Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Work and theft

Hello :) 

Am currently working now, have to get up 7am tomorrow.
Sacrificing what little sleep I have left to update!
Because a lot has happened.

No time for pictures, more on words! 
Bear with me ^^ I like reading a gamut of jumbled sentence thou.
It's like following the train of thought, of a slightly retarded person.

As you guys may know, I'm working at Burberry at The Gardens now.
And yes, with the blazer and black pants and everything.
And yes, their salesperson shirt has burberry checks on it. HAHAH!

Ootd of last Saturday with my girls!
Will do an update post if Gwenllian post the pics and if I have enough time.
But I doubt I'll be having any time at all. 
Shift is nine hours long eventhough part-time, so it's like 12-10.
As usual everything feels much longer when you take account
of the transport time. An hour each, because of KTM.
Wait twenty minutes usually, delay twenty more minutes if you are 
sadly, sadly unlucky.

Imagine if you did wake up in time but the KTM wasn't in time.
So sad right? =.= Losing hours in productivity, blablabl.
But if too many trains then not eco-friendly, lbabala.

Because it's not exactly convenient to rely on public transport in Malaysia.
Hong Kong, yes. Subway can bring you to anywhere. Don't need to take bus.
Not Malaysia. But good la got RapidKL to send you to KTM :3

The thing about Malaysia is the toll and parking and all those shit.
But good thing that our gas prices are actually comparatively 
much lower than countries like US. Shit man their petrol prices!!!

Anyway, that last Saturday is probably a while before I am that girl again.
The carefree spoilt brat. Only let people serve. Now I'm doing all the serving, 
the slave of Burberry.

Lowest rank, the part-time. Others all have got experience.
The beginning is almost always the trickiest. 
To get the footing, blablabla.

I will do an in-depth post on working at Burberry someday,
but in a private place. Like a post with a passcode or something. 
And post the password at twitter.

HAHAHA. Because you know. Working ethnics.
Main point is, the benefits for workers are not bad,
can tell they try to take care of their staff.

But just that you have to be really formal working in a luxury shop.
Honestly, I miss the time working at HTC with Chi Cheng.
Booth all to ourselves, sit all day. Ink fight with Chi Cheng,
see who gets the most arm tattoo. Hohum, miss working with my beebo :(

Anyways, if you guys are on holiday, come and work at Burberry.
Sales time. HAHAHA! And I want someone young with me!
I'm the youngest there ma de. Everyone else is mostly  twenty plus. 

The thing is you're a beginner, and you know la you don't know much
sure have to ask a lot of questions.

Some colleagues will be a bit more distant, don't know if it's because
they're lazy to answer or because they think they have more experience.
Some are more outgoing and sampat, gossip on walkie-talkie all the time.
Cari husband ke? Baby sudah mau keluar. HAHHA.

The manager is very friendly, I like.
I don't like those type of people who get air in their heads
because they have a different title. 

Everyone is hardworking, 99% of the customers who come in
we will say hello/good morning
and 99% of the customers who go out
we will say thank you/good bye.

The 1% is when we're really busy with stock-keeping and all those
or when the customer don't give any eye contact. Lol. 
Like obvious they don't want salesperson's attention.

Me I will treat this as a working experience
but sales/promoter job is not something I can do for more than a couple of months.
Because really. You have no time for yourself.
The times are always 10-10 and weekends are when you are most busy.
Weekends is just to party in my mind. LOL.
Then now I am at the other end, the one serving people who party, who shop.

 I wanna stop work around Dec20, work for a month.
Stop just before Christmas. You know la those Christmas/holiday days.
Cannot go party and damn a lot of customers.
BUT. BUTTTT. Incentive kao kao.

Part of why I was happy to work at Burberry is because of the incentive.
But you have to be familiar with the stocks first, otherwise
your incentive will probably go to someone working full-time =.=!
Customers expect a lot, since they're paying so much.

Tomorrow is first day of sales, 10-30%.
Come buy come buy. Come visit ^^
1000 punya shirt become 700.

The Nova check handbag is also going to be discontinued after next month.
The famous pale brown one. I don't know why they don't want to continue it
eventhough it is one of their bestsellers.

