Sunday, 21 October 2012

We'll be coming, back.

Hello hello!

No matter what, I'll always stay true to at least one update a week. Hehe.
Because blogging doesn't feel like a chore, more like a hobby :)

 Sushi Bonanza week, and I've been dragging friends to eat Sushi King with me all the time.
Applied the card for twenty bucks, might as well get the most out of it! #kiasu 

 Cute right the card ^^
But they look so lively, I feel sad. Each bite I take,
it feels like I am killing them, one by one. :x

 With Mei Yen at the back lol. I wanted to act emo alone :(
New pose, looking down while taking pics. 
Cos I wanna see how my eyeliner wings look like hehe :3

Okay this one can see better.
I was camwhoring and Mei Yen threw my rilakkuma at me and asked me to pose with it. 
You know la I'm on whatever you throw at me.

Well, if it involves silly work, not hard work.
I might grow old, but the kid in me? I won't let her grow up so fast! :x

With Family on last Sunday, was having Caesar Salad with Salmon.
I think ^^ from Michelangelo where they don't serve ice water 
and their bottled water causes eight bucks
 with is more than enough to get a glass of fruit juice. LOL
Haih, KL oh KL.

But the salmon strips were delicious though.
I wished they had unagi strips, too.
It's nice to sit along the restaurants in Pavi's outdoor cafe strip.
They call it Connection which I think is a silly name. :B
Anyways, it is good for people-watching there.
 The way people dress at Bukit Bintang area is much more interesting
than say, Kepong or Sunway Pyramid. 

Random shit I piled on for that day.

After school on who cares what day, sneaking a picture at Tesco while waiting for 
the ginormous queue at Sushi King. First time sharing my table with strangers. 
All in the name of two bucks sushi! It was also their closing time, and I took away 
a few plates for next morning. Always spend a lot on food for college recently... heart pain.

Food is like little pleasures when in college. And with that kind of college? 
Boy- I'd go crazy if I didn't know how to indulge..

 I suppose Mei Yen is improving in taking pictures bit by bit
 since I always make her take pics..Lol heheee

 With the Gwenllian on Friday afternoon straight away coming back from college.
Drove to her house because I was lazy to go back home and go out again
and also because I know gwenllian takes a long time to get ready!

 Clothes borrowed from Gwenllian.
Bebe top and Bangsar boutique skirt :3

Ate at Cafe Takahashi on Tokyo Street at Pavi. Went to Topshop and Cotton On.
Cotton On had some crazy sales going on, tops going for five bucks.
But they're those thin kinds middle-aged Americans 
love wearing when holidaying in tropical countries...

They had some nice dresses for RM30 thou! 
Justttt need a lil luck to find it in your size!

Onto Topshop make up recently.

I LUVVV sparkly nail polish. 90% of nail polishes I own, sparkles. HEE *w*
Erm. I find matte ones a bit too formal/neutral.
But I love pastel shades ! :3

Bought their lipstick too, a light barbie pink sort of shade that
I've been looking for. Mags in vivi and popteen always show their girls using em!

Hmm. This one gives a pretty sweet effect. 
But I want one more from MAC! A more matte version perhaps :3


Inside Gwenllian's car. Look like spaceship anoh? ^^

Hmm. I've always wanted to try renting a hotel for one night just to party with friends.
It would be like penang, but concentrated on one night and you wouldn't have to drive so far!
The hotel above is Shangri-La, the most basic room costs RM435. Rates vary, of course :3

But, say the budget is RM50 and twenty people make it, you'll have RM1k.
That's actually not bad already.
Use half that for hotel
then the leftover for liquor and food.
....I know Vincent and Shao Yang seem to never run out of bottles to give away. ^^

It's year-end period already, I want to party so bad.
Get away from the stress and shit from college,
can't tell you how sick I am of teachers throwing tantrums
and assignments piling up like you can never defeat them.
That's how I put myself in this college situation, and it's not going to work.
 That's why yoh. January comes, boom. Just hoping for a better change! :3

Also. Artistic types are very much prone to escapist behaviour,
which means they use forms of alcohol and drugs to get away from reality.
Artistic people are basically very sensitive and emotional to the world around them
which means they perceive emotions in a magnified way. Sigh.
Those legends, they go on to suicide by taking drugs etc.
Michael Jackson. Alexander McQueen.

