Sunday, 2 September 2012

bye bye holiday

Hello, one last post before I say goodbye to my precious, lovely, holiday. 
This will be a post filled with mirrored pictures, which I usually only do
for the first picture of a blog post.

But oh well. Commemorate my holiday and Merdeka la okay? ^^

 time flies :(

lol! It's okay. Get on with life.
People whine when there's too much to do,
people whine when there's too little to do. Hehe.

Now it's getting worried at night when I can't sleep,
counting down the hours I have left before six o croc strikes
and it's time to get ready for college.

When it's holiday? Waking up late afternoon and feeling bad 
that I did nothing. Hehe.

 Thursday was August 30th. Which means countdown for Merdeka!
Went to Aquasonic, they had this event and boy, was it packed.
First time going there, new club replacing Opera at Sunway Pyramid.

Vincent was the organizer. A few of us hadn't reach birthdays, had a lil' trouble getting in.
Honestly. I see a lot a lot of teenagers clubbing.
They seem to enjoy it more than their mature counterparts.

Maybe when I get older I'll get blase,
thinking why the hell am I
destroying my ears with intensely loud music
and getting wasted on alcohol. 

But honestly. I never get drunk anymore.
Not because I'm inured to it, but because I never try to.

A candid shot while waiting for the others. heee

Who went? Vincent pingkuang guat tyng lichen sy kokleong yenshen
and some taylorians from tyng & lichen's batch.
One of them were celebrating their birthday.

So sad eh! Everytime celebrate birthday but it's

No fireworks, pssh.
And when we got in it was justttt past midnight.
Busy settling the underage problem.


A lot of people also went Genting.


With Guat Tyng, who people say we look alike. =.=!
Honestly, at Bestari no one ever says that.
They only say Mei Yen and I look alike.

One of the Taylorians called me Guat Tyng :(

HAHAHA. FINE LA. Have a twin yoh ^^

SY. Look at the forehead!


With Kok Leong. He can be the... male tinkerbell.

 With Yen Shen.

Ping Kuang caught an unflattering photo. 
Please, I will never let it see the light of the day.
Proof of an ugly side.

HOW CAN?!!?!?! T.T

Okay. About Aquasonic. Inside it's pretty blue.
LCD Aquariums on the side.
Sim Kuan say there's mermaid. Didn't see any thou :(
Blue lights on top, they look like ice-capped stalactite

The music is not bad, but sometimes the deejay takes out the best part of the song.
Also. They kept having technical problem.
So the music keeps stopping and then the crowd will get noisy.
Deejay keeps scratching his disc to get the beat back.

Good variety of music, their favourite is Oppa Gangnam style.
A few Big Bang ones as well. Why Beer fact never have any ?!!
Kinda miss G6 & Vertigo, been a long time.

BUT HAIYO. New schedule, have college on Saturdays.
Friday's peaceful slumber, can fucking forget bout it.

I hate it a lot. I hate getting my time so cramped up.
Fucking hate it.


Deep breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Okay :) keep calm and carryon

 Last photo, Tinkerbell and Snow White ^^

HAHHA WTF, jkbro! ^^


This was on Saturday, another round at Aquasonic. 
Hmm. No pictures yet ^^

Went with Chun Moon, Alex. Thursday was with Taylor's business foundation program
Saturday was with business diploma program. LOL. I always got em mixed up.

Nice to see Ruey Miin again ^^ she looked tall in her heels.
Also saw Jun Wen, first time seeing her in her shorter haircut.
Feel so outdated :3 hehe. She was in a party mood.

Went to the dance area with her. 
Lol. One of the bouncers pulled me up the stage.
 Hmm.They should make the sofa section the dance floor.

Saturday's crowd was less than Thursday's, but still pretty packed.
Thursday was because the countdown event.

Hohum. Butter Factory I wan :3 

Oh yah. Aquasonic's crowd is a bit like G6. 
A lot of cina lang teenagers. I don't mind, banana or lala.

Before that was family dinner at Curve,
and before that was UFO with Sim Kuan and Kok Leong.

UFO NOT BAD! I love their lemon ai-yu thingy!
Simply picked, but boy. The thing. It burst.
I don't know what the eff is that ^^
like the Ochado's pearls.


Friday was the original Merdeka day.
Every year, singing "Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu" at the school concourse.
Oh well, who knew that so quickly last year, would be my last.

Went to 1U with Xuan, both of us poor lost sheep.
Family gone to somewhere else. HAHAHHA

This was after I got back home from 1U
 and decided to play make up on Xuan ^^

Xuan is the eager child, doesn't mind if I put anything.
Chi Cheng is the suspicious cautious one. HAHAH

She so happy after I finished ^^


Been watching make up videos. Make up makes you. A lot more mature.
My dad said I looked older. I think because of my eyebrows?

So farney eh Kok Leong. "I don't understand why girls pluck their eyebrows just to draw them back again". HAHHAHA! Wanna have different shapeeeee! Expose the brow bone!

I like to make up the eyes the most. Eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows. Whatever.
And highlighting. Putting shine. I don't like removing make up the most...
The feeling of rubbing my skin too hard, eesh!

OHYAH ALSO the Victoria Secret at 1U not bad yoh!
Got this makeup kit. HELLO BOMBSHELL.

But pretty exy, espo when you compare it to La Senza? :/
Umm. Like affordable expensive type.

This was Thursday also, before Aquasonic.
Was supposed to have girl's day out
but the plan. Err. Got sidetracked because Ah Fook had some walking problems.
So I went to the vet with Sim Kuan, damn far oh.
Jalan Gasing. My vet, I can walk my dog there. HAHAHAH
But my dog didn't have problems which requires surgery, so no need noh.

I like using google map. I like to be the one knowing the directions. HEHE
Hate getting lost oh. 

And then went DPC with Chi Cheng. 
See, no college can be damn on, three rounds of outings= no problem.
Didn't bother to change because I thought it was going to rain but na-da.

So I just.. walked. =.= lol
need to exerciseeeeee ohhhhhh


Tokidoki bag thingy for college. I like his drawings :3


Okay. That's all for now. My sad reluctant face saying bye bye to holiday.



Bye peepo! Be productive! ^^

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