Friday, 2 November 2012

A blur, a mess

Hello guys :)

This was on Tuesday! Was having mild tummy ache right before marketing lecture.
So I thought, why not sneak back home. Called Xuan when I just got out,
then called SK. Impromptu meet up yoh! :3

And SUDDENLY. The tummy ache was gone.
Because I was so glad to see my girls.

Chi Cheng is sadly just nursing her illness at home.
When I'm free, she's not! >.<  

Went to DPC for brunch at Amelio!

I'm starting to like Amelio :3
It is good for tea time & chit chat hehe.
But that day it took super long for my open toast sandwich to come.
Not even kidding man, 30mins ~,~ Lucky for them I was in a dilly-dally mood.

Anyway since it was so rare for three of us to be out nowadays,
we went for second round. Three cars went back to BSD, the pitstop!
Then Jennie took the wheels. 

Was supposed to go Giza but ended up 1U. 
It was raining :3

Guess what this is? :3 

Six gigantic light bulbs for photos.

HEHE! Seems like Purikura is back in business!
You know, those little machines that produce tiny stickers and tiny decorations.
There used to be one at 1U, Dreamworld or something.
Hotspot for teenagers going outings.

 Love it :3

Only RM12! Divide by three, only RM4 each person.
Xuan was tempted to have another go. HAHA.
Nevermind! Save it for next outing :)

Green background of the Purikura Station. :3

Three of us ^^
Hehe jblock cannot say she tall blablablba

Went to Karaoke next, first option was going to watch movie.
Interested in Ted, that soham show from producers of that soham Family Guy.

But okay don't have nevermind. :'(

Karaoke was cheaper than I thought, Neway. 
Used to be like RM40+. I think because it's in the afternoon, before peak hour :3
RM13++ for student price. But wtf. That ++ is actually extra RM7 compulsory.
Tidbits and drinks. So RM20.

Song selections?
Jennie- Taylor's Swift, T.a.t.u's all the things she said.
Xuan- Women with deep powerful voice. Christina Aguilera, Beyonce.
Me? Emo songs from Jolin or F.I.R is deffo in, and Katy Perry's Thinking of You.

Jennie was the noisiest. Xuan the quiet one (for that day)
I was more on the middle ground :3

Okay.. now time for the typical one angle and three hundred shots
girl camwhore

Take One

 Take Two

 Take Three 

Take Four

Was actually kind of reluctant to go sing K
but once you get the mood going there's no stopping :3
Damn noob trying to sing those Korean songs

 Pearls and black velvet

Monday was October 31, 
the most wonderful man in the world's birthday.

A lot of scheming and finesse involved when it comes to planning
a surprise birthday party.

Went to KLCC to buy his present with Sim Kuan. Hehe
Had only two hours of sleep dafug because of college.
But was energetic. Scheming yoh.

So anyway when I came home I pretended not to know it was
my dad's birthday. Rule no.1 of planning a surprise birthday party
is of course not acknowledging it is that person's birthday.
Hehe ^^

Called up my aunt as well to come over, the moment she came
my brother was supposed to turn off the lights, his girlfriend will take his present
and I will bring down the cake with candles lit up and all.


Dad was pretty surprised when the lights were suddenly turned off.
So came down the cake. Timing was a bit off, but anyways aunt came in
moments after.

Daddy grinning. Loved seeing his smile! Cannot see eyes one! ^^

 He said, I thought you forgot my birthday.
Nola. How can forget. Most important person in my life.

<33 br="br">


Cutting his cake. Can't remember the last time he had a decent birthday party.
Guilty us :( I think every year I should do something for my dad on his birthday.
Because I know la, he's a guy, act cool a bit. Pamper him on his birthday.

A lot of mishaps in between planning for the birthday,
but totally worth it :3 he deserves it!

With Mei Yen, went to Sushi King. Completely forgot when :3

1U with Siet Yen and Sim Kuan, 
this was after college.

