Sunday, 30 December 2012

A thousand words

Black, red, gold.

Short outing with Mei Yen at 1U.

Accidentally splurged at Chanel.

But better invest in quality make up
than saving money then feeling dissatisfied forever
then end up buying the expensive make up anyways :3

 KJ's open house, buffet and chit chat.
Didn't get too party-ish mood, so many adults and kids yoh.

 Was feeling floral, and my face looks bright because of the make up
the Chanel lady did. Lol.

Three of us :)
Don't worry I have clothes on! 

Le floral maxi tube dress. :)

Soft toys and lavender dreams. xoxo
Matching lips with Gwennie, used her lipstick.
Her new trademark, a bright fuschsia pink, mama mia~

And then, well here comes Jennie.
She came late, but better late than never. <3 p="p">
Leaving for short trip to HK tomorrow.

Sisterly loves. 
Kudos for many years to come.
Until I see your babies poop out. 
And hopefully mine too MUAHAHA


KL with my babies, brunch at Tokyo Street.
Almost the complete set of "ladies" but Mei Yen couldn't make it ~,~

Wafu Mentaiko Pasta?
It was delicious, albeit fattening.
Been despo craving for cheesy food. 

Yummy, the way the warm milky sauce gilds over my throat
and caress my tastebuds! <3 p="p">


Amanda, Siet Yen, Chi Cheng.

My one and only emo girl, Jennie! HAHA
We looked on theme that day.

More of .. blackredgold

 Let's take a walk around town,
the sunlight is just perfect for photos.

Let's act like we're tourists
and there's so many places to shop. :3


Sneak peek.

Sometimes even escalator rides can be a photoshoot...
if you're up for it.

Well, why not.
Let's not waste our outfits. ;))


five am in the morning.
I think I shall do this more often.
Let the pictures do the talking instead.
Well, good pictures ;)

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