Friday, 26 October 2012

Rainbow waterfall!

Hi hi peepo :*

So pleased tomorrow is holiday! Hari Raya Haji :3

 Went to DPC to meet up with my girls earlier tonight!

Was supposed to go out in the afternoon, Midvalley.
But plan didn't fall through yoh, Gwenllian wasn't feeling well~
Also had some last-minute work at college, as always. HMPH.

So I spent my afternoon napping, Jennie said just dinner at DPC.
LOL. Put my phone on mute and Jennie knocking on my door woke me up.
HAHHAHAHAHA! My house is like their house :3
 Saw my phone and had seven missed calls. LOL.

Had a bit of fever so I've been taking afternoon naps
that are like four to six hour long. HMM.

I think my body has this way of falling sick when stress,
because I know I heal myself by not going to school ~.~
MAKE SENSE?! :3 But it's like... relax for one day,
then after that a lot to catch up yoh.

Zoom zoom Jennie drove me to DPC. HEHE
Xuan came a lil late, our timekeeping queen <3 p="p">
Everyone has been feeling a lil under the weather lately,
hot sun and then thundering clouds.

Chi Cheng dropped by a while, she was with Weng Mun and Che Ying them :3
HEHE. She'll always find a way to meet us up :*
 Leaving to Malacca tomorrow, I think!
Jennie is off to Bali.
Siet Yen off to Alor Setar.

HO HUM. Everyone away from the weekend :/
A more lively halloween NEXT YEAR MAYBE?!

Gwenllian's infamous transparent umbrella was the star of the night.
HAHHA! I have a similar one- Xuan and I bought it when it was raining outside Pavi!

I spent like an hour editing the pics. FUN EH. 
Because... it was raining.




Oh yeh, saw a lot of familiar peepo at DPC, as always.
Don't know if they saw us camwhoring the shit out of the rain :3
Saw Phin Chin with his family, Hui Shan and Jia Huan them, 
Form Five guys- Nicholas, Kah Sing.

Lol. Banyak orang eh.

With bou bou, so near yet so far oh~
Timing and college obstacles hmm :3

Still great as posing partner heh

Wandering soul? 
 As always, three of us.

Similar moment, in a diff time :*

Went to chatime and for the first time Xuan and I got warm drinks instead.
Hmm, I like hot drinks when I'm sick. The only exception :3
Jennie rushed home to pack her bags~

Daddy told me maybe going Singapore for the weekend, I was like HAH?
By plane? He said yes. Ticket? Oh haven't book.
HAHA talk only! :3

I WAN EH. Shopping.

Dad's birthday also coming, brother asked if I wanted to share money
to buy pressie. I said oh okay la, and my budget was RM50.
Lol what my brother had in mind was ten times my budget :(

LV WALLET. HHAHA. Initially I was like WAH.
But okay la after that hmm aiyo Dad spend like fuck on us
and he never likes to buy anything for himself.


Well if there's anyone who deserves more it's my papa!


Also googled some different eyeliner styles!

NIFTY?! It's good to experiment and shock people sometimes :3
who cares if you failed, at least you tried!

But ahem. Don't blatantly accept anything ridiculous :3

They both look kind of egyptian ish :3

I used to like eyeshadow more than eyeliner, but I like eyeliner more now.
Espo the wing one. Fav part of eyeshadow is the glitter. HEHE.

I like glitter everything. Nail polish. Lotion. Lip gloss. HOHO.
Shine babeh, SHINE.

Err. Been posting less on college. LAZY AH.
Maybe next year :3 College atmosphere is so strict and serious,
unlike outings!

But yeh. Drawing has gotten easier, colouring skin colour too.
Wet on wet technique. Should get those copic markers but the basic set...
costs... RM360. *kneels on floor*

But, they are worth it :3 Espo when you're learning something
that requires quite a lot of drawing and colouring.

This is pattern making:

As a rule of thumb, I prefer fashion design over pattern-drafting

It is so much on accuracy and lines and curves that honestly 
my left brain wants to surrender, so bad T.T

The first one is a bodice pattern and the second a shirtwaist, btw! 
Mmm. Sewing is okay, but I like the creative ones. I don't like ones
which I have to follow exactly  bla bla. So stoic and impersonal eh.
But wtf. Have to learn.

T.T So much different from making clothes for my dolls.

OKAY OKAY. Will do some more wet on wet shit and post it up soon.


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