I don't want that.

Okay, I don't wanna go on about dropping out again. Dropping out is not going to make me successful. Starting my own company, gaining experience by working for others, starting my online business... that will make me learn how to make money.

Already done the website, but still need to do more research before I get it going.
Must lay done proper foundation. Later I can't kickstart it because it is like a half-boiled egg! Lol :3


thank you peepo and may you succeed in your future endeavors.
 I.E- do that fucking thing you've been wanting to do for so fucking long.
 that inner voice, it calls out for you persistently :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Story about college


Today during lunch with college mates.
 I confessed I used to be strict with myself and I would cry because I was so stressed.

But- once I figure the workload never subsides but would only pile up,
 I stopped giving 100% to college.
50% to college, 50% to myself, that I could do.

Surprisingly... my college mates confessed they cried because of the stress too.
Phew. I thought it was only me, because everyone else looked so fine.
Means I am not a weak spoilt motherfucker then ~.~

Well/ I have to let everything out.
1 in the morning and I woke up from six-hour nap with heavy thoughts racing.

I feel so trapped, like a puppet pulled in different directions- you gave me so many directions that actually I'm quite lost. Funny how you can be trapped and lost at the same time.

I think everyone is quite sick of hearing me complain.
Honestly... I am quite sick of hearing myself complain.

My friends have been understanding and encouraging- they told me not to give up, not to DROP OUT. They said I can do it.

I can, but I won't be happy. Quite stubborn with me is once I decide I don't like something, I'll always find the negative side. Because I know by instinct, what works with me and what doesn't.

I don't have time for family and my girls, let alone myself. People are always my priority. Not work.
I used to think I wanted to be a fashion designer, but what I really wanted was to own my own store.
So more to fashion business.

Even if I drop out, I won't give up on being in the fashion industry. It has and always will be a dream I had since I was a little girl. It's just.

I give up on TOA and how shitty it makes me feel. I don't know when but it started to become, "pay RM108k to let others treat me like bullshit, and to treat myself like bullshit".

Siet Yen say, I'd be wasting 18k for not getting the cert out of this. But. If I can't make it through the third year, then I would've wasted a fucking sum of 108k and honestly that it scary.

Yeah, scary. I think it's what that comes down to.

Scared that I'll lose myself.
Scared I'll lose everyone around me because assignments are my way of life. A slave to it.
Scared that one-hour sleep a day becomes reality. (and I don't even dare to laugh like it won't happen. come on, it's design and it's toa)

I suppose I'm too spoilt, yes. Because I was never brought up to deal with what I don't like. You know what the solution was? You don't like this, you move on another. I would only give up if I had something new to start.

 Honestly design school gives me such a scare, I wonder if I can go start to working. Well, what my mum said was this- "when you're at school you tolerate teachers, when you're an employee you tolerate your employer, when you're an employer you tolerate your clients".

Hold it. Wanna marry a rich husband and that's it? "when you're a wife you tolerate your husband".

Reality hits. But the thing is. You get knowledge from teachers, experience from employers, wealth from clients, love from husband.


Yesterday I got a letter from TOA for being absent last week.

I think I'll be getting another letter next week.

Because I didn't go college yesterday. It's becoming a pattern, that somehow illness lands on every Thursday. My tummy was feeling odd and I went to sleep not bothering about it.

Next thing I knew I was hugging the toilet bowl like I had a hangover =.=

Thursday's class is French teacher's class. Mister Y was understanding and he gave his point of view. He says that when someone makes you too stressed, your body falls sick. So whenever it's their class, you get sick. No wonder there's this phrase- you make me sick.

I really really hate things controlling me and right now it's like TOA casting its huge net over me. Life governed by timetables and lecturers.

I keep thinking why I have to deal with this. Is it because I can't handle reality because I've been on holiday for so long?

Siet Yen said this course, it can be done if you have the heart. I don't know why I lost my will so I am so confused I don't know what I'm blabbering myself.

