Sunday, 7 October 2012

KL & College


Let me start off from the front to the back :*

Went to KL with the girls today- Siet Yen, Jin Fye and Sim Kuan.
Well Jin Fye is our gorgeous queen. I remember those days when
Siet Yen and Jin Fye would go to the canteen arm in arm linked together.

He drove his dad's Land Cruiser today. This is not his car
but is anyway pretty close to how he looked like 
when he ramped up the road shoulder to park his car. ~.~

 Oh wait here it is ^^ original photo from Jblock

Jin Fye's a huge bully because he's in a huge car. HAHHA!
The worse part was when he jumped three lanes to U-turn 
and everyone had to wait for him because of the traffic light. 

Before that, started my day off with photoshop lesson, 
it was pretty fun and relaxing :3
But bad thing is it's on a Satuday! >:O 

Today's class is also the reason for post header photo. HAHHA! 
The horizontal photo, usually mirrored portrait- that starts off every post, if you notice ^^

with da Jie Ying

Love her hair *w* 
Amanda helped her to braid it!

Some dinosaur thing inside TOA I passed by and asked Scott to take picture for me. Hehe.
Didn't have time to read and appreciate it because I had to rush back to class ~,~

After class, Siet Yen and I had some dim sum to-go and went to pick Sim Kuan up.
Nice nice yoh she decided to come with us in the end. I knew it. :p

This, is of course Siet Yen's wholesale shop.
I only buy clothes there when Siet Yen says she wants to go.
Hehe. Because it is wholesale and usually you have to buy the whole set instead of one piece...
But nothing's a problem when your parents own the store ^^

 New stocks piled up on the floor :3

No fitting room of course, that's the bad thing! So I only buy things I'm at least 80% sure will look not bad on me :3 I'm not usually keen on buying stuff without trying. I like to fuss with picking. Sim Kuan likes to grab everything. So heart pain when Siet Yen said credit card for RM300 and above only :3 I know how it feels ~,~

Top from AX, Skirt from Giza, bag from Jaspal. 
Was running late today actually and grabbed whatever caught my eye *w*
Nowadays, I get frustrated when I am late. Lecturer's influence hooo.

I don't know why but the outfit turned very beach-look.
I think because Xuan and Chi Cheng kept going on about beach romance and beach party ~,~

Siet Yen's "bao zhou po" look. Writing down our item codes. ^^

Three girls five bags at the end. HAHHAA

After that, Fye Fye drove us to Sungei Wang :)

Love this shot hehe
Fye fye gotten fitter thanks to Celebrity x)

Had some Teppanyaki but I have my lesson learnt now.
We grabbed our seats quickly, then realized why the seats were empty.
Because no one sits directly in front of the grill ~.~

The oil droplets splatter like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

When I took out my phone I could see the round oily poisons on my screen WTF (T.T)
Imagine your pores getting clogged with it, as if I need any more risks on my skin >:O

Okay la drama babi.

 Went to this little shop hidden inside Sungei Wang's second floor,
a shop for sewing tools called May Hin.
Mister Yen is chummy with the owners and he recommended us. 

Bought curved ruler, those expensive pins that Mister Yen fusses about, 
and some fabric that is actually just fabric for lining and it is RM3.60 only for 1 meter wtf. 
The Muslin that we have to buy for assignments costs like RM35 for 2 meters and it runs out in a couple of weeks. :3 Maybe much quicker as our assignment pieces get bigger =.=

There was also this store with custom-made shoes, ten-inch Lady Gagafied boots. 
Waow :3 Siet Yen tripped in a distance most people walk approximately to reach their remote control. DANGEROUS IT IS YOH. Reminds me of the Taylor's Gaga. He is so fucking famous. I will definitely grab a picture with him if I spot him ^^ I like weird people. 

Insane is the new normal.

Anyway Sungei Wang and Times Square are full of hidden gems. 
The gems in KLCC and Pavilion, sighs yoh they need gem-quality money to buy =.=!
The distinction between low range and high range. Wehehee.

