Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The firsts, hard work.

Harlo harlo! 

As it is, this week is my first week
 of my first semester
at my first college.


Today is the third day,
I'm writing today because my mood is finally good. :)
The first two days? Anyone who follows me on twitter
would've known how pissed I was.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone unfollowed me 
because I was ranting like a mad bitch. LOLOL.

But. That is done, only for the first two days.
This is what I do, this is what I want to do.

Butttt, if you want to do something that's difficult as fuck,
but also fucking worthwhile- I'm your girl :)

Monday was the most tiring, woke up at 6 o croc and came home 
at 7 plus. First time in my life I came home later than my dad because of school. lol.
 When going outings with friends? Oh boy, time runs quick!

But Siet Yen had it worse because she was the one driving.
Basically, Mister Yen suddenly dropped the bomb on us saying we're going down to KL 
to get pattern-making tools.

Siet Yen asked,  "how are we going there?" like in a way that implies going to KL was impossible.
And then Mister Yen said, "you drive la, you have car wad!". Siet Yen thought he was joking.
LOL. Apparently notttt.

That picture above. Somewhere near. SOGO KL.
As you can tell from the signboards. :3
Never been to that part of KL. 

It was heck ol' tiring but at least now I know where to get
my fabrics and buttons and whatnot.
I was the GPS directioner and boy KL is hard on Google because
there are so many little streets and turns!

Shop of buttons at Petaling Street where they even have 
quite plausible YSL & Armani buttons. 
LOLOL. Bowie wanted to make earrings out of 'em.

That's where we bought the materials, and I was really annoyed that
after buying one batch of materials, another one comes up.
It's like it never stops.

Colour pencils and markers, and then textbooks and mannequin,
and then french books and pattern-making tools.
Thousands after hundreds and I had to dig out five hundred of my own money :(
But lol. Claimed back from papa. Sorry! :(

And that got me annoyed, that they didn't prepare those receipts
or invoices or whatever properly. They just suddenly tell us we have to buy this, buy that.
Expect us to get it from our parents like they print money.
Reality hits, they don't. And you have to fork out the money anyway
because that's the course you picked!

But one thing I can see, it is that the students are all very dedicated.
The teachers are dedicated, also. :)

That's the good part. The first two days I was just really focusing
on everything that was going awry and being overwhelmed.
Well. Life goes on, go hard or go home.

And I'm here to stay.

When I feel stressed, I look for little ways to treat myself,
a delicious lunch, a nice-smelling lipgloss, a smack of buttery lotion.

Had some japanese food at SOGO KL. 
Err, overpriced and so-so but WTF we were just glad to find a jap resto.

This our french lecturer who did pretty much most of the teaching
during these few days. Err. Dramatic flair, speaks with heavy french accent.
Strict and occasionally supremely direct, but is someone you can learn 
very much from.

Wears skirts with some self-tailored structures and takes cigarette breaks.
Her name is Corinne.

It was also good to see Elaine after a long hiatus.
But she was only here for the first day thou! Lol.
Vincent was another guy who was supposed to join us,
but gave up after trying out one day at Esmod. 
According to Mister Yen today that is!
Carine is another new student, the only one 
who has been coming three days straight. lol.
I'm not sure how to spell her name :( sorry.
I would never forget if I saw how to spell it. EVEN ONCE.
Only heard it pronounced before. MUST GO SPY TOMORROW.!
She is the tallest girl in the class, at least 5'9'? Taller than Scott and Aaron.

Other students, as usual. Full attendance because.
They make you keep in mind that you won't get more rest by skipping college.
Conversely, you are essentially delaying your assignments and
have fucking lot of catching up to do, yoh! ^^

This was some sculpt-a-skirt session with masking tape
and plastic bag. Not to say it as garbage bag because it sounds effing disgusting. x.x

Wasn't sure what Corinne wanted us to do, Esther and Scott were the first to do it right.
The secret is to tape it real tight. If you can breathe properly, well- you're not fucking doing it right.

It was nice to see how everyone's arse looked like. Pretty sexy yoh, the curvy bump.
Can tell the difference, Aaron and Scott's sculpture is more rectangular and flat.
My partner was Yee Chien for this one ^^


With Bowie ^^ she didn't have time to make up, borrowed her mine.
She, Aaron, Jie Ying and Yee Chien went to Pavilion yesterday and came back
around ten (x.x) to take street fashion shots. 

Pavilion is a good spot! I wished we had something like Harajuku in Japan :3
Scott, Esther and I went to Sunway Pyramid today to find fashionable peepo.