Mister Y said I should talk to the French teacher. I did but it was only like few phrases before she left. She said something like we have to talk, but I am not quite sure. I can see when she asked me what I didn't come, she was thinking whatever reason I gave was bullshit.

I only told her I had tummy ache, I didn't tell her I vomitted. Because for some reason I didn't think she would believe. And so sad, this pattern. She would scold me, and I would get so stressed and fall sick. This is also what I'm scared of. 

Eventhough I was really sleepy after college, (three hour sleep lol) I did went out with Xuan today. Because weekend comes, I really need to be with friends and family. Otherwise the following week I'd just be annoyed and trapped at how college made me lose the gift of spending time with people I cherish. !@#$%^

And of course I'm just thinking and thinking. What if dropping out of college would become something I'd regret? I know I want to build my own company, but how do I get there without qualification and experience?

And how do I tell my father, that I'd rather have the 108k used for college to start my own company instead? I need my dad on this because he's been through this. ... I keep thinking he's already 48 years old, I need to earn money to let him retire.

Three year couse is an uphill struggle, and first yeat is just the easiest. The beginning. I don't think. I can make it through third year. I'd rather. Start doing business. But. With business it's also stressful, just that you control your own company. I like. Having control.

So without degree you won't get high position. I mean with degree it's not even certain that you may get, so even worse if you don't have degree. Maybe I slave it off in a retail company to learn how it works before starting my own company. Because if straightaway straight company... margin for loss is hugeeee. 


Since I always tell the negative side of TOA. I have to tell the good side as well.

There's always two sides of a same coin.

Good thing is my college mates, like we can really fit in together. I like how sampat I can be with them. The teachers, even though harsh- they do want to teach you, have the dedication to share the knowledge.

My god wtf come to think of it I haven't really been thinking too much on the good side of it.

Time to sleep, rant another time. RM18k is up till January.

Let's see if I'm in or out of Esmod then.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Drop in

Hello ^^ 

Went to Sunway Giza last Friday, reunion with the girls. Sort of ^^
With Jennie and Chi Cheng

Designated driver of the day, finally.
Because I'm always sitting in their cars :3 
BSD pitstop yoh! 

Forced them to camwhore with me.
Hehe, actually no la. No need to force ^^
Every girl loves to take pictures- when they're dressed up.

I told Jennie I got depressed because I didn't camwhore enough.
Jennie said. It's a vain person's sickness =.=

Chi Cheng with the effortless look, natural and comfy ^^

Ate at Ichiban Boshi. I taut it as the next Zanmai :*
And then got Gong Cha. I love their pomelo seeds.

Camwhoring in the car, Giza is jam as always
because of the traffic lights.

Just a short trip, because it is a rule
that we should not go more than a week without seeing each other.

One week apart becomes two weeks, and then a month.
Before you know it... we're not as close anymore.

In between the stress of college and the pursue to cover my sleep debt.
I need outings as relief.

This is exactly me now, with my grandmother beside. Walao, a bit look alike.
HAHAH! My dad's side.

Damn dog oh brought laptop to blog while having family dinner.
At some Thai restaurant in Sri Sinar. Chio! They have wi-fi!
I am so grateful :))

Err. The reason why is later if I had to go out
there would be no time to blog. 
Multi-task it is!!

Monday to Tuesday, I don't really remember what the fuck happened and how my days went.
Don't wanna remember.

Because it was so stressful with the freaking 8am-5pm lessons. 
Wake up at 6am and come back at 6pm it's already twelve hours gone T.T
Allocate eight hours hour sleep, and it's twenty hours gone.
So you're left with four hours.

To shit, eat, do assignments. 
No time for myself at all T.T

I was wondering why I felt so tired then I did this calculation. 

Add to this- the bullshit other people give you,
teachers drilling you to do this do that blablablbla.
Pay 100k to let people treat you like shit
and treat yourself like shit.

Really was tired and sick of all this bullshit on Thursday.
Tucked myself into bed for college but I couldn't sleep at all.
So I ended up not going college at all the next day. 

I regret nothing.