They say not suit their image blabala.
But I think they will probably rethink and continue again
after a while. Because they will realise the demand is there.

The brand sets the supply, asks for the demand.
But in the end the ones who answer,
are the customers.

Also you know when you send the bags for cleaning/repair?
They use the money to buy snacks for employee. LOLOL.
No wonder the sales layan everyone.

But yeah. With luxury stores you can expect more,
that we will replace or refund(within time limit).
The only thing is it's not free of charge, but we will send it for you.

Also the sales statistic, a mammoth portion goes to Local Chinese.
HAHAH! And then... for tourist, the mammoth section goes to...
Tourist Chinese. LOLOL.

Chinese like branded shit, that's how they spend their wealth.
Indians I know they LOVE gold jewellery.
Malays.. hmm. Watches? Cars?

Well, it's easy to stereotype everyone :3
Also I have to wear make up everyday, brows, foundation, some eye make up.
Red lips for sure because without it... I look pale like fuck.
Can really tell how tired I really am =.=

So that's about it for now. Will write more when I'm done maybe. HAHAHA.
Later my employer sees this how can. ^^

I know la there are cases of people getting fired because of
some silly drunk pictures on FB. Seriously!


Last Saturday night, was losing my shit at Vertigo.
I mean, I lost my iPhone, my license, my Juicy Couture pink wallet.
Lucky the handbag was just Aldo, after that Gucci theft at BeerFact
I NEVER EVER USE branded bags to clubs.

The risk is too high, drinks will spill all over when everyone gets 
more alcohol as the night gets darker. 

So what happened was we hid our bags under the table, 
like it was really dark and you can't see shit.
The only way someone took it was because 
they saw us putting our shit inside our handbags.

The sad thing was Sim Kuan actually put her iPhone and camera in my bag.
Sigh. That's the thing la, I feel so bad because she trusted my bag.
But poof.

Anyways it was there until they were almost finished drinking.
I went to talk to Daniel Ping Kuang for a while, they were
at a table few steps away. Sim Kuan was at the toilet I think.
Then I noticed the bag was missing. I kept looking for Sim Kuan
because I fully hoped she was the one who was holding the bag.
But she came, and she was completely clueless and my heart just sank,
dropped to the pits of stomach.

Gucci incident all over again, the nausea fighting back.
The guilt and shit for losing it all,
iPhone 3Gs lost beginning this year,
okay lah Dad bought new iPhone 4s for me.
Like fucking six months later I lose it again.
It is stolen from me yes, but my fault that they
had the chance to steal it from me =.=

I am never going to bring any valuable shit when clubbing ever again. SERIOUSLY.
I get scared but so what I still do it. I mean leaving my handbags for friends to take care
but wtf they're busy getting drunk but it's their every right to do so.

I think the point is when you get something valuable EASILY,
you don't feel its worth. Therefore you treat it as something with so-so value.
Because you don't know how hard it is to fucking earn the money to get that shit.
Imagine you stood for almost 200 hours to pay for one iPhone.
Because that's approximately how long it would take
if you earned RM8 per hour.

To think that I've lost something valuable so easily yet again, I feel stupid.
So stupid that I'm not trusting myself to use iPhone again,
won't bother my parents for anything for this.
For new handphone, for new license. Whatever shit.
No, I will settle myself. I can't accept their help in this.

So in the end I used RM400 of my own money to buy a Samsung Galaxy Y.
Good thing is it can use all the apps like Insta whatsapp etc.
I could lose this phone four times, FOUR fucking times
and still not lose as much as ONE FUCKING iPHONE.

Well I think it is a great value for money, good job to Samsung ^^
It's like a mini smartphone for really a fraction of iPhone.
Like a fifth fraction fraction. FUCK, great deal.

I'd probably by iPhone 5s anyway, because. 
My iPhones are always the s version. Fated to be stolen?
S for stolen. DIU. HAHAHA. Just realised :(

Or maybe wait for iPhone 6. 
Depends how much money I save.. I aim RM5k in three months,
because I am working. The rest is... well. Go work also no time to shop right.
But. Go work everyday spend RM30 on food etc. Three days RM100.
Thirty days, RM1k lo? DIU. HAHAHA.