Walking, walking, walking. 
All of us girls don't dare to wear heels to KL anymore, even Sim Kuan ^^
all of us have tried, and felt the pain... :')

It's okay if you just stay in one shopping mall. But usually we go to Pavilion and then fly to Sungei Wang or Times Square then walk back to Pavilion again. Hehe. Xuan was the originator of KL walking. The direction queen. But she is MIA, replaced by Sim Kuan ^^ 

Went to Sephora because Siet Yen wanted to get makeup kit to keep her pattern-making tools.
I had wanted to, too. But changed my mind when I saw the price ^^

Heart-pain ah spend so much on college. HOR. But it's okay. 
Delayed gratification yoh, investment for my future.

So that's how today went :)
Saturdays are always for enjoying, indulging myself
so no matter how stressed I've been over the weekdays
I can recover from it. 

A good start is half  the assurance you need. Maybe 3/4 ^^

Sundays are my love, too. :*

Okay, now rewind back to the starting of this week! Hehe

 Monday's OOTD a.k.a outfit of the day *w*
Instagram slang it is

Busying with our mannequins. 

Basically, our classes are divided into Mister Yen's pattern-making
and french teacher's fashion design.
I am a bit blur with pattern-making because it involves a lot of
mathematical precision and step-by-step instructions. ~,~

But yah. Mister Yen's motto is always- "You learn from mistakes."

Most teacher would scold you for making mistake 
but he would scold us for asking others to helping us avoid mistakes. trololo

One thing I really love about the tables is I have a fuckload of space
and I can pepper all my pinky pinky shit with it.
If it's pink, it's probably mine. HAHHA! My college mates always fiddle with em
Portable stationary shop yoh. Throw everything into my Chilli Queen's boot.

Wanted to take my mannequin home on Saturday but the gallery was locked :/ 
darn it cibai forgot to consider it. Now I can't correct my seams. !@#$%^

Okay wtf smile first.

 With Yee Chien ^^ After French class, we also found out Yee Chien's name has another meaning... ahem. And exactly... a good one ... But she wasn't offended ^^ not yet la

Our first French lesson was on Wednesday, taught by a guy called John Lopez. Scott of course, naturally asked if he was related to Jennifer Lopez. The teacher was very affable and easy-going, tall Indian guy. I wasn't sure if he was an Indian or not. Hoho he is. From Johor, lived in France and been teaching French for sixteen years.

All I remember is something along the lines of Je M'appelle Karen, et toi? Salut, Au Revoir, Tchao. Bye in three forms. Merci beaucoup, bonjour, je ne comprends pah ( I no under), Oui, Non (pronounced we, know. yes and no) sil vous plait. Comment allez vous. Thank you and how are you.

Anyway there is only one French class a week but it is three hours. Still, if you want to get good, you better revise and research the fuck out of it. So far, I hadn't have the time to do that. Ten hour classes which translates to twelve hours if you include transport time :3 If I finish early I still stayback a while to finish up assignments. BAH.

You know that period where I came so close to giving up?

Well now I have decided to stay. When I make a decision it is firm, like when I wanted to give up. But when I want to stay, yes- the decision is as firm. If not even firmer, because it is my current choice.

Funnily, I don't feel the bite so much when lecturers scold me for all the shit I do wrong/not enough. Take it with a pinch of salt, because bitchy bosses are everywhere anyway. You can't escape dealing with such people, heck- you probably acted like that someone else anyway. 100%!

Even if you become a boss, it is even worse because you have to please your clients and I assure you, you will have plenty of clients. 

Three years it is, I will keep chasing my dreams and bite on it like a mad dog. But yeah, it did felt real when I wanted to let go of it, because I was afraid and tired and fed up. But then, well. We always recover. It's just a matter of adapting. AHAH, delayed gratification ^^

Anyways, now I've learnt to demand the best of myself, because if you want to build a brand you better be as good as you can. A brand is only as strong as the people behind it. A business without a brand is just a commodity, wiped out in a matter of seconds. The Coca-Cola brand is in itself worth more than the machineries and products and merchandise and every shit added up together.

