Monday, 12 November 2012

Birthday bash

Hello Hello! 

Had an eventful week, with shitload of pictures from it. ^^

 This was on Thursday, Gwenllian's recommendation.

Was supposed to have lunch but it was my first meal of the day!
Four in the afternoon, running late. 

Sim Kuan decided to spontaneously bleach her hair.
I thought she would look really wild, but kept true to her style actually.
Bleached the ends only, can be hidden when she flips her hair to the back :3
Going for blonde actually. I said the bimbo thing. HAHHA.
The stereotypes, and them dumb blonde jokes ^^
But blonde/light hair makes you look younger.

I just wanna touch up all over red. 
Or maybe do some hair treatment. SHINY.
Or perm. Loose waves.
Burgundy, copper, I love those shades. 
Red with a little brown is alright.
I like red. MMm~

This quaint little place, Gwenllian chose for their butter chicken.
Yesh, good recommendation. The sauce was sex, I love eating rice with a lot A LOT
of sauce. Cheesy. Tomato ish. Whateva!

Probably because I wanna eat pasta-styled rice. Like carbonara or bolognaise but with rice ^^

The place was at Menjalara. So orange right.
I don't mind being a food/fashion/party blogger.
It's like. Blog about having fun. MUAHAHA

Their walls were full of vintage icons. Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich.


Jblock, in her blue black white palette of course. ^^

 Le orange partner.

Well, low-key outing. 
Just met up for lunch and had a long chatting slash gossiping session.
But going out with em, is always having the mood to dress up.

Well, most of the times ^^


Friday, the next day. Headed up to 1U to get presents for our November baby girls.
Siet Yen and Mei Yen, YENS

Chi Cheng couldn't make it for the night but she came to buy pressie :3 HEHE
All of us wearing blue and black palette.
Gwenllian in love with her Topshop leigh skinnies. 

Went with Jennie while the apples went together. (driving to 1U)
The apples- apple shape. Skinny limbs, ample boobies. 
Fat mostly go to tummy. 

Mine is pear, big ass. HAHA.
Jennie is coke. She said coke quite curvy.
Then I asked her to compare with hourglass.
HAHAHHA. Sorry sorry ^^ some shit I read of CLEO
years back. I think. Or Seventeen.

Them apples have soft dye-able hair, tanned skin. 
Jennie and mine are like black and thick.


Michael Kors finally opening their doors after months of renovation.
Not dissapointing at all! It looks more hi-brow compared to other stores.
Because it's 1U. :3 At Pavilion, hi-brow is the standard already.

Chi Cheng has an eye on one of their bags. She and Daniel, crazy. 
Spend thousands on each other during birthdays and valentines.
HAHAH! But I think it's sweet, like you'll always remember
the person who gave those things to you when you're using it.

Hmm. But I think for me I'd feel odd using it after breaking up?
Well, can always sell it and buy another one.
Like what adults do when they divorce.
Take the diamond out of the ring and make it into a necklace
or something. :3

With the Chi Cheng. HEHE.
She's always smiling for no reason at all :3

Wearing red lipstick, because my outfit was all black.
But. I think dark/contrasting make up looks better on photos
but makes me look old in real life.

Mei Yen's birthday was like...
Dark eyebrows, heavy eyeliner and bright red lipstick.
And then Siet Yen one was brown eyeshadow and eyeliner, 
baby pink gloss and some blush. 

 Of make up, I don't mind spending on lipgloss the most.
Others, I don't mind skimping and buying chapalak brands.
Also because lipgloss is the only make up that I bother bringing in my handbag,
so packaging must be pretty a bit right.
Lipgloss- so pink, girly, SHIMMERY. 

YSL are my favourite, but I can only get them when I'm travelling.

Oh wait. I googled. HAHA! 
Tangs Pavilion has YSL cosmetics. :3 OHHHH
Ma de. Should've went earlier today.
Okay okay. Will keep in mind.

YSL because their lipgloss are fruity and yummy(lychee?) and 
I feel like making out with myself after applying em. HAHA! Jk jk.
But one of them has a faulty cap, spilled in my bag before !@#$%
 Dior is also nice! Majolica Majorca is moisturizing.

Okok. But the bad thing is I get lazy to reapply them,
it's gone if I get anywhere near food, which is all the time.

Jblock with her tame dip dye on show~

Chi Cheng and Xuan went to Topshop
while Jennie went to Kitschen.
They all shop like crazy there.