But. I am glad to say I've never taken drugs before and I don't think I ever should.
What if it becomes accessible and I become acquainted with a feeling? 
It always starts little by little, until it snowballs into a fucking mountain!!!@#$%^

Alcohol is at most a weekly thing and I don't drink more than three glasses- that's my rule.
Anymore than that I'll get extreme headache and puke.
I am sometimes thankful I get too sick and get drunk easy,
because God knows how much I can drink if my body were to handle it.

Saturday was going to Beerfact, my initial place ho hum. Saw quite a few regulars, as always!
Saw Ding and King Jiat, they are most free on Saturdays.
Sundays, lj goes to work, and Ding goes back to MMU.
Hanshen and his gang were also there, also saw his brother.

What else. Babi sial, I always get burnt by cigarette heads in clubs. MY GOD.
Put your fucking cigarettes away you dickheads.
Generally, they do say sorry- but one of them actually pretended to hide his cigarette once
 and I stared at him until he said sorry. I think he did, because I was standing beside a rather tall guy and he thought I was going to ask him to beat him up. LOL. Nola where got so bad.

Other times, there are sweaty dudes who fling their arms like an octopus who doesn't know anything about rhythm... and I also had my drinks spilled onto my top once, thank God
my whole top wasn't really soaked.

I think music can be kind of. A sort of thing which absorbs you into wanting to get high,
which isn't really healthy. I suppose I should use something else.
Like food. Chocolate produces endorphins, yoh! Them feel-good hormones.

I wanna go Genting on Halloween :(

I'm sick of Valencia alreadyyyy.
But... even if I went Genting on Saturday, I can still go Valencia on Wednesday
because that's the original date righttt. Valencia is more convenient for everyone :/

Taylors is also having some event.
Everyone seems a bit tied up with college nowadays thou to party hard.
Ho hum. College makes me busy, too. But I don't want to be.

Was talking to Sim Kuan about all this events we should plan.
Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve.

One thing I know is my gang doesn't mind spending money on entertainment. LOL.
 I still want to stay as a youth. TOA is like... working for two demanding bosses. 
That would be fine, but except firstly I'm not getting any money but vice versa.,
and I'm not working. I'm an eighteen year old student for goodness sake.
I don't want to be treated like a slaving intern, GEE.

Chi Cheng is away for work this weekend! Have to see her next week :3 Others, seen them all recently. HAHAH. Like catching episodes onih. Episodes of Gwenllian, Jennie, Mei Yen. 
The guys, less. Daniel Ding XJ KJ yes. Vincent Weng Hock Ping Kuang Jin Fye Shao Yang, less. Those Taylor kia (except for Jin Fye). Jun Wen Li Chen Guat Tyng also less. Yih Wern, yes! ^^

Hmm. Asked my brother if his girlfriend was closer to college friends or high school friends,
he said OF COURSE high school friends.
I hope it holds true for us :(
I know those ex form-fives who're four years older etc still going quite strong.

Hmm. How bout a decade later ah? I wannnn.
 But not bad la we live quite near to each other.
Everyone is like less than ten minutes away, come to think of it.
Most. Hehe.
Those who aren't, well they always fly with their car and appear like magic. KI CHAK!

That's all tonight! May hope be with you always.

xx :*!

Standing in the lights till it's over, 
Out of our minds.
Someone had to draw a line.

I don't care if I know you,
Out of our minds,
Gotta leave it all behind,
Someday we'll be coming back.

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