Monday, 26 November 2012

Work, part II

As promised, continuation of last weeks post! :)


How I look like checking myself out in the mirror.

First or second inside Rabeanco, their mirrors are really nice to selca.
HAHAH! Because their interior is so white.

Brunched at Ichiban Boshi. 
One thing I'm grateful for is Malaysia is never short of
cheap and tasty food. I mean you can get a lot for RM20.
And much more with RM50.

Hong Kong is so expensive when it comes to food, HKS40 
for a bowl of porridge. RM15 for something we can
get for a few bucks :3


 Candid shot ^^
Jennie is always talking. Her mouth is seldom closed. 
Driving also open.

Take photos also always smile. 
I don't show much teeth even when I smile lips open.

I think somehow we look like stubborn peepo in that photo. 
My big head and Jennie's sharp chin.

I don't know. Sometimes like when you assess someone's facial features
and you get a gut feeling.

Perhaps you've known a few person with that sort of prominent facial feature
and they all behave in a few similar ways.

I'm sensitive to shit like that, I lurveeee watching body language.
Stand behind the glass display and watch the people come in and out.
More on that later!! ^^


Sushi. Unagi and cheese. Yummy max combo!!!
I miss having a real meal. Like sit down and chitchat
and not worry about the hands of my watch. 
My pink girly watch hidden under my blazer with a freaking doggy hanging from it. LOL

Today I took taxi home with my colleague, Yen Ling.
And her friend. Eng Siong. Both of them are from KB.

Yen Ling is also a part-timer, the only other one.
But a bit too experienced for a part-timer, there for eight months lol.
I learned a lot from her, and she's not bitchy or mau sangat at all.

Because at Burberry, honestly part-timer is like the lowest position.
Almost as low as cleaner. Like Bangla. Always pack stock, stick masking tape
tie raffia strings, fold shirts. 

They still give me a sales associate tag, but still. LOL. 

The first day of work my manager handed me the uniform
with my name written on it. HAHHAHA
It baffles me that on the surface it is all about luxury... but underneath
is all those handwritten shit. Especially stock-keeping!

Their storerooms are really outdated, everything is done by hand.
I would just invest a rack with a lot of dividers, so no one would ever tie those
ugly as fuck raffia strings to tie pieces of shirts together.

The shirts are packed in hideous god-forbidden clear plastic bags.
Clothes are packed like how magazines are packed. Ugly weyh ma de.
Also I hate Club 21's plastic bags. They should change it.
Look like some fucking bag from pasar malam.
But actually probably more than few hundreds worth of clothes inside.

As for bags, they put them in dustbags and stack the fuck out of em.
I would put them in dustbags then hang them by their dustbag drawstrings,
so their shape won't go so fucking out of shape.

It's like... crumpling a piece of art?
Stacking so many handbags.

HAHHA. I complain a lot I know :(
But complain only know what is wrong, right?
Can't keep things inside. I hate it when people disturb me when I'm ranting.
I'm not finished!!!!

This is the ktm I sit in everywhere. I tend to take it for granted,
because I keep remembering its flaws, which is the one simple thing that it is always late.
If you wanna ask me how many times ktm was late, it would be better if you asked me 
how many times it came on time. Not even early, on time. Fuck.

I can tell you zero. It has never come on time before.
It is always 5-20mins late than said time displayed.
Imagine the time lost on productivity, the workers stranded
and late because of a slow train. Ma de.

In Hong Kong it is so on time. Malaysia's KTM has the tidak apa attitude also!

Butttttt. I am grateful for KTM, because I don't have to pay RM11 parking fee, 
because I don't have to stay awake and drive all the way, 
because I can save on petrol,

and also because the train I sit on are the new ones.
The old ones are like... for Bangla punya!!!!
Like those Indian movies where immigrants try to smuggle in
and they sneak into some tattered train. Can throw already la their train.

 Anyways, two hours early to get up for KTM.
One hour if I'm driving. 1u? Half an hour can!!!

Erm. They gossip a lot in the shop.
And you tend to have high standards after a while.
You're surrounded with designer products, 
and you feel inadequate when the stuff you have
aren't of similar quality. 

I think I get quite a lot of customers, at least one receipt a day.
Good enough for part timer.

Because I love reading body language. 
Okay let me share my tips.

Those who will buy.
They walk in to the shop in a determined and hurried manner.
They put their hands on their hips.
They put their hands on their chin.
They have a googly look in their eyes (admiring handbags)
They hold the item many times. Preview it far and near.
They come again second time on the same day.
They ask for you before you serve them.

Those who won't buy.
They are very dilly dally.
They put their hands in their pocket.
They don't acknowledge you when you greet them.
They sound like they are not listening when you explain the product.
They look out of place in the shop.
They try to ignore salesperson's presence.
They fold their arms.

HAHAHHHA. Those who carry Chanel bags always never buy any shit.
Those who carry LV, Gucci, always do.

Shopping bags seen often are Club 21, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Coach, AX.
And Isetan. Lol. A lot of people come in with Chatime.


Another thing with Burberry at Gardens, they process transaction damn fucking slow.
Like at least ten minutes. Ten minutes is a lot to wait for a fucking payment.
Can tell the customers so dulan when waiting for the payment.

I would also. Pay so much but service so slow. Only one cashier lol!
And they have to pack, remove sensor, tie ribbon. Blabalbla~

Also the air conditioning is not cold enough. I think also due to the spotlight.
Most of the customers speak chinese/cantonese. Would be better to have more chinese
speaking salesperson. I wished I knew Hokkien.

