Wednesday, 12 September 2012

study hard and party hard


Wake me up when September ends, because it is friggin' awful.
Hoho just wanna close my eyes and let it past.
But I don't know if things will get harder or easier,
French classes and Lectra(Photoshop) classes 
isn't even included in the Sep timetable
YET. /.\

So last week. Monday to Thursday, uneventful. 
Attend classes like a dog with no time for myself
feeling like my life is not mine anymore, zibay.

Weekdays study hard, weekends party hard? :/

Last Friday, went to Kepong Village Mall for group assignment.
Title? Low Range Mall. LOL. Went to take pics and eat sushi with Natalie,
squeezed in a photoshoot because my god. 

When you're stressed. Little things of relief and amusement counts
Putting on a yummy lotion, a shiny lipstick, tasting a crunchy snack.
Whatever floats your boat.

Saturday? Went to Giza with Xuan, Chi Cheng and Jennie.
Jennie and I sat in CC's car, met up with Xuan
at Ichiban Boshi.

Nice yoh, great sushi chain. Can compete with Zanmai ^^v
The thing with Zanmai, crappy service. But great food and price not bad.
Ichiban Boshi too, ichibeng!

Ochado, camwhore like shit because it was like a week since we've seen each other =.=
Sigh. Last time, EVERYDAY OUTING (T^T). Sad nostalgia in my heart when I look back the pichas. 

 Everyone looks sporty in this picha. The neon yellow and Xuan's electric blue playsuit :3

 Meet up at La Casa DPC, to visit our beloved King Jiat before he leaves to Taiwan again!
Hehe, so nice he's ending his programme next year's December.
I still have three years and the beginning is already so. 
Hard to bear /.\

Ya know what Siet Yen's friend said to her?
Enjoy your nightlife- at The One Academy.
LOLLLWTF x) she graduated from TOA too.

Random things. Arm candy, Juicy watch and necklace, T&Co bracelet. Che Che cupcake thing. Put my spare accessories, hairclips. And coins. And maybe also memory card. Which wtf I misplaced my 4GB memory card and before that my brada's 8GB one :( boy I feel bad.

WHERE IS IT. So many things driving me crazy my god I'm acting weirder and weirder.
I need to scream and sing and shout and rant the stress out. HAHAHAH ma de.
Lips reading, they say- peepo with big lips need to verbally express themselves a lot.

Sunnies, recent obsession as additional accessories.
Suit the diva look oh ^^

I like huge ass shades with a gradient tint. 
Curvy and cat-eye, I like. 
Metal plates/tags on the side, I like.

And then when you stare at people they won't notice.
Also can hide your eyes when you roll it in exasperation


New iPhone cover, so girly walaoeh ^^
 To add some innocence and cutesy-ness. 
When everyday I am pissed at so many things.
Pissed during weekdays only la :3

HAHHA! People think my favourite colour is pink 
but I can't decide between girly pink. Fire-engine red. And sunny yellow.
I'd buy gadgets in pink but I don't like wearing pink. :>

Bought it while I was asking Dad to accompany me buy printer ink.
Zibay. So many things to buy. Buy 30 bucks skirt to rip it off. Zibay.
Why they don't prepare anything, but fees so exy. Zibay.
Zibay. Later I start complaining, cannot end. !@#$%^

It's like they tell you have to buy this today, okay. RM100 gone.
And then the next day you have to buy something else, okay. RM200 gone.
Add it up, before you know it. It's a bigger hole than you can bear and it never ends.
Zibay. Even my dad went "HAH, AGAIN" when I told him I had to 
buy more materials. Really fucked up, you know?

The reason why I feel so pissed is. I feel like I'm working, not studying.
A minion to TOA. But except. I don't get paid, and instead I'm the one
doing the paying. Diu.

You see. My god. Once I start complaining it's so hard to stop.  T.T

Chin up chin up. Beginning of a semester is like that. :<

Weekends? Lol. Party hard!

Went to Vertigo, last Saturday. Jin Fye's idea.
No problem with the bouncers getting in this time, nice planning.
I don't like their bouncers so strict and sour-faced my god.
 G6 crew sho friendly :>

With my luv, lawyer in training by day
clubbing partner by night ROFLMAO

Who went hmm.
Jin Fye Yen Shen Ping Kuang Shao Yang Shary 
Li Chen Jun Wen Vincent Sim Kuan.

Err. G6 replaced their dancing stage with sofa, which is a bad idea really.
I mean people come to the club to dance, and you remove that :O
Vertigo meanwhile, added another platform on top of their dancefloor.
HHAHHAAH. Was doing the Oppa Gangnam style and the guy taking care
of the dancefloor pulled me up :3

But so sad, they don't let guys up. Jin Fye couldn't shake his booty.
And also! Some fucker stole his handphone too.
It was in his pocket and you know. In clubs everyone like bumps into each other.
After my stolen handbag episode, I always have the notion that
anyone around you can be a thief :OO

 Jennie from da block, before going to Vertigo. Last Friday.
Taken at Silver Spoon. Nommed their mushroom soup, cos I had din din earlier.
Acc Jennie mom mom and catch up ^^!
 Golden retriever hair! ^^ the beloved Scott
 Siet Yen and I. The ones who always have food. Come early, go KK Mart first thing in the morning. Buns and crackers, nuts and chips! 

Bought a whole box of Apollo. Finished it. 

 With Karyn, tallest girl round da block. Five eight or five nine? LOLLL

With Scott's PVC jacket. HAHA suit the rocker look ^^

Sorry today is like a picture gallery post. HAHAHA YOR
busy with college. Ya know there is.
1- busy because I feel like doing other things (me time, friend time)
2- busy because I don't have time for other things
3- busy because I am doing something and I can't sleep until I finish it.

Mah de, I'm at the third base NAW! =.=

Clouds grumbling now, midnight. Six hours left to sleep
for the stupid ten hour class :< HOHO


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