Boy did I needed the break.
What more with the no more than three days absence one semester =.=
A precious day to regain my sanity. Lost in the pits of Esmod.

I had a serious consideration of dropping out college.
You know what plan I had in my mind?
Since RM18k semester fees was in their pocket, I thought
to stay in college for five more months. Then do online boutique on the side.
And then earn and save money for all that six months. Then drop out and do the boutique full-time.

Then I asked advice from Room8008 owner, Room Chen.
She was so nice and helpful to answer me those questions ^^

She just gave me the cold hard facts, that you'd need 200k to survive the
first few months of opening a boutique.

Because. If you open in big shopping malls like 1U or Midvalley, the basic rental is already 20 fucking k. To hire workers you'd have to spend 5-6k. And then another 10k to buy stock so your expenses adds up to RM40k a month =.= Not even including boutique decorations and electric bills, blah!

and then the next day I went to college again.
And I thought no. I can't drop out. I can't disappoint my dad, I need to learn.

Before college, I wanted to be a fashion designer.
Now, no thank you. I don't want people to hire me to design for them.
because it's fucking pressuring and I hate any sort of authority over me.

The only thing I want is to open a cute little shop and sell clothes
that I really love. ^^ And then expand until BOOM!

As for the clothes, it can be bought for others, or I draft the designs and give it to other people.
Main point is I don't want to make clothes for another company. 
i want to work on my own shop. Like playing restaurant city, but with clothes and in real life ^^

Oh yah. But I still wanna do online boutique. Start selling clothes now.
There's being an agent where you get your stock from wholesale retailer
and basically what you're doing is helping them to sell clothes.
The good thing is they help you deliver clothes to customers and you don't need to spend a fuckload of money on stock and end up with unwanted clothes. :3

I still need some time to figure out how to do this online retailing business. 
I want to make sure I have a good plan and be able to put in effort, I don't want no half-assed plans.
The thing is... my college is a huge cockblocker and by that I mean I'm busy at the third base.

Pattern-making is the busiest class ~.~ learning from scratch

I thought I wanted experience not knowledge, because that's what counts when you're doing a business. You can learn it through teachers, you have to come out and do it yourself.
But learning how to make clothes, yes. You need a teacher.
Selling clothes- learn yourself.

I don't want to regret that I didn't learn how to make clothes when I had the chance.
Imagine I'm at helm of a fashion company and I only know half the shit about sewing. :(
How can. I wanna be on top. But I'm choosing IKS, as in industri kecil sederhana^^
High fashion, too much pressure. Too many rules to follow. Standards too high.
High street maybe ^^

Okay well everyone has their own bullshit to deal with.
College is tiring but if my other coursemates can go through it, why can't I?
Busy as fuck, but I do learn quite a lot.
I keep reminding myself it's only three years.

Anyways, I am in a good mood, much better than I was four days ago.
I love the weekends. So much.

You are the queen in my heart.

Pssh date mark foiled any chance of you guys thinking this was taken recently ~.~

Anyways, on Thursday(where I skipped college) I went out with Mei Yen.
To Giza, again.

I resorted to retail therapy to regain my sanity.
And also Mei Yen therapy, how good it is to hear her laugh again! :D
And not someone drilling me like a soldier !@#$
Heh, it worked. ! :) Replaced my frown with a smile:')
After that though, I had to pinch my wallet
to regain my $$$ :(

And err. Head to toe outfit from the first picture of this post was bought from that day. lol!
You know you buy the shirt and then you see a skirt that goes well with it
and then the shoe, and then the bag.... I ended up going to the same cashier to make four different payments -.- fickle-minded auntie!

 Friday after Giza with the girls was Mist, for Daniel's birthday. 
Some gangnam style event as oppa never gets old. At least not yet ;)

Ended up arriving too early and camwhored while waiting for the rest to arrive.
Didn't know so many people were coming!

