Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tea at Ben's



Had some teatime with my ladies, courtesy of Siet Yen's urging.
Venue of the day was Publika, Solaris.

The allotted time was 2pm, set my alarm 1.20pm.
Ten minutes later Jennie banged the heck out of my door 
while I was still in bed.

Lol. Reminds me of Penang weyh. 
Jennie the noisy effing morning bird.
CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP!!!HU!U!H all the way.

Xuan and I are the late risers.
Siet Yen came to my house next, then Xuan.
Xuan took a little longer because she had to drop her sis off :3
All of them have errands to run for their family...
I offered to fetch my daddy to buy newspaper before,
he shouted no thank you. He doesn't trust my driving :(

Publika! Xuan was designated driver or the day :3
She's good with directions hoho~

Ate at Ben's! Really suitable place for teatime. Lolol.

Had their trademark house salad. Erm. Too grassy for my liking,
I felt like a cow chewing grass eating this :/

LOLOL. They should add some salmon!!!!
Or fruit. Their food also feels a bit overpriced,
feels a lot like places where Bangsar milfs would frequent. HAHHA.

I think Ben's is good when you are really hungry.
I was at the point of half full and half hungry.
I hate it when there's not much which caters to that sort of appetite! *w*


This is a typical Jennie face when she is trying to make her point.
Chi Cheng as usual, dreaming ^^ she dropped by for lunch,
off to her bee's later ^^ Must be dreaming of him muahahah


Took my bag out! Still clean, don't know for how long ^^
Beside mine is Xuan's. HAHA. My current bag is considered big for me,
but my friend's bags are always bigger. Espo Siet Yen's.

Her minimum size is my max size.

SEE. That bag is one of her "smaller" bags. HAHAH!
Requested the waiter to take a picha for us. 

Anyway, there is a new trend word- Selca.
Seen it on insta before. Jennie asked.
Xuan to the rescue! HAHA!

She said it's like an euphemism for camwhoring.
Self, and capture. Ta-dah! SELCA.

Wondermilk cupcakes. MMMM. They look deli~!

Also where we camwhored most.
Okay selca and friendca la. MUAHAHA

Mint green all over, and I love pastels. 
 Wanted to dress kiddier that day. 
Hence the pastel colours. And kiddy bag.
HAHA! Juicy necklace, juicy shoes, juicy bag.
It's like renewed addiction.

I used to like it a lot when I was twelve wtf.
The Simple Life, all the time.
Paris Hilton and her antics.

Watched this clip, teaching you how to manipulate your features to 
look younger or older. Hmm, I mix a bit of both okie :3

Mini plants and checkerboard tiles.

Banner of five cheeky ladies.

 When the shutter goes off too quickly 
and gets the candid moments before you manage to pose.

Random shot of Siet Yen.
I so good at paparazzi shots and editing, I know. ^^

Vintage cottage.

Went to Giza after that. 
Didn't stay at Publika long because there was honestly not much to shop. 
Even if there were nice clothes, they were so... overpriced. 
Like they look boutique level but with highstreet price. =.=

As usual, dropped by at F Block.
Grab. Clothes damn cheap.
 But.. I have a hard time filtering their clothes. 
A lot of them look nice, but they look... HMM.
Not nicely made? Stray strings, tacky beads, barely breathable fabrics.

But of course. 
Their price is killer, and there are diamonds in the rough among them.
If you match it well. :3
So what the heck. Still love F Block! *w*

Satisfied my Gong Cha cravings. So desperate man wtf.
1u doesn't have Gong Cha nor Ochado :(

I buy bubble tea, only for their toppings. HAHA!
Ai-yu jelly, grass pudding, basil seeds, pomelo seeds, pop egg.
YES PLEASE! I love you guys! ^^

I just want to chew and swirl the gummy coolness around my tongue.
It's like an absolute relief on a hot tropical summer day.
But shit. I need to stop. Because of the toppings, they cost like RM8 one shot.
Enough to buy a meal at mamak already eh!

Add add add ten becomes hundred hundred becomes thousand.
It's why cigarettes are such an expensive habit.
Must save money yoh.

LMAO. Played dress up when I got home. I do things like that.
Girls do things like that.

Put on make up just to take pictures, and then take it off.
It's like experimenting and knowing what to draw in a jiffy the next time.

Subconsciously did my eyeliner a la Ellie Rose of Vivi fame.
You know when you don't know why you're doing something
but your hands are doing it without reason.

Yeh. My hands just ignored the upper eyelid and went for the lower one. AHAHA.
But my wing is not missing, of course ^^
Tightlined the bottom waterline. 
Smudged a lil' at the ends.

Can't really see in pichas :3

Changed into another dress, worn only once during Halloween.
Think I might wear it for Vincent's birthday tomorrow.
Meh, I'm confused. 

But I think it's wonderful that the problems I have on my hands now,
are simply... what outfit to wear and what to eat. ~,~

Wing it up! Ngehehehe.

Decided to update my blog eventhough I updated it yesterday. HAHA! 
Just because the mood strikes!

Also that it's four in the morning and I still feel energetic.
No wonder I was feeling lazy in the afternoon.
The case of upside down circadian cycle again!
Darn it, sleep properly! >,<

That's all for tonight, tata lovelies! :)

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