Monday, 24 September 2012



Every week I sing my prayers for the weekends because it is heaven.
Pure, heaven.
Weekdays are like hell :x

What is new is of course H&M.
Their grand opening was on Sep 22, Saturday. 
Everyone knows that.

Reached at around three in the afternoon?
The hype of it is crazy, really.
Three long rows- it looked like it would take forever,
 but it was more like a fifteen minute queue really. *w*

I am not afraid of long queues as long as it is worth it.
Like that Charles & Keith warehouse sales, oh my! 

Went last minute with bou bou, whom I've been hanging out with for
three times this week. HOHOHO. It is an impressive record
because ever since college, it's only like once a week ~.~


The long queue moves quickly because the store is cavernous.
Spanning across three floors with goodies for men and kiddies as well.

Lol, while queuing outside, Xuan spotted someone familiar and
pointed to the little girl standing under the giant YES cube to hide from the sun.

HAHAH! Kim Bee it was. So nice! She came alone to shop after work.
Sneaked her into our line. 

Coincidentally, also went to H&M today.
Waow, my dad actually walked there from Pavilion.
He never walks. Even to Fahrenheit.

Honestly, I think Zara clothes look better.
H&M is same with highstreet clothings, RM150-200 for a top.
RM50 for basic ones.

But, big selection. The only thing I really want to see is their designer collaborations.
Jimmy Choo, Lanvin. So sad I missed em all :|

OH YAH. Funny thing while in line to go in H&M today.
Bumped into three people =.=

EVEN saw my lecturer. DOUBLE OMG!

All this happened in the span of five minutes. LOL.
The magic of H&M red carpet. 

Also met up with Sim Kuan for a while,
here for H&M with her parents.
Quick brunchie at Ginza Cafe on Tokyo Street.
Catch up catch up! :3

This one was on Friday, went to 1U with Xuan. 
Was really tired because I had three-hour sleep the night before.
After Xuan left, I konked out for a 6-hour nap :3

I did not buy anything from H&M at all,
but I was excited to be in the store.
Because I like to be a part of the hype ^^

Mei Yen on the other hand spent RM1k shopping today x.x
Too busy shopping. HAHHA!

Good thing because she is usually thrifty :D

The fitting room and cashier counters also had long queues. 
Hnnghh, lazy. And I'm not one of those people who can 
grab clothes off the rack and pay for it.

I have to see the whole collection, try the pieces I like
filter the ones I really want. Then only I buy.


Also another reason is I have been reading books.
Not, the usual magazines and novel jargon.
Well it is a novel, I guess. But not really.


Those business books. Of people who are bloody rich, and how they make it.
I will be buying a lot more of those.

Midas Touch by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.
Self-made millionaires by Adam Khoo.

Anyway, they all say the same thing-
which is successful people fail darn many times
but they learn a lot out of it and they never ever give up. Stubborn fucks they are.

And that education that we get from school? 
They all teach us to have an employee's mindset, 
not an employer mindset.

In school, those who never fail, those who never make mistakes
they are the ones considered excellent students.

In business, you are fucked if you never take risks and making mistakes is part of a job.
No one said it was supposed to be, but it's there like it's a given.
You can't avoid it.

They also talk about passive income, income that you get from investing money and you earn while you sleep. Royalties are a good example of this, like how Lady Gaga will earn a profit for every single CD sold.

If you have to work to make money, it is not enough.
Sounds silly, but really. It is not enough because the money stops coming whenever you stop working. 

Rich people make money work for them.

And another thing is they really like what they do, so even if they get really rich they still get richer and richer each year. To them, it is not the money that satisfies them- it is the challenge.
This is the reason why many billionaires earn so much, only to give it away.

Another insanely twisted perception is how the world imagines a rich person.
They imagine them shopping frivolously and relaxing in huge yachts.

True- they may be doing that. But. A big but.
A whole part of their other time, they are working.
Working to earn money.

They also say about how rich people are always onto delayed gratification
rather than instant gratification.

Lol, is that why little women get to be truly rich?
I mean we all want the instant gratification. Reason why
shopping is so darn popular.

But, when someone is used to investing their money.
Buying a 3k bag is more expensive than using 30k to invest.
Why? Because once that 3k is gone, it will never come back.
That 30k you use to invest may come back in to you
three-fold, six-fold, ten-fold.

Which is why someone with branded bags and luxurious cars 
might actually be pretty poor, 
the banks own their cars and houses- they are fucked once they stop working.

True entrepreneurs can still live off pretty well even if they stop working for a year, for ten years.
They have so many investments that pay off, that what they get from their investments
could be more than what you earn in a whole fucking year.

But of course entrepreneurs never stop working. They love the drive of this... dog eat dog world. 


Okay omgz reading books about how people get rich will be my mini-obsession now.

Makes me remember how Commerce used to be my favourite subject.
Hmm, didn't get my comm award from school yet :/ don't know if I will still be able to because I didn't attend the concert and it's been months now. Lol =.=

I suppose the true value in mistakes is it makes you discover what you should really do.

I have discovered what I really want to do.

I want to make money.


I know it's not easy and I'm just a puny tiny sea crab in a sea full of whales.
But I will keep this drive in me. Learning in college just teaches me to be an employee.
I don't want that.

Okay, I don't wanna go on about dropping out again. Dropping out is not going to make me successful. Starting my own company, gaining experience by working for others, starting my online business... that will make me learn how to make money.

Already done the website, but still need to do more research before I get it going.
Must lay done proper foundation. Later I can't kickstart it because it is like a half-boiled egg! Lol :3


thank you peepo and may you succeed in your future endeavors.
 I.E- do that fucking thing you've been wanting to do for so fucking long.
 that inner voice, it calls out for you persistently :)

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