This was where the incident happened. 

The last time I wanted to drop out of college,
I went MIA for a few days. Then the french teacher called, so I went back.
Thinking I shouldn't give up, thinking I've already paid so much.
That was Sep 22 if I'm not wrong. 

I'd like to say that it was just a small roadblock in my pursuit of studies at Esmod,
but no. It was more like a broken bridge.

I did try to do my best. I had the spirit. But that spirit wilted away.
Day after day, teachers throwing their temper around like nobody's fucking business.
Week after week, students crying- seriously like an episode right out of Project Runway.

But that's bullshit, because this is no competition,
there's no hundred grand to be won.
The feeling came back, it stayed. 

What is there is just a cert that so many other college can offer.
That's what I think. Why the fuck do I have to grin and bear it when I have so many options.

It's like, a gut instinct, you know?
I have one word for the attitude of the teachers there- unacceptable.
I won't tolerate such attitude, I'm big enough, adult enough.
Maybe I would tolerate it if I was working 
and you gave me money.

But instead it's like I give you money
go to college, do my assignments
to let you shout at me.

Oh fuck off.

 So what happened was- the chinese male lecturer was giving comments on our
draped skirt. Students showed him their works.
He wasn't pleased.

Shouted at three students. After that, took the 100m stainless ruler and banged on the table.
Shouted at everyone again. I forgot what he said. I only remember the intonation of his fucking voice.
And something inside me fucking snapped.

It's not the first time he has done it. The last time it was like some 800g steel scissors.
Everytime you rip off our works, everytime you raise your voice. 
I remember it. I remember how you lost your temper
instead of the stuff you want to teach.

I tried to put it in, forget. Went to the back to iron my skirt.
Female chinese lecturer was there- she was the nicer one.
And? All they do is treat kindness like a weakness.
Don't help her. Don't teach her. 

Then why did you fucking hire her for?
To stand there and watch us puzzle in distress?
What do you expect of us? :/

So I told her I can't take it anymore, I'm changing to Raffles.
She said don't change, it's not good. 
I asked her why but she couldn't give me the reason.. :/
I asked her about MIA, she said the facilities were bad.

No. I don't think Esmod is such a fucking big deal.
Maybe Parsons and Central Saint Martins, because their alumni list is luminous.
If Esmod did have such an elaborate alumni list then I wouldn't mind the pressure.
But this. It's not even famous for shit in Malaysia yet.
At least Raffles is. Competition winners and stuff :3

Okay so back to the ironing! 
When female lecturer made it like Esmod was my only choice, 
I had such an overwhelming dread. 
She said she did cry many times before too, just that we don't see it. 
Because the male lecturer kept rejecting her work.
And that she had to sleep like four in the morning everyday to finish everything.

Anyways, the male lecturer came and he saw me crying. 
He opened his mouth, and that was trouble.
He asked why she was helping me iron. 
She wasn't. She was just talking to me.
He asked why was I crying, he didn't even scold me. 
Well it doesn't take much for a girl to snap when everyday you throw temper like shit.

And for the first time I saw her talking back to him! 
Usually she'll just keep quiet and let him be. 
I admire her for that. Her backbone- present!
They were both raising their voice. 
She said, you didn't scold her but you scolded everyone. 
Students have feelings too.

And then after that I got sick of it, walked off while they were shouting.
Went back to my mannequin. Then the male lecturer came to me,
he told me to talk to him if I had problems.

I didn't answer anything the first time he asked. 
The second time he asked. I said 
I don't like it when you guys throw temper like that.
I don't like it when you cut up our works.

He said he cut up our works so we'll do a better one.
Wrong- if he wants us to do a better one he can just ask us to do it.
Cutting our works? It's just a display of his frustrations, plain and simple.
There's no excuse for such behaviour, geez.
Not even Tim Gunn does that.