Their shirts are also folded in too prissy a way.
People will pressured when they are interested in trying a t shirt.
Because they have to take it out of the fucking drawer and figure out how to 
unfold it from the paper. And the paper so fucking ugly, held by hand taped cellophone tape.
Hello how can this is luxury.

People just want to grab something off the hanger. 
I think also the atmosphere is too cold.
I would probably get a giant snowball
and place it beside our glass display.

Like customers can take pictures and whatfuck, 
post it on to facebook. Ta dah!
Free publicity.


Good is the workers there are always prissy about the store's appearance.
They don't tolerate messy display.
The glass display, wiped at least seven times a day.

Salesperson hate it when a kid comes and leave fingerprints all over.
Salesperson hate it when a rough person wants to touch every handbag they see
and ruin the whole display. Do not be mistaken, every angle the wallet is placed,
open or closed, side or frontal- it has its place. Customers will never remember exactly how 
it is placed. They will not notice that the handbag are actually placed with 
their straps crossed over each other. That is our job.
Salesperson of course also hate it when customers come in like they own their shop.
When you proceed receipts more than a thousand bucks each, 
it's not a big deal when someone spends more than a thousand.
It's the minimum.

Actually there was a story once, someone came in and asked 
what he could get for RM150.

The sad truth is, the cheapest men's polo tee is now RM700.
But cheaper la got sales. Women's tee can get for RM393, the cheapest.

But you can't trust sales, they always no stock one. Cibai betul right?

They said the cheapest was perfume, RM250. And that one is the mini version.
But stock checking one day. I found it. I found something!!!
RM100 only.

You know what? Burberry leather cleaner. HAHAHHA!
The cheapest shit. RM100.
Even an umbrella costs freaking RM835.


Also I've been bringing this book in my bag- Midas Touch
by Donald fucking Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

And you know I kept thinking. I don't want to have a lot of money.
I just want to have the power to earn a lot of money.

Because what's the point if you had a million dollars but don't know 
how to earn it back when it's gone?

A lot of people will be after your money, in many subtle ways.
Gambling, shopping, whatever. Money leaks out so quickly.
And you are shit if you don't know how to replace it.

I admire Donald Trump because he was once USD900 million in debt in the 90s.
Did he let it slap him in the face as a stop sign? No.
He bounced back, and today he is worth billions.

Do you know why I want to earn money so bad?
Because I don't want to only take money. 
I want to earn it, not take it from someone else.

It's like producing your own apple
compared to taking someone else's apple.

It's nice to be given free food
but then you feel so fucking inadequate
that you can't produce your own fruit.

It is also sad that the lifestyle I want
is of someone earning ten times more than I am now.
But I will learn how to earn a lot of money.

I believe in the law of attraction.
I believe everyday I will get a lot of incentive$.
I repeated the sentences "I work at Burberry now"
like ten times in front of the mirror before I even got the job.
Before I even went the interview.

Then I when on to daydream, and feel that I am already working there,
they have already accepted me. I didn't get any calls from them for one or two weeks.
I thought they forgot. But then one day, ring ring!! HAHAHH

So just truly believe in the things you want to do.
 I may complain about the long hours
and how my toes are turning into a seasoned ballet dancer
but I'm grateful that I get to see the behind the scenes of a luxury store.
How it works to deliver this sort of service. 
How to serve customers and greet them accordingly.
I never cared about this shit at HTC :33

I think when working, you always need to earn your place.
Start from the bottom. Because if you suddenly came on top,
people who's have had more experience
will question your qualification.

Respect is earned, not given.

The full timers there are a bit cold to part timers at first, like stranger you know?
Some of them are nice, like they help out and stuff :3
Others expect you to balance on your own feet, learn by yourself.

I've been told off many times, but never yelled at like in fucking
The One Academy. And at that time I was the one paying them.
Wtf. I don't pay you few thousand dollars a month to use that tone of voice.
That cb tone plus cb face. I hate it most when I detect the frown and pursed lips.
My brain will literally think how to get you to shut up.
I automatically get defensive.

The thing I hate most is this. People trying to speak to me
like I owe them something. Gee, go fuck yourself. 

AHAHHAA my goddd.
They usually use it in a I tell you now I just hope you don't do it again way
but at the same time telling you they're superior.

Sales is not something I can do for anything more than a couple of months straight.
Really no time neh.

Also girls are always more bitchy than guys, at least at Burberry.
All of them have the dramatic brow, or at least also like it.
I guess because it's the classic eyebrow, the definition of ideal/typical beauty.

Dramatic brow means they dislike and may challenge authority 
and can appreciate fine things (art etc).

Also often times when assessing which customer is rich,
it's not always about the things they wear.
It's about how they carry themselves.

See- a person can make a branded bag look cheap
while another person could make a cheap handbag look branded.
People with charisma are often those who make people want to 
have the same things as them.

That's why charisma is so important when it comes to modelling. 

Those who look undeniably rich are the ones who look impeccably well-groomed.
From their hair to eyebrows to make up. Clear skin and straight posture.
They don't demand attention, they command it. 

They usually have hints of luxury even when dressed down,
like a great timepiece or fine jewellery. 

Trust me, the line between cheap jewellery and fine jewellery
could be simply the glint of the metal- but that glint is so unmistakable.
So unmistakably expensive, eventhough discreetly so.

Rich men for some reason tend to have very black hair,
prominent jaws, thick eyebrows. And of course nice watch.
And always, always nice shoes.

I don't know. Some people just carry that aura. Some people don't.
And that aura looks and feels more expensive
than any handbag nor jewellery could ever buy.

Okay that's all for today finally gonna meet up my girls tomorrow sleep sleep sleep!!!

Tata guys! :)


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