For me it's Zara and F21 :3
Topshop is suited for skinny no hips people. SERIOUS.
Espo their pants T.T

Raining all the day all the night really.
Like being in London.

The day right after- Friday, was Mei Yen's birthday celebration.

The venue was at somewhere near Ampang,
far and no one really knows where it was
but not questionable to change destination because it was
birthday girl's orders.

Used Waze app and was brought to housing area and back alleys and god knows where!
Like really dark roads with zero street lamps...

Lucky we had each other ~,~
Jennie was the driver, I was the navigator.
Damn pressure but I think more so for Jennie.

Last minute turns. When I ask her to turn right, she swerves her car right away.
Took about an hour plus but we reach. FINALLY.

Called Tamarind Springs, the decor was beautiful.
Eventhough it's hidden in the middle of nowhere
away from the city, but there were quite a lot of people.
A few foreigners too.

The wall was full of foodie awards. LOL.
Unassuming eh

I loved their complimentary starters. The chips. YUMMY.
The Green curry was also sex. Quite pricey, about RM40 per dish.

They serve Burmese/Siamese cuisine. A little bit like Thai.
Well Malaysians can take spicy food, no braplem!

Candles all over the place, they also have a swimming pool downstairs.
The atmosphere is like being in a hotel?

I wished they made the place brighter, and put air-cond while maintaining 
it to be open air :3


My best friend with the ever contagious... chicken laugh.

Like hotel lobby. From Thailand.

Behind the scenes

The red door that Mei Yen kept asking us to look out for while trying to find 
the place via GPS.

Result. Jennie brought plenty of her polaroids to burn, 
she didn't even care what we took picture of.

Haha! Because her mama buys boxes of em and they were expired.
I thought like, few weeks expired so what's the hurry.
But she was like. It's expired for FEW YEARS. Q,Q

It's a bit like  hit and miss and her tip was those peach colour ones
are confirm BLANKS. Others they do come out, but maybe a lil lighter than normal films.
But still, it was fun to use em.

Have always been contemplating about getting Diana Mini or Fisheye Baby.
I love the vintage film effect, but the thing is I need the "instantness" of digicam.
To use on blog, facebook, instagram.

Hmm. I wonder how if I scanned it? Should try it.
Printer has scanner option but I've never fiddled with it before.

Doraemon cake as surprise for Mei Yen, from Chi Cheng and Amanda.
She shouted a lil' when it came. Lol ^^

Hope Mei Yen had an enjoyable birthday :3

After that, headed over to Aquasonic.
The girls came! But left early, had some stupid police mishap.
Blow up a small thing into a big thing. So free, eesh.

Of course, happy happy to see my college mates! 
Still MISS being sampat with em.

HAHA! As usual, the sampat gang is on for outing.
It's not like stress will make them not go outings.
They go outings, to de-stress.

So really it depends on how you see it,
what kind of person you are- introvert/extrovert?

Love em Love em! Karyn popping out crazy dance moves all over the place.
The Bartender, The Egyptian, The Shimmy.



Siet Yen. 

The one who had ten hours of sleep. 
Over the course of FIVE DAYS.

HAHAH! I've forgotten how it feels to be that stressed.
Rushing assignments till having one or two hours of nap...

But still. Look okay ^^

The dogs. HAHAHA

Met at private parking, as usual. 
Most of them made it, those who didn't , were with family :3

Qi Yao chose the place, Siet Yen's bee.
None of us knew the place, but it was alright 
because Qi Yao led the way ^^
his bro was the one who told him about it.

Kelana Jaya, all the Sunway hai will know it.
Pass by everyday otw to college.
Sim Kuan thought it was near KL. so cute ^^


They make it look like it's by a port.
Ma de. Look like ocean, but actually it was a lake :(

I wanna throw a cruise party.!!!!!!!!!
Like. Rent a yacht or something. With jacuzzi and all.
MMM. Champagne everywhere too.

Look like seaside right. ^^ cheat one :l

Polaroids, by the boxes.

With the Taylorian ladies ! :)


Blowing kisses in the air~~

There were also like a quartet, and they come by to tables to sing Happy Birthday.
I must've heard them sing like three times before finally singing Siet Yen's.

They got the wrong birthday girl at first lol. 
I want a crown next birthday. Or tiara.
I like puffy hair on top!

