Saturday, 27 October 2012

Beauty and a beat

 Hey hey I look a little like I'm in a cave noh? Hehe 

Called up Gwenllian and asked her if she wanted to go Midvalley,
I wanted to go there because they had Kamdar and Art Friend ho hum.
She said on on, so there we go~

Falling in love with purple nowadays :*
Espo lilac and violet shade, mmm.

And honestly, I do hair and make up...
only when I know I will take pictures.
Otherwise I will be pretty lazy, concentrate on outfit onih
HAHA. I love taking pictures :3 


Believe and fight?

Look who I found at Topshop


Was entering Topshop's fitting room and out of nowhere I heard my name called.
Hah, sho hardworking! 

Had job offer on Blackberry's Midvalley event, but aiks.
Halloween and college, no time therefore no mood *w*

The joy of getting paid is unbeatable, though.

Also saw Wei Xi, she was with her relatives.

Hoh, seems like we bump into people wherever we go, small world indeed.

Must be meticulous, never let anyone catch you looking unflattering. 
Right right.

Also googled about the magic of contouring & highlighting (make up)

Ho hum, no wonder Kim looks so luminous all the time~
Looks horrible when you doing it, but immensely gorgeous after you've blended it away.
Haven't try that far, only some highlighting here and there.
Because the amount of pigments involved... NAY, scary.

With flattering make up, hair, and outfit. Anyone can look stunning. :3
People who put the effort to look gorgeous excite me. And my eyes.
People who don't? Ahem....

^ tutorial on how to contour & highlight ^^ 
So funneh how the model looks before blending
the light and the dark shades. Err. The model kept laughing at herself as well
More like a friend than professional ?

OH yeah, went to Kamdar and apparently they are out of Muslin.
Next month they restock, they say. ~.~ SLOW!

I don't wanna get muslin from my lecturer anymore mannn.
Outside is around RM15 for 5meters and his is RM75 for the same length.. =.="
A bit better quality, harder a lil'. But honestly. 
I'm a beginner, I'll take the bloody fifteen bucks one!

Well Artfriend I spent a loooong time in there.
Honestly I can spend forever in stationery shops and make up counters.
Because I keep thinking how to mix and match, and there are so many bloody options.

Well you can always buy their pre-packed set, but this 72 colour one costs....


^speedpainting with copic markers. 
Love watching endless tutorials on Youtube MUAHHA

Expensive, but they were totally awesome, and I am utterly in love. 
Now I can replace watercolour with copic markers as primary medium :3
For me their big deal was ultimately their brush nib. 
It's like watercolour brush but more consistent and the colour is ready-made. HOHO.
I was born for markers. YUMMY.

Only bought five, about RM75. Plus twenty bucks for a brush because it was sable hair. 
Pluck out from pony ah? Anyways, popular brands to look out for is
Daler & Rowney or Maruman for papers, Reeves for paint, Derwent for colour pencils.

There are like normal 24 colour pencil sets that costs RM300, 
but indeed their quality is different from RM30 one. 
Teacher has one, they can go on forever without sharpening. ~,~
Couple years old but still looks long way to be used up~

Having the right tools make a big difference, indeed.
And then learning the right technique makes your art come alive.
I suppose my mistake was never taking art too seriously because 
I only expect it to come naturally, as a hobby, as an amateur.
Too... lazy to go professional.

BUT HAIYUR. I have to be good at something.
And why not it be something I like doing :3

Well other stuffs I really love doing is eating and hanging out with friends
but you can't earn money from it. Umm. On the other hand, you have to spend money
to accommodate those pleasures! 

Well maybe if I was those TV food haunts host or some party ambassador.
But for the moment not realistic jobs eheh.

Some samples with the measly five colours I had. LOL.

2B pencil, with my favourite blue pencil. Heck. I don't know the brand, only that it is blue ~.~

Artline I don't know zero point wad :3

Caricatures because I saw em draw this way on my college textbooks.

I like to draw eyes, but anyhow after I finish them eyes I get lazy to complete the whole face.
So I leave a lot of emo eyes that way.

I don't think my drawing is good, but for me it is something that I enjoy :3
The only assignment that I can complete like it's not homework.

Hmm if I wanted I could focus all on drawing and be a fashion illustrator,
but then I wanna open a shop aiyoh so cutie and I wan the cha-ching also aiyoh so nice.

Craving Gong Cha eventho I had it just today! 
Passionfruit tea with basil seeds and herbal pudding. YUMMY. 


Well for next year I want a diff hairstyle. Wavy? Curls?
And a lighter shade :3

Xuan wants purple. Sim Kuan's not so sure yet. Dip-dye?
Looking back our pictures, Xuan and Chi Cheng are the ones who change their look
all the time. Like... chameleons.

Xuan is the most serious one, 
bangs no bangs side bangs blonde brunette wavy straight bun braid pins she likes everything.
Only thing I hadn't seen her in a while is of course short hair :3

Chi Cheng is more like she changes different hairstyles time to time.
The mushroom. The cocker spaniel. The china doll. Heh. 
Have special names for em all.

For me it's more like I do change, but after I do I stay the same for a while.
Like a phase, a mood, a look. That comes and stays for a while.

Another thing that I wanna do is also learn dancing! 
Girl's hip hop, new jazz hip hop, tecktonik.
Since I like to shake my ass so miach.

Oh yeh. Guys who know how to dance is also a huge turn on, just because.

Umm. Also want a dog. Poodle? Shih tzu? 
I need something to cuddle and pour my love over !@##E#E

Okay okay, that's all for today. 
Three AM in the morning and it's not helping my sorethroat :3

TATA lovelies! :*

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