Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi. Ootd for Friday's outing with Chi Cheng and Xuan.
Ootd you know? :3 Outfit of the day. Instagrammer's hashtag. Lol.

1U restrooms. The hotspot for teenagers to camwhore, leaking the telltale yellow glow.

After some shopping and shooting, went to have brunch at Chilli's.
Nice to go there when you have a humungous appetite. 
Not when you are half hungry and half full thou :/

Followed Xuan home as CC had to fetch her sister home.

I found out that her car is extremely suited to mock spaceships.
Seriously eh ^^

Okay that is all. ^^

HAHA. For that outing I mean.

Used purple eyeshadow to draw my eyebrows, 
because I had the mistake of leaving my make up bag in Siet Yen's car.
It's like being without electricity or water.
Feel so naked.

Thankfully Scott came to drop it by my house.
He so selfless yoh! If there's anything he can help,
he will. He doesn't think if it will inconvenient him, all that shit. !

At night was Skyfall, watched movie with papa.
So long I didn't go to the cinemas
and even longer that I've went with my dad.

The Bond Girl. Berenice Marlohe if I'm not wrong.
Love her cheekbones, sultry seductress look all over.

Dad booked the gold class tickets, as is his style.
I don't know why he doesn't like the normal one.
Too cramped? :/

For me, it's okay as long as there's a big ass screen in front.
And no fuckers putting their leg on my chair from behind. 
Or kicking it. I don't know why they do that man :(

HAHHA. Gold class tix are about fifty bucks now? 
I remember it was forty bucks last time. Ho hum.
Very much for couple. They put the seats in two.
The good thing about them is they recline at a push of a button.
You can order snacks from the lounge and they'll deliver it right to your snack table.

Can see quite some rich couples, diamond earrings handbags et al.
Is it funny with couples it is the husband who earns the money
and the wife spends it? LOL ^^

So nice to be a girl. HHHAHAA.
But. Business and earning money is a guy's game.
Centuries before, it was hunting.
The name's changed but the game's the same. :3

The movie was alright, but I expected something moreeee.
They taut this Bond movie as one of the most spectacular one to date.
But. I think it deserves a grander production, this one looks like it skimped on 
plot and production :<

I'm waiting for Ironman next. And Ocean's Thirteen? Got sequel anoh?
I like all those movie, with scheming to do avoid life and death.
Do all the stupid shit like drive a Ferrari to blow it up.
Because they can.

That was my Friday night :3
Was wondering whether to go Zouk or not,
but cb Jennie didn't reply my whatsapp so I stayed at home.

I wished I had a driver.


If you had two options.
Nice car but no driver
Got driver but no nicer car?

Haha ^^ I think I want both options.
Like if I wanna drive then I take the nice car and do without the driver.
But other times happily sit in a lao yah car to get driven around.

 Lacey dress from Cotton On. 
Don't usually wear this kind, but it was on sale and the fit was not bad so why not hehe ^^

Close up!

The former Arts Two!! Ponteng kia!
They'd ask, get P license or not?

It was Annie's birthday la, the big sis of SSB Form Five.
One of the those girls, even GUYS would think twice of messing around with.

  Went to DPC before that first, to meet up with Daniel and King Jiat.
Haha! Miss the Penang gang.

Chitchat at Coffee Bean, as always Daniel has a lot of stories.
King Jiat blew four hundred bucks after coming from 1U, bought Annie's present too.
Esprit perfume! Shared with Siet Yen and Qi Yao.

Then went to SPK to drop off my car, the guards there so strict already I don't like it man.
Make the line so backed up. 

They should find a way to do their job in a efficient manner.
Because obviously out of ten people who come in, almost ten are only there
to visit friends and families! EESH. Hate dealing with guards

HAHHA. Right after Qi Yao came, and Theng Loo. With his Polo.
Then meet up at Ding's house, because he's the Selayang dude.
His mummy!! I MET HIS MUMMY! 
She talked damn loud. HAHHAHA

And his daddy! Was digging his nose when he said HI ! ^^
So cute right hhahahahahahaha
Like ding eh. 

Ding led the way, arrived safely. 
Can tell her house is quite new.

Had Fat Boy lok lok car. Dip dip in da tom yum.
Was supposed to play drinking game but everyone got distracted.
Some left early. Hmm, next time next time.
November, sure a lot of people having birthdays!

Annie's family and relatives were also there, some of them watching the TV.
King Jiat kept trying to furtively change the TV channel, for his M U match. ~,~
Guys will always be guys. So nice to see his expression when Annie's brother changed it
to some Astro competition. HAHAHA.

Brown palette all over for Sunday's outfit

Moo cow! I love the biscuit shavings. 
Been having food cravings like crazy with sore throat still.
Had caesar salad. Then sushi and my favourite honey djion kettle chips!

