Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekend getaways and little rants


Hi Hi ! :)

Mini gathering on Saturday. 

Went to Souled Out at Hartamas. 
With Siet Yen, Chi Cheng, Theng Loo, Xian Jiong, 
Weng Hock, Ping Kuang, Brandon, Ding.

Wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not because I would have to skip family dinner.
Went in the end, Chi Cheng called! Hehe :* 

For outings it's like we set the day a couple of days before, but it is
crucial to call on that very day. Otherwise we get doubts if it is happening! :3
Sim Kuan didn't come, had to go for family dinner. 
So funny- she forgot her keys the night before
 and her dad opened the door for her five in the morning *w*

My beebo ^^
so farney when I was braiding her hair
 she said she looked ugly with braids.
Then I ask her to shh and took picture.
She was like, Pretty! Pretty!

Okay la she's photogenic ^^

Ding taking food from Theng Loo while he looks on like a helpless puppy.
Reminds me of those days in Science Two, when Ding would bully Theng Loo all da time.
But Ding acts nice la when he needs help from Theng Loo do to Physics questions etc. Hoho.
Fair-weathered friend!

Went to Horoscope at Setia Walk next. At Puchong, far far yoh.
Used Waze app as GPS. HAHA. Chi Cheng kept saying she had GPS.
I thought it was those Garmin gadgets Sim Kuan has.
She meant her Samsung app *w*

HAHAH we made it safe! 

Daniel on the decks, he's gotten much better! :)
The timing and everything. Kept joking he'll be the next Guetta.
But house music is a lil harder to break into :3 
those nicki minaj crap, easy to get famous oh.

Very nice when he dedicated a track to me ^^ 
a mix of Levels and Somebody That I Used To Know. 
Recorded it with my iPhone. 
Hoho, good that Daniel has found something he likes doing. 
But when he's working sometimes he'll go back as late as five am, chi cheng said :3


Outfit shot by Chi Cheng. Erm.
I think she takes much better photos at night? ^^ 
Don't know why been into orange/beige palette lately hehe.

Surprise! LJ is back!
Forgot to take pic with him ma de.
I can't remember how long he's been gone.
But all I know is- he's back for good. 
As in not returning Taiwan.

Decided the course is not for him, working with his baba now.
Pretty tiring, working full days on weekdays. So no more faicai life for KJ.

I think everyone is a lil' different now. 
Different paths, a little lost. 
That's always how it is for beginnings, right?

Brandon also brought his girlfriend, Robyn I think.
She looks hot, in a very wild/exotic way.
Lip piercing and heavy eyeshadow.

After Horoscope I went to McD, do assignments with Theng Loo and Xian Jiong. 
Theng Loo's furrowed eyebrows at his laptop doing Physics report. Engineering course at Taylors Subang. Those equations and formulas. They make me wanna jump off a building, left brain saying NONONO. Sometimes I feel like I was born without a left brain. At least for the maths part. HOHUM. I think a lot of courses is actually damn packed and college is pretty stressful, except for Taylors. Segi. KDU. KBU. Business looks... relaxing... Except when doing research etc maybe? :/
On the way home, King Jiat listened to Xian Jiong and I complain about our college, the very same one. And the very same problem- long hours, teachers throwing tantrums.

I really hate it when teachers don't respect a students work, tearing skirt to pieces and throwing collages they spent four hours making etc. We're here to learn. Go be an employer if you wanna do that, I don't owe you any money. What about the other way round?

But yesh, Xian Jiong say he improved a lot. Sad thing was most of his classmates have been attending art classes during their childhood... 

I think The One Academy is essentially for otakus who love their trade so much they don't mind sacrificing sleep. Me? I'm just standing there like I want to balance everything- friends, family, studies. Then slapped down by a wave of assignments asking me to snap the fuck out of it.

Aiyoh. I am social butterfly eh. How to fly when my wings are clipped by Esmod. 
More on that later. Continuation of weekends! At least I still have my weekends! FUYWGDEDB

 Friday was David Guetta at Sepang International circuit.

Well basically Jennie from the block asked if I wanted to go and I was like oh ON la.
Because. We are young, we have fun. Spend weekends with wasteful teenge activities, appropriately. WTF.

Actual photo of the scene, from Jennie's camera. 
Except it was very dark and I backlite it and the audience looked like zombies :x

Snoozing in Jin Fye's car, Vincent in the shotgun making Jaegerbombs 
with a duty-free bottle of Jaegermeister in one hand and a red bull can in another.