That's how my pocket money fly away.
I use KTM now, because the parking was freaking RM11.
Full day parking. You crazy meh diu. Why the fuck have to pay so much parking.
So nice when working at 1u, semua illegal parking je. 

For me parking toll all those shit are shit that are unnecessary expenditures ~,~
 Food also use a lot of money. Shopping don't feel so heart pain, because 
you get something tangible in return. 

But I hate buying those knick-knacks. Like you buy shoes
then you have to buy stockings. That was for working.
RM10 here RM10 there soon becomes RM100.
RM100 accumulate accumulate become RM500.

Lol, that's how I think. Budget Barbie.
I can't help it, I feel so guilty for using my dad's money.
College RM20k gone, Car RM130k gone, iPhone lost two RM4k gone.
Buy handbag buy handbag shopping shopping laptop laptop RM10k gone.

I can't be this way. It's like what my dad said, 
he thought once I grew up I would use less money but instead use more :(
True lah, have to develop my wings slowly.
Buy me car have to pay for petrol also blablabla.
Older a bit always go outing with friends also blablbal.

My aim is just hope my dad can retire when he is 55 years old,
which means I have to be completely self-sufficient. 
What do I mean? Like I don't need pocket money anymore lo,
have enough wages from working to cover all my expenses!

He is 49 years old now. College will be two years. 
Means 51 start. So I have four years to keep building my career.
The thing is you sacrifice time for money.
When you have money you don't have time.
When you have time, you don't have money.
Means got money to go out party but maybe no money to pay for party.
Or you want got money money to pay for party but no time to party? =.=

For me I just want money that's a little more than enough.
Like if I break a RM4k laptop it's okay, can buy new one tomorrow.
Because I always break things. HAHAHA. Or I want RM10k handbag, no problem.
Because I want the best, I want what my heart lands on. 
And price is a limitation.

Yeh, that's the feeling I WANT. Like having enough money
to feel that PRICE isn't a limitation. That's all.


Dafug I got so carried away with being Budget Barbie I strayed from the robbery.
Okay, so what happened next is of course asking if anyone seen someone with the handbag.
Conlfirm is a guy who took it, and surely they will suspicious a guy trying to walk away
with my cibai feminine handbag.

Next is request for CCTV. Now this is where Vertigo was so, so fucking uncooperative.
I mean Beer Factory was really friendly they helped me replay the CCTV footage 
and had the DJ asked over the music if anyone saw my Gucci mini handbag.
(it was at the men's toilet)

Anyways, one of the bouncers said they say two black skinny chinese lala-ish guys 
with black and white polo tee with my bag. 
Another one, wei kien's friend, saw him holding my bag
 and checking my pink wallet (Juicy).

It burns hearing all this, that I had people seeing who went off with my bag,
but don't know who took it. I wish eyes were like automatic CCTV,
can record every shit. No one would be able to get away from crime then.
Also, a lot of people would have their dirty secrets, SPILLED.

Thank you so much for the dog gang, for staying there
until both G6 and Vertigo has closed. 
Ping Kuang went with us on a chase in his Harrier
going to places with Find my iPhone.

My suggestion? It's really just having a failsafe way to track a handphone.
Even if it's turned off, even if it has changed number.
I don't know if the serial number can do that.
Maybe for crimes which involve murder? Don't know la.
This sort of shit for them is small case, but for us it's a painful 5k loss.
And we were just so desperate to get it back and bring the fucking karma
thieves deserve.

I don't know what kind of childhood they had, that drove them to think
stealing is okay. Was your mum or dad a thief to or something?
How did it ever occur to you that it's alright to take something 
that's not yours, how it is alright to look at unattended belongings as
chances to rob people of the shit they paid for.

If you don't have the money, go earn it.
You are never ever going anywhere in life if all you're looking for
is an easy way out. Go fucking work.

Same as people who gamble... eventhough they may win sometimes,
they lose in back because of greed. Everything is because of greed.
Or lying. Or selfishness. Well. Also can combine three of em.

Don't have so big a head don't buy so big a hat, okay?
Cantonese proverb. Don't have money to buy iPhone
don't go and steal la please. You poor fuck.
I wish your penis gets shorter each day
because you are so scared the police may catch you.