When you are the birthday girl, you should be so overdressed
you'd never have to worry about being upstaged.
I mean why not. Birthdays, weddings. You are THE STAR.

The Bees. Realised Siet Yen likes to wear white on her birthdays. 
Actually. Three years straight.

Wore white as well, dress from Siet Yen's store.
Because it was a maxi and I didn't know where else to where it.

If you have a good outift, never waste it on unimportant occasions. 
AHAHA! That means dressing up is a form of giving face, right right~

 Ended quite late, eleven? Not sure :3

Nice to see everyone yoh! :*


Went to Beerfact after that to meet Nicholas.
His birthday celebration too! HAHA! 
And Elecoldxhot's Chriz Ooi. 
Don't know how many celebrations he had man.

Also saw Vincent! With his brother and his girlfriend em.
His girlfriend so the friendly. Brother also actually. HAHA
Next Saturday,  Vince's birthday event at Vertigo.

Over Siet Yen's dinner, urging everyone to go Swedish House Mafia.
And whatever people asked, I was like... ON ONLY.
I mean I'd rather have the good and the bad 
and have nothing at all.

Swedish House Mafia's last tour.
Was settling for the chill-out zone(what a sedate name I know :<) 
but then Daniel and Jennie thought of going party zone, almost double the price.
RM250? But still okay okay , affordable.

I don't mind paying if a lot of people is going.
I think the most worth for money event was New Year's Eve at Encorp Strand.
Lol. Actually. No need pay at all. Get to see Mizz Nina and fireworks and gymnast and shit. ^^

And I so noob, I didn't know Ingrosso and Axwell were from SHM. =.=
I have their songs in my playlist, but it never occured to me who were in SHM.
HAHHA. Damn noob I know!

ANYWAYS. Hope everyone can go. January 18, Friday.
The Indian also coming back.
Kj, daniel, chicheng, qiyao, sietyen, xuan.
Look pretty up for it. 

Drag more people in, make it happening.
Later like David Guetta! Not enough peepo to rave!
Hope they put their speakers to the max also ^^
At sunway lagoon. OKOK.

I also left my car at DPC and had to ask Ping Kuang to get me there
five in the morning.

Half way through he was dying to explode. 
Went over to Yen Shen's house to borrow restroom.
Laughed like shit man ^^

Sunday was going to Pavilion, love chilling at La Bodega.
Because they have a lot of magazines and you can people watch. 
I don't get bored.

Okay initially I wanted to get some clothes but I went into Juicy.
And then the salesperson kept urging me to try their stuff.

And the fluffy bag was so cute. 
It's like. When you know you want something.
You keep looking in the mirror. But it down and look at other stuffs
but still... come back to the same thing because that's where your heart really is !@#$%

Bought it because it matches my wallet too but they get dirty easy.
THE VELOUR. MA DE. Turn yellow. I hope my bag won't go that stage so fast ^^

Gonna try to clean it at home. The BAG SPA. RM120 to clean one small fucking bag.
Can die. But they say Chanel also send their bag there for cleaning.
Still. RM120 can buy SO MANY BAGS from Sungei Wang. HAHAH

Realised I do buy things in pink , if there is the option.
Heck. Even the laptop I'm typing on is pink ~,~

I guess my heart still stays true to all things girly and pink.
Red is my second lover, okay okay! ^^

Anyway today I looked at my car and wondered why it didn't have gold-plated handles instead.
Going cuckoo over gold hardware :3

But okay. Have been spending a lot sumore not going college, what is this.
But most bags I have, most from year-ends or starting of the year.
It's like supressed urges that come undone after a year long draught...

My relatives anyways, asked me to complain to the principal about the teachers as well
To get compensation and all that.

All I'd say is don't go to Esmod unless you want to become some depressed motherfucker.
Another girl who dropped out- Samantha, she said she gave up because the environment was too negative and stressful.

And it's true. Out of fourteen, around eleven have cried because of the stress.
Why do they keep thinking that stress is the only way?
Can't they use encouragements instead, eesh.

And then there's the shady undertones, shady past.
I'll go collect what's left. My fault for choosing it man.

ALSO! Saw Jason Bu while I was walking at Pavilion! HAHA
He said he used to study at Raffles, but went to IFTC.
He said... Raffles is quite relax one. LOL.

Okay. Find work soon. Bye.

Thanks for staying tune peepo! MUAH! :*

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