After we have finally arrived! Vincent's friend was there, Jennie and my college friends were there.
Sadly didn't get to meet up with Karyn and Jie Ying because finding a person in that size of a crowd is like picking a needle of a haystack :c

How was the concert? I think we only stayed for like an hour or two inside.
Hmm, very crowded. Don't regret going though, RM138 but it was alright.
Anywhere is fun if you go with friends.

Umm. I think the speakers were crap and not loud enough. 
Rave party yoh. They need to have speakers that make you heart beat along the music..
And the DJ stand should be much higher because I'm a shortie
and I was struggling to catch a glimpse amidst of six footer ang mohs ~,~

But hey. I did see Alesso and Guetta. I like Alesso better........

HAHHAHA. But I love DJ Chuckie the most. Dirty Dutch, mmmmhmmm.


Fat siamese mannequin in between.
 Oh well at least my hair goes with my shirt :3

Qi Yao said my eyes are flying upwards. HAHA. I liked winged eyeliners :)


I am wondering when I can check out Raffles and how much longer I can stand this college life, waking up six in the morning and when I come back the sun is already setting.
And yet it feels like no matter how much I try, the assignments never get finished because once you've dealt with the old ones, so what? The new ones are here. I like challenge, but when the challenge is so relentless you wonder if it is worthwhile, here comes the wandering thought of GIVING. UP.

People around encourage me to stay, but. It's just an instinct I can't ignore, like I know I will be on the knees by the time I'm on my second semester- if things keep up the way they are now. Isn't it odd how I wanted to switch to Taylor's the previous time but after that I came back to TOA with renewed enthusiasm only to find myself at square one after a week or two? It's either I change myself or I change my college, but I want to KEEP. MYSELF.

I'm getting so tired of myself, of college, of teachers, of assignments. Helpless, frustrated, angry, disappointed. Is it a wonder that all I want to do, is to get away? When a teacher throws a tantrum, tears up our work and use our breaking point of being upset to do assignments, how many times can we be broken again before we end up useless and hopeless? 

If I did feel like I was going somewhere, I wouldn't complain like I am now. I don't know where I'm going. You want to teach so many things but everything is just lost in that cramped timeframe. What you teach, it leaks out with my frustrations and during weekends I just want to forget that I've paid 18K to a course I feel like a slave to.

I just want to pour everything out- naked and bare. Because there's no point trying to pretend that I'm an excellent students, finishing assignments on time and shit. Everyone of my classmates are exhausted and stressed.

If you can learn things the hard way, then you can go TOA and learn a lot. But me, I can't. All I feel like doing is running away from people who throw tantrums and assignments every fucking day. During the first week there was this assignment on making a skirt mold flat, most students cut slits all over the place and I only did one big flat cut in the middle. Because I like the easy way, the efficient way, the free way. Whatever fuck you want to call it.

Maybe I would put up with it like Andy in Devil Wears Prada, but all I can think about is I'm not earning any money but giving it out instead. Questioning myself over and over, that Esmod is not the only way into the fashion industry so why do I have to do it like this? 

Maybe I will look back and see I was immature, spoilt, snobbish, lazy. Anything like a garfield except a very overstressed garfield. Maybe I would've transferred to Raffles and regret. But all I can see now is how I dread new deadlines and expanding assignments list. All I can see is how I will be in my third year, ten times harder then it is now- wishing I would've given up earlier and not wasted oodles of money on something I'm dragging myself up to finish up.

I can't say enough how sick I am hearing myself complain, how sick I am not having time for friends or family let alone myself. Somehow I have lost myself on this newfound route, and all I can see is the negativity of it. Bring me back, I don't want to get seeped into this. I don't want to do something I don't see myself happy doing. Boy, my gut instincts come strong.

Ranted enough, that's it. Maybe tomorrow I will feel foolish for being so worked up, maybe tomorrow I will still be so worked up and begging to getaway- but what has been said here is done, that's what I'm feeling. Me for this moment.

But who knows. That carefree smile will still end up on my face, as always. Along with my not so gracious laugh. If I need any help, there's always Mei Yen.

Okay okay! That's all for today ! 

Bye peepo!

There's always light at the end of the tunnel, so here I remind myself to look for it.


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