Boy, I will do everything in my power to catch you.
Same with Sim Kuan. Sim Kuan is relentless with this.
First time lose things is like that. Lol.
And her trademark camera eh :( Haiz. How can.
So sorry for that day, how I wish I could turn back time.
Only takes a second for something bad to happen.

It's probably someone we know, or friends or friends of.
Someone near our table. It's always like that.
Like people who are near you.
They have a wandering eye
for whatever they can steal.

Heck, Jin Fye had his phone in his pocket and even then
it got stolen. So you shouldn't ever blame anyone for being careless etc.
If you dropped something doesn't mean someone should take it.
But sigh. The world is like that, and  you can blame yourself
for not being more cynical/paranoid.

Max hate it when people keep blaming me for losing it. 
I mean I mean, if you want to advice me to not repeating the same mistake
I understand. Like a friend looking out. 

But if you're saying it to put the guilt on me, NO.
I am already guilty enough as it is. Seriously.
The blacksheep, you know. The dai zui gao yang.

Like they say I'm someone who for some reasons 
have a lot of guilt. I don't have much regrets on the things I do,
but when I do have it's like heavy shit regrets on the things that has happened. 

Six in the morning Daniel fetched Sim Kuan and I to police station. Lol.
Won't forget that, must treat him someday. I mean he was surprisingly patient and all that.
Maybe because he has gotten into deep shit more than once or twice
and a lot of people helped him out too? ^^

People like that they always have help when they're in deep shit la. 
We did a lot of shit to catch the thief, but a lot of them just treat it as 
a small matter. Especially those security guards and police.
Because it's easier for them to turn a blind eye. 

G6 manager or dunno what shit was also really rude
when he realised it happened at Vertigo not G6.
Deng, if it happened at Vertigo sure he doesn't want to stay there,
make sense that he would take refuge in the club next door. =.=

So realistic right this world. When you're a customer they put on a smiley face.
Other times they shoo you out. How very nice.

Vertigo after clubbing hours there was a meeting, a bunch of em bouncers sitting at Bianco,
long fucking sofa with like 30 of em one spot.

Imagine- big buff indians with piercings sitting in discussion.
Fucking look like mafia meeting, seriously.
The Vertigo bouncers are the rudest I've ever met, compared to
Beer Factory, Movida, Mist, Aquasonic, G6, Zouk etc.

Seriously. Arrogant big-shot rude ass workers.
They yell at their customers. What the fuck is that.
No wonder their business getting so lao yah. 

But people still go there, you know. 
They think expensive means good.
Now I'm just turned off from clubbing.

Before this was Xuan who was on then off.
Then Sim Kuan. SK is on/off.
Xuan is got boyfriend then OFF
Mine is.. when also quite on.
But cannot la. Damn lifeless wey.
Already experienced all the clubbing shit.

Maybe it's a sign to take hiatus from clubbing.
Maybe after a while I may go some place I really like.
But for now it's about work. It's about getting my shit together
learning to be more adult and tolerant.

And prepare myself for college again, because Esmod really broke my spirit.
I hope the second time round will be sweeter. Ho hum!

That is all for today. 

All I hope for November is to find the thief, break their legs
finish my job nicely, prepare to party like shit during end of Dec
to start of Jan, then prepare to go Raffles mid-January.

Okay okay! Keep calm and carry on.
There's always a better tomorrow,
and when you hit rock bottom the only way is up.
And every cloud has a silver lining.
And it is the darkest before dawn.

LOLOL. Favourite sayings.

Update more when I have time :3
Nine hour shift, either 10-7 
or 12-10. Six days leave in a month I think.
Hope to have one on Chi Cheng/Xuan's bday.
You know la weekends, they need workers
and weekends is when you want off =.=

Okay okay. Five hours left to sleep ma de.
So much of stock to display label tie store.cihweofh
So much of things superiors will say. hdwoehfeoif
Oh yeh and that Assistant Manager from Best
got transferred elsewhere ^^ HOW NICE. 
That zombie nonsensical accusing guy.

Bye guys! Party Princess will be away for a month,
Budget Barbie taking over. I will be back!



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