Saturday, 29 September 2012

Giza honey

 Cold expression.
Okay, smile smile ^^
Helloooo! Happy Chinese New Year.

Lolnojk! Wore this yesterday and people said it looks like CNY outfit. 
Hohum was feeling for red.

Went to Giza yesterday, for Jasmine aka Ah Miaoooooo's birthday celebration.
Happy happy birthday! :*

Love this picha *w* missus miao always changing her look lol!
One time I see her it's bohemian, another time I see her is vintage.

 At Fullhouse. Cutie resto yo! 

With them girls, enjoying their last year of high school.
Seeing them reminds me very much of my life last time.
Mmm, I miss it. 

Like how last year Ci Min also had her birthday party there.
Anyhow, last year there would be a birthday party at least once every month,
out of the eighty students at SSB.

With Sim Kuan, my partner. HEHE. One package.
Another half has gone to Redang. The Gwenllian Girl.

See the background behind.
Arthur's Day, didn't even know what it was.
Everyone scrambled over to Giza for free flow.
So fucked, when we arrive. Massive jam :3
Thanks to Sim Kuan for driving. 
So hard to find parking -.-

What are those things called?! 
I tried googling it, but nothing coherent came out for
what are those things you take photo with at events and premieres.


With the chlo chlo! Really look like barbie doll weyh 
I wanna put her in my pocket and take her home ngehehehhehe.
Thanks to her for inviting me ^^ so sorry I came late :(
the terrible jam!

I don't want being late for outings as a habit!
Somehow I can be punctual for college, but waste so much time
dilly-dallying when it comes to outings.


Hehe, did make up that night.
I used to have this mistake of dressing up 
but forgetting about my face =.=

If you have make up on, you can wear something more casual
but still look formal. Maybe some girls can lean on natural beauty,
but I'm not one of em T.T

I love winged eyes. Arched eyebrows. Full cheeks. Glossy lips.
And then a little shine everywhere.

And poufy hair. Espo at the crown.
Fiddled with some hairclips and ended up with a new hairstyle ^^
 No need to learn, just play around with your hair in front of the mirror hehe

And remember the last time I said my cheeks look diff on that aquasonic night.
Realized it's the blusher hehe. Makes it round and full, I likey!

The famous Giza pillars. Giza o giza.
How many memories I had there.
The start of clubbinghai.
Now collegehai, okie

I will miss you :'(

HAHAH o wait wtf. Went Movida after that.
Finally saw the dogs been so longgg.
Xianjiong, Ding, Daniel. 
Aiyoh, they brader. One change hairstyle others follow suit.
because they go to the same hairstylist, at the same time ^^'

It was damn packed, free oysters. LOL?
I don't know why suddenly Movida seems so small ~.~
A matter of perception. You'll think something is big,
until you see something even bigger.

So you can never win. Being smart, being rich.
But- you can be smart in your own way, rich in your own way.
Leave a legacy with your way. it could be an invention, it could be a building.
Or it could be your kindness to people.

Whatever it is. Just use your heart fully doing it. What my dad tells me hoho

With Bowie to the Heng!

This was after that,  vroom vroom. Went to Aquasonic. 
Seldom like driving alone to clubs, but somehow I had the mood that night. 
First time clubbing with collegemates yoh! ^^ 

Scott's idea. Our photoshop lecturer told us there's no Saturday class tomorrow, it goes on alternate weeks. Scott screamed then said he wanted to go clubbing. LOLOL. 

Hnnghhh, realized I forgot to take picha with him !@#$%6 

And oh my god. I tell you I can always find people who remind me of high school friends in college. Scott, it's Jin Fye. But it's like. You don't push it.

The thought just comes to you. 
You think you look like this person the more you notice them @.@

 With Karyn, ehehe.

She is so tall. Five eight at least? I was wearing five inches there and she's still taller =.=!!
She reminds me of Jennie. The smile, and the way she's a logical thinker.
Candice reminds me of Siet Yen. Yee Chien reminds me of Chloe.

Candice. Hehe. Her dress was a killer, mega sheer. Right in the middle!

With Yee Chien, hehe both red to the max can go blind lol.
Karyn, Yee Chien, Bowie and Aaron- first time going to clubs.
Err, Karyn and Bowie I think they enjoyed it?

The thing with clubbing is if you start, you'll go quite a lot of times
before getting bored.

Well I had one whole year of that already, settled down la ^^

That night didn't go wild, but went up the platform for a while with them.
Had to drive. Took nine minutes to get home, could shave a few minutes more
but I was afraid of roadblocks! Go 140, but brake when I see some weird lights.

I don't want any DUI shit. Lucky I can stand not drinking for clubbing :>
Because my point is not the alcohol, but the crowd and the music.
Bad for your ears thou ~.~ they buzz. 

Hehe, also- I damn cheapskate. 
Parked at my college and walked to Sunway Pyramid in my heels to save twelve bucks. 
Because. I don't like using my money on things that aren't worth it.
I hate paying for parking, for tax, for tolls. :3

Yawning during Language and Communication class.

I hope you yawned looking at this picture- I do, everytime =.=
I was so bored I opened my webcam 
and yawned waiting for it to open. :<

With the Siet Yen, she was damn tired. Not bored, but more on tired. LOL.
She said she was glad I stayed on, accompany her. Hehe so sweet.
Siet Yen is like the tough mama type, but actually very sweet la ^^

Mister Yen always tease her, the chubby rich girl. HEHE

Still have a lot of shit to do, Saturday but I'm not out partying hoho so CB.
Daniel's spinning! I really wanna watch him spinnnn. Say he has a track dedicate to me :3
ChiCheng my beebo has gone to Bentong! 

Mah de, I don't like not seeing each of my girls at least once each week. 
Mei yen dropped by ^^ 

Stress over assignments, but I suppose it's better to give 100% doing something you like and be productive but a lil tired (fuck, very) than give 10% doing something you don't really like. It's like you're relaxed but you're going nowhere :/ 

I can choose to be relax, but it's my teens, my twenties. Make the most out of it!
True they say, we destroy our health to make money then use money to repair it =.=
just like how I tweeze my eyebrows to draw 'em back again :) muahehe

Okay okay! That is all for today!
Glad I camwhored yesterday. I get upset when I don't camwhore enough.
Vain people's disease. HAHAH! Nola nola, blogger's disease.
Blog will die without pictures. 

Buay buay :*

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