 Tried to do candid street shots, but as you can see. I can't stop being posey =.=
Xuan can la ^^ haha! Finally got to see her, she's been busy these days.
Sim Kuan is very busy as well but she does still have time for outings.
I think she's same like me, lack of outing will go crazy ^^

Her exams are near but she hasn't gone into nerd mode- yet.
I had college the next day and Mister Yen explicitly told me not to skip class.
So I came! Came back home from Mist 2am, woke up at six for class.
Diligent I am. Who says you can't have both? :p

Eventho you might get a little tired along the way =.=
But it was okay because I could catch up with napping. Saturday yoh!
Spent with napping ! =.=

 As always, friends are the ones who let me keep my sanity
when everyone's throwing bullshit at me. :3

I love them very miach ^^

Oh yeh. Daniel went up the stage during the gangnam style dance.
Jennie took a video of it but it's not posted :3

Err. I prefer Vertigo to Mist. Actually I just prefer anywhere that's more crowded. LOLOL.
But I hate clubs without stage/dance platforms. How cannnn.

Oh yeh. Rehash pics from Aquasonic. Hey it's still fresh because Jennie just posted it on fb. Lol!
I love how my cheeks looked that night. I forgot what I did. :/

I hate how I look just the same in the mirror but when taking pictures,
some days I look uglier than the last
some days I look prettier than the last.

Ho hum. Saturday night, played with my accessories.
Princess dreams ^^ just imitate, they always have pouffy hair on top and a tiara.
And diamond chandeliers. 

Went to Beerfact for impromptu meet up with Xuan, Chloe and Wendy. ^^
Chloe so cute, macam barbie doll. MUAHAHA

Just went for a while, got home before midnight ~.~
The thing about clubs is it only fills up after midnight. I like 1.30 to 3!

But nowadays, have a bad feeling when going out at night.
Gotta be extra cautious, I'm not gonna be nobody's victim yoh!

Sunday, I almost died out  of starving. T^T

Only got to have my breakfast AT THREE IN THE AFTERNOON.
I am very much like dad, get pissed when lack of food or sleep.
Deprive me of either one, I am beyond pissed.
Deprive me of both at the same thing, 
I will go freaking apeshit!

Emo pic to depict the pain of starving ^^

Okay kidding la I got some sushi and fries and fruit juice for breakfast. hehe.
At Chinoz again, but I'm not complaining :x

Was supposed to go eat dimsum at Mandarin Oriental but arrived too late because of my brader ~.~ HNGGHHHH! Well the thing is for everyone to get ready my dad has to keep reminding.
He'll keep shouting. Yan! Zhi hou! Chut lor(go out lor)!

Didn't buy shit at all today, save money for Thursday's damage.
Yerr. College uses a lot of moneh too. Petrol, parking, materials.
The stupid materials. Fabrics, zips, buttons, papers, WHATEVER.

As Scott said. We are becoming stationary shops. SERIOUSLY!

Saw an interesting book on fashion bloggers, but I so cheapskate. 
Spent twenty minutes on the floor of Kinokuniya jotting down the names of their blog links.
So I don't have to buy the book ^^ HAHAH WTFFF. :x
Don't judge yoh ^^

But I had the urge to buy those giant-assed designer coffee table books!
Prada! Chanel! Valentino! Prada! 

How pretty it is! I can just see the farking inspiration it can give me!
But at RM450++ a pop, it is quite steep as a source of inspiration :/
HAIYO. Magazines for now! HHEHEEE

But if I were to splurge on coffee table books. This would be the one :3

Bought the comic book by Boey :D

I didn't know he was the guy who got featured as an artist who drew on cups until I read the whole thing :3 It is titled "When I was a kid..." with every comic starting off with that sentence.
Ones that I remember? That his dad told him to sleep early, because the early bird gets the worm.
Boey thought. If the early bird gets the worm, then the early worm is fucked. LOLOL

And it brings humor in simple ways, the things we did as a kid.
I miss that.

Who knows, I might start doing a comic like this one day^^

 Why that's all for today! :)
No matter how busy I am. I will remember to update my blog at least once a week. Hehe.

See you peepo! ;) keep fighting!