This was the first girl I snapped :3 Only got three, it's not enough!
When it comes to finding homework resources- more is less!
Always have more than enough then cancel out whatever.
Don't take barely enough and slave through it.

Love her, she was really sweet and friendly.
So basically you just go up to strangers who have that certain oomph 
and give them this sentence: "Hi I'm a fashion design student from ESMOD
and I would like to take a picture of you. It's for street fashion and you look gorgeous!".

Out of the ten people we asked, only one rejected. A girl Scott asked. I think she was scared. Lol. But it's their right to refuse :3 Gotta get used to rejection yoh. More doors will be slammed into your face as you get older. Keep asking, and the right one will open. The door that will lead you higher, and higher!

Most girls are flattered, and they will pose. You see, those girls that you think are fashionable- they don't dress up for nothing. They dress up because they know what flatters them. And it's good to have someone appreciate your fashion sense.

Honestly, a fashion designer is always kind of bitchy. Have to be, because the lecturer often tells you to be vocal of what is good and what is bad. Exercises where you'll praise a dress because it's so fucking edgy, and also where you'll step on a model's posing saying it looks like she wants to shit.

Don't take it personal, but it's just other people's... hmm. Personal idea of beauty. That's why don't take it personally. What someone may think is not pretty, other people may find their beauty.
I hate vintage. I hate dawdy colours with vintage prints. Those mustard yellow shit with antique rose umbrella prints. They look pretty on certain people, yes. But they look worse than shit on me and I hate it because I don't know how to make it work :( LOLOL

Exactly the kind of clothes I hate.
Dull fabric colour with vintage prints :< 
But. Xuan can make it work :>

But it's not that I hate prints. I love this one.
Kiki's shop, Room8008. Visit her, great bargains ^^
I like it tight, I like it intimidating.

This is just.
The perfect epitome of what I like.
From Lanvin.

Neutral tones, for warm skin. Well vintage prints have neutral tones too
but I hate them because they're not the same. The difference?
No shine. 

Gold, leopard-print, fire-engine red, studs, cream white. I love.

Fire-engine red and tight, look at that ass.
White and gold, glows on warm skin.

 Leopard print with studs, double fierce x)

If I had to put a finger on my style, I guess I'd call it effortless diva.
Any look that is suitable with a bitchy glamourous diva face, ohh I laik.

What Corinne said was our personalities will be our PRIME SOURCE of creativity
and we have to really bring it up, dig it from our hearts so it can
work through our hands.


Everyone looks so obsessed and possessed in their own world. 
It looks super messy when there's a work in progress, but really when it's time to go home
the tables return to their spotless state. Even I've got the habit of being organized now :)

and it is soooo worth it that I finally did my room makeover. PHEW!

This is my first garment thingy assignment.
Well they asked us to bring two photos of outfits that we really liked.
They never tell us exactly what we have to do, because they want the element of surprise.

We could use anything but all the materials used to fashion a normal garment,
to create a garment. lol. Like fabrics and buttons, no. Plastic bags and cardboards, yes.
I just took whatever I could find at home. But thank God for KK Mart for improvisation.
Like aerosol spray, pins and papers.

Err. Couldn't find photo of my original photo online.
But it's from Armani, and it kind of looks like that,

The base. I think I inserted maybe 20 pins for the collar,
another 30 for the torso, another 10 for the skirt =.=
finger had pin marks at the end lmao.

Lecturer told us to write what we felt from the picture.
Along them were chaos in order, oriental warrior. 

The front

The back

It's not really finished yet, and who knows- I might re-do it tomorrow.
It depends on what the lecturer says. I mean it sucks to re-do, but they have experience
and they know how to improve your work. So you follow.

Maybe when I look back this post I'll cringe and ask myself WTFFFF was I thinking when I made the garment. But for now, lol. I'll remember it.

I learnt a lot today, and as usual- all or nothing.
I'd be pacing out and wondering how much time there's left before I can go home,
but once you get me going, I mean really going- I'll be immersed in my work
and I won't give a fuck if it's break time or not.
I just want to finish while I have the momentum. 

So maybe that's how designers survive without sleep,
because they have passion to drive them.

Don't have time for outings for this first week, not sure how next few weeks :3
I miss my friends, of course! lucky Saturday is still free. HEHE.

Keep calm and carry on,
ambitions and passions need to roll like a fireball 
eat up EVERYTHING in its path ^^


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