Most amazing chips ever, ichibeng.
I usually get them at Cold Storage. Maxvalu doesn't have them ~,~

Got a new bag, Lily the Squirrel has a new place to live now.
HAHAH. Juicy charm from Singapore

Look at the old days.
I used to put it on a hairband and wore it as a necklace.
This was at Jaspal, when I was.. Form Four.
The time when I went to church everyday.

Was on an outing with the whole Jun Wen gang,
Siet Yen, Yih Wern and Li Chen were there too.
Guat Tyng was the one who was MIA.
Bumped into Xuan with Mimi!

Got the Eva clutch in Damier Azur, it's so nice the handbags have all these names.
In LV they don't display all their bags, so it is handy.
You can just tell the sales associate the bag name and poof! It arrives.

Umm. I realised I like bags with impractical features.

Everyone knows I like itty bitty bags, which can't hold half the shit
my friend has in their bags. They all like big bags :3
I have big bags but sometimes their size make me lazy to carry them.
And they make me look shorter. Cibet.

Chose it in Damier Azur, which is the white checks.
Easy to get dirty? Hope won't la, I can be careless when eating ~,~
The classic monogram and damier ebene looks a bit too dark for my liking.
Hmm. Dull? I don't like dull colours :3
And a lot of aunty choose that colour!!!!
 The thing with choosing bags from well-known brands, it's easy
to bump into people with the same bags as well.

Oh yeah! I like bags with a lot of gold hardware as well.
Those brass hardware, you better gold-plate the shit out of em.
Shiny things attract me :3 I like to shimmer like shit when putting on make up
HAHAHA wtfbqq

Actually I like gold embellishments on all of my shit.
Clothes, shoes, bags.
Those gold-tipped collars and gold studs and gold buttons.

 I bought the magazine because of the planner that came with it ^^
Who doesn't like free gift. That calming shade of Tiffany blue.
I like to keep boxes.

I will keep that box to keep Tiffany boxes.
Box in box and box in box

Now lets have more boxes. This was last week. 
Giza's pan mee with Nicholas. Before singing k with Mei Yen
and Beerfact for Halloween.

My curtain. It has been in my room for... nine years.
Hehe ^^

 This was after watching Skyfall, checking out my eyeliner.

That was when I didn't have my make up bag in me which meant
my eyeliner pencils and gel were gone.
Dug through my make up box and found my forgotten Anna Sui eyeliner.

You know it's like when the sales person do it for you and they do it so nicely.
And you buy it and try to do the same thing but you fail terribly
because you are no make up artist :(

I mean that was when I didn't know how to handle eyeliners.
And that Anna Sui one is deffo not beginner material!
Ma de. Take so long time to dry, and runny. And brush so fat.
But after a long time not using it, when I picked it up again it feels much easier
results of months of practise under my belt ^^

The redeeming qualities is, it smells very sweet (?) and dries quite dark, 
as liquid liners tend to. Smudge level is okay. Pencil ones get all over my eyes easily.
End up like a fucking panda.

^^ and I'm always too lazy to wipe it away.
It smudges more obvious when I don't put concealer under my eyes.

Oh yeh, and the packaging of course.
Retails for ninety bucks I think?
Probably eighty bucks goes to having that bottle. HAHHA.
The power of packaging. So important you know.

Another thing I absolutely hate, is crappy plastic bags
when you buy something overpriced. 
Ma de, I feel like ripping their translucent cibai plastic bags.
Like when you buy a RM70  nail polish and get a cibai plastic bag.
HAHAHAHHA. That happened when I was at Parkson.
I went back to the Chanel counter and requested for the bag.
The salesperson was like, ohh you're giving it as a gift? ^^

When it's either I'm in love with someone
or in love with fashion.
Or in love with partying and food?

I don't know. We all need hobbies.

I am still very annoyed with the fact of this Esmod shit
I try so hard to run away from.
Escapist behaviour it is.

Indulge yourself, forget about what's bothering.
Food, alcohol, sleep, friends, escape.
Don't wanna go to college,
want to throw away my assignments.
The thought of dealing with my fellow lecturers 
feels me with such dread. Authority is already a disgustingly overbearing word for me,
but a tyrannic authority? Boy, I am going to fly like a G6.

My dad doesn't understand why I can't ignore the teachers
and just go to college, learn whatever I can.
But the fact is, I can't learn through the voice of them shouting,
all I'm hearing is their intonation which is so fucking prickly.
I really, really, rather go find a job.


One door closes, another opens.
At this age, I only care about what I want.
Don't like, don't do.

HMM :/ I think it's like my dad too..?!
When he was Form Three, he played truant for the first time.
The very first time, principal caught him and gave him a rotan golf-swing style.
the next day, he didn't come to school.
And for the days following thereafter,

God forbid when I'm working next time.
Probably have to do freelance or open my own company.
HAHA. Later employer scold me, I don't like
next day MIA from work.

Okay no la how can. The art for being successful in life is delayed gratification.
But no I'm not going to put up with Esmod bullshit. Because, this cert, I can get it elsewhere
thanks very muchie.

That is all for today! I wanna go watch TED.

Bye peepo!

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