This (was) my bedroom floor. 
Littered with scissors, glue, masking tape, yarns, fabrics, papers, pencils, buttons ~.~

One assignment takes at the very least five hours to complete, and there's about two everyday.
Well there you go, that sums up college life. HO-HUM.

Then there are extra classes like photoshop, french class, language class. ~.~
Even my dad said I looked like I'm working instead of studying 
when he saw me heading for school on a Saturday lol. 

But hey at least not on Sunday!
 Now I have learnt to look on the bright side. HOHO.
Enjoy the silver lining while it lasts *w*

Life felt a bit right out of "Devil Wears Prada" recently.
Like how Andy was horrified of the workload and stringency of her new boss and
 came close to giving up, then decided she will rise towards the challenge.

Learn to love the challenge, learn to conquer it.
You can come close to giving up but you can't go over it.
Ho, I guess my friends and family knows best when they told me not to give up.
People saw it was what I wanted to be since forever, but at that time all I could see was how tired I was. But once you get used to being tired, being too free feels odd.

Ahem but being too tired= the picture below


Siet Yen snoozing in my car. Hoho. Carpooling- take turns to enjoy napping in the car 
and enjoying the notorious LDP jam. Eh, I'll be happy to learn alternate ways to college.
Like Segambut to KL. Avoid toll too ~,~ I know the Sungai-Buloh-Subang way. Any nearer? :/

Thursday after language class, went to meet up with Yih Wern
Eventhough she's staying at a hostel pwetty far away, 
she's still the same, still speaks with the same animated voice. HAHAHA.

Xianjiong and her were sweety bitty. AIYORYOR :3

Friday night was Zhi Qi's gathering. Bestarian guys went mostly, the girls FFK!
HAHA catched up with Jun Wen mostly. Bid adieus to Daniel, going to trip with Chi Cheng to Penang four in the morning later that night. Saw Jason Chin, studying culinary arts at Cilantro he says. SY wanted to come but became pilot for the night. 

Played videos of Zhi Qi, some also our high-school photos. Mmm.
I think everyone misses high school one time or another. 
College is tough but you learn a lot.

High-school was really. A special time.
But, good thing is I do love my current coursemates as well *w*
It is nice that Siet Yen is with me too.

Miss Chi Cheng and Chloe :3 Usually place my outings on weekends. Hiok hiok.

 Bought some moustachey... earrings today. HEHEHE
 Got carried away and bought quite a lot of rings :/
First two from clockwise is my two favourites, others were bought today hehe.
Why rings? I don't know. Because when in college I always tend to take out bracelets when sewing. So rings la ^^

 My house of rings, padded cushion inside a Hello Kitty box I lugged all the way from Singapore. HAHAH. Fucking heavy it was, the things I'd toil through for my obsession :3 

I like gold rings, of course. Gold is my lover.
I also tend to pick rings that feature animals.
There's a snake, a fox, an owl, a mockingjay, a pink elephant ^^

Lost a few rings along the way, but not as bad as earrings because I always get annoyed with them and take them out and they are never to be found again ~,~

Anyway, a girl must always always have a ton shit of accessories and a ton shit of clothes.
But most importantly, if she has a kiloshit of style she can do without a ton shit of those ^^

 Friday's outfit :3 I kept grabbing my ass in this one because the skirt is so short. HAGAGA
But I seldom wear bandage skirts to college anymore because they don't allow you to open wide. The legs I mean. Designers are always all over the table, all over the floor, all over everywhere
 The Bbowieh <3 p="p">

I love to watch her take pictures of me because she'll climb ontop of chairs if that's what needed to get a good angle ^^

Scotty the poser, enough said :p

And da last pic! I forgot when this was taken.
Ah! Tuesday. Good thing about photos. You can always check the date blueprint.

AHAH AHAH! That's all for this post.
You know even if I never update for a few days
there will be a huge ass post.
Because I always remember my blog :*

Tchao tchao guys, have a great weekend 
and always run like a dog to whatever you want to grab :}}


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