After that, I walked out of class.
Took the taxi, that was how eager and desperate to get out I was.
Since when did studying became so dramatic.

Called Gwenllian the first time, she's the one I call when I'm tearing up.
Like that time at Tropicana and I cried everything out. It felt so good.
Cannot control la wtf. Cried all the way on the taxi way home.

And I knew then, I would never ever ever ever return to that fucking hellhole again.

To be fair though- the male lecturer was actually pretty friendly most times
but when he's pissed off he blows up and that's it. Personality change.
A good example of these types of teacher found in Esmod would be Pn Rohaya from Bestari.

Same attitude, throw stuff and then later asking you to pick it up. 
Rip out pages from your book. These people don't fucking know how to respect students.
Don't be a teacher if you have a short fuse, you need the patience- trust me.

Today I asked my classmates how was class, and they said the french lecturer was in a bad mood.
She warned the class she was having a bad mood because I she was upset I was absent
and because there was some drilling construction noises.

She's sensitive to small noises but I think it's just an excuse for her to strike on people.
Because I remember she said a few times before that she's an old lady 
and she can't hear properly, so speak louder.

But when you do small noises when eating? She comes. And then she throws your food on a random paper so you don't make the noise. How fast the change is.

Later she proceded to scold Samantha, until she cried. ONE person cry it can be student's problem. 
But, seeing SIX students cry over the course of two months? Not normal, at all.
But to count the times I've seen students cry, almost uncountable.
This is also probably the only college where
the lecturer also cries.

You can't make an excuse to scold people because you're having a bad mood, learn to manage it.
The train is not going to come late because the driver is having a bad mood.
The teacher is still going to do her job even is she is having a bad mood.

I think the reason people dare to treat students like this, is simply because they don't respect students. I mean the way they treat students is how they treat maids. HECK, maybe even maids get treated better. You see right? The way we shout at maids, is because we don't respect them enough, we think we have so much power over them. 

I'm not going to come back because I know it's still going to be the same, 
trying so hard, suffering so much, to get a cert you can get elsewhere minus the disadvantage.

So that's it. Done and done.

ESMOD can suck my ass, I don't need your cert.
I don't need your teachers blowing up as a way of teaching.
Don't tell me there ain't better ways. 


I do have to say though, I love the students there.
Great teamwork and all of them were really nice :)
Wacky too. I hope they don't get too stressed because of teachers
get influenced by their tempers etc.

The only thing that made things bearable were having them as friends,
and I am eternally grateful for having them! :)

Everyone had their own unique and wonderful personalities.
Scott, Bowie, Jie Ying, Yee Chien, Karyn :3
Siet Yen too. 

They can make it. They have the will!

Upgraded interiors! ME LIKEY
Feel privileged to have a women's coach as well! :)

Today I took the KTM alone to Midvalley to find a job. 
Tried at Burberry. Not sure where else I should try :3

Hmm, shows how eager I am to get out of Esmod right?
If I decide on something, I'll go with it on full force.

Used Waze GPS app on iPhone. Was so scared. Battery was around 30%
It was easy following the directions! Gone were the mute Google map days. LOL.
Put on my earphones inside the KTM.
The KTM took a lil too long to arrive, like 20mins?
Imagine the hours of lost productivity. 
It's like being stucked in a jam. 
Well except you don't have to drive la. Lol.

Also went to BeerFact today and yesterday night.
Yesterday was the halloween one.

Yesterday one was damn on! :)

Had Elecoldxhot performing, a scary ass clown and a bloody Red Queen.
Got pulled up on stage literally lol. Also saw Vincent ! He was with his mama! 
Damn on right his mama :3

Vincent saw me in the toilet. He was like, eh sohai! :D
And I was like HARLO! And then his mama whacked him 
because he called me like that. LOL. He said I memang soham for answering. ~.~

Okay okay, I'm gonna go read my books now.
Cross my fingers for a new job.

Tata peepo, have a great great day.
Love always! :)

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