Sunday, 9 December 2012


Hello peepo!

December, the month of partying. November and December
is always full of birthdays. Ya know, parents make love during Valentines.
Then boom boom boom~

Above was guess who's birthday?
Our lovely beebo- Chi Cheng of course ^^

I had to find my way to KL from Midvalley after work.
Anyways, I am well-known for being the one most horrible with directions.
But look for signboard is no problem, thank God I made it in one piece.
Followed Jalan Kuching from Bangsar ^^v


All the ladies in their dresses, ready to rock the town.
I love KL, so so much. It's so alive, so glamourous. HAHHA.
Let me warn you though, whenever there is glamour- bitchiness shall prevail. 

Of course, every birthday girl deserves a kiss to reminds her of how special she is.
For that day ^^

Nola, always special in our hearts hehe
I treasure friends. Friends and family
are what makes life worth living.

Also I had no idea where Traders Hotel was and I didn't want to waste time
driving around for it. So I parked at KLCC. I thought it was beside KLCC. 
More like you have to walk more than half a kilometer!! =.=
Lucky I stashed my slippers in a paper bag then changed just before entering the hotel.
I hid behind a tree and changed so the doormen wouldn't notice.
Keep face yoh!!! I shy.


Jennie always excited to take picture for whatever. 
Christmas tree, logos, sofas. Anything.
Bandaraya. MUAHAHA

Everywhere decorated with christmas feel, red and gold is the colour
for December. And then January. Fuck, Chinese New Year!!! ANG PAU COME.

As usual, we started dinner very late. Around 10pm. I know right.
They close at 11, but we delayed them half an hour.
Plus two expatriates a few tables away.

I was relieved when seeing the menu, thought it would be around one hundred a dish
like Marini's. NAH. I ordered mushroom soup since they were finishing. RM28 je!


I have a big butt... the only good thing is it makes my waist look smaller in comparison.
HAHAH. So okay I embrace it. I would jump off a building if I had a big waist plus big hips =.=


After that, we headed to Midvalley again. Where I came from. Work.
HAHHA. But this time, to go G6. Chi Cheng's suggestion, since Daniel was there. 
Danny also, the Hextrade guy. And Ping Kuang, next door at Vertigo.
And also Vinnie, go club everytime also see her WAHAHA

Been a long time I've never been to clubs. Ever since iPhone accident number two.!

It was alright~ Lucky I had afternoon shift the next morning. HEHE.
I have work but I still have a lot of energy to go out and party.
Because to me it's a form of relaxation!

Siet Yen also not bad, always have three hours sleep but can tahan.
Xuan is a bit more easy to get tired. Hehe.

Oh yah that day Siet Yen's cousin also joined us. The girl in orange top. Gibee!

And ohh. December is of course the month of gifts.
But any month is a good month to dream and fantasize.

 Lv multicolore! Prada saffiano leather wallet!
Pink! Girly! Paris Hilton! Fuck!
Chanel flap! Prada tessuto nylon!
Black and gold! Leather and chains!
Bowling bag? Top-handle tote? Chain bag? HOHO

Tiffany & Co's Elsa Peretti diamonds by the yard!
Rolex datejust! Gold plate and diamond stud the shit out of it!
Chanel pearl earrings!

I love accessories, I don't mind spending money on them. I skimp more on clothes.
Because... you can't wear the same clothes everyday /.\

Jewellery, omg. I wanna build up jewellery collection. Gold, diamonds, pearls.
Dreaming yoh. You know la. I am either in love or in love with fashion.
I get more spendy some months, but I can go without bothering
about buying shit for a period as well!

Umm. About Chanel earrings. I've been wanting one for a while.

This was the earring which made me fantasize. HAHA. A random pearl earring I got from The Curve
that I ended up really liking.

 There is something just so cute about the roundness and whiteness. And how it looks well with gold.
I hate silver. My skin eats up silver and makes the jewellery unnoticeable. HAHAHA

Went KLCC today with family. So nice right weekends have off day.
Unheard of, when you work at retail.!!

And you know. Work at Burberry also become mau sangat.
You see all these rich people coming in and out. And you want to have what they have.
What drives people to splurge so much on something that's obviously made for less than that-
it's the promise they make, the lifestyle they represent, the status they give.

As simple as that. A chanel bag, a rolex watch. Whatever. Over 10k but still
people dig their wallets to get it. HO.

Can't wait to earn money, have a job. Umm. Okay. Actually can wait la ^^ working is like..
dog eat dog world! HEHE

Went into Chanel. I asked them where the pearl earrings were, they were hidden in three consecutive drawers. HAHA. So nice they pulled em all out for me :3

This was what I got. They give so much shit for a pair of earrings. 
Ribbons, box, dustbags, receipt wallet. Pattern oh.

My dad asked me where I was. If I wanted to buy anything.
I said yeah I'm at Chanel. He asked how much. I told him the price.
He said, har? Since when Chanel bags so cheap. 
I said no, it's earrings.

Then he said I always lose shit blablaba not worth it for earrings. HAHAHA.
And he said Pasar Malam can buy a lot, he asked me to go there buy.
Ma de. 

I can'ttttt. It's against my ethnics. A designer will never use fakes.
Imagine if people counterfeit ur products in the future :/
And sumore!! Can tell the difference la. 

Behind every logo is a mathematical calculation accurate to millimeters.
Counterfeit production will never use that, and can never use it.
Like how the double C logo overlock each other, the symmetry of it.


This one is Chi Cheng told me. Every authentic earrings will have this silver plate stuck on their back. The usual Chanel made in France logo. PASAR MALAM ONES DON'T HAVE !!!!!!

Where I keep my earrings. The ones I like la. HAHAHA.
I found back my Tiff earrings, but now I dont know where the bracelet went? =.=
Mostly it's me putting it somewhere around my room, then I don't know where my maid put it.

I promise not to lose these earrings.
They cost more than my Gucci wallet =.=

memang mau sangat.
And my brother said, ya. My current phone suit me.
Four hundred bucks. HAHAHAH.

I will never lose handbags or whatever because they look pretty.
handphones are important for me, but they don't look pretty also.
okay enough talking cock. ^^

I think after January I will return to pauper mode. It's like that with me, all or nothing.

Where I ate most days while working. It's hard for me to skimp on eating when I'm working.
Because eating is like a getaway. And it's not so much of a getaway when you're eating bread in the pantry right :( I want sushi and pasta only. FEED MEEE

This week it's Gardens cafe. Should come here with my ladies, the sunlight and grass- fuck, so nice to camwhore!!

Carbonara. I like eating their set meal but this was taken on bloody Saturday, so normal price. HAHA. I don't like the chicken ham. Only ate the mushrooms. The hams look too pink, like pork :(
I don't like eating pork. Fuck. I feel like it's my own skin. Hard to chew. Pink. AIYER

Taken while working, damn blur right the face.
Everyday gotta put make up while working, then get covered in dust at the storeroom. 
Pimples come out la deii!!!!!!! !@#$%

Lol :x but you know the last two weeks, I kept complaining about work.
Well now I actually feel grateful for it. And the colleague I wasn't happy with apologized.
HAHHA. I felt much better. I don't like keeping grudges, but at the same time I don't like
acting like everything's alright when I'm annoyed with something you've done.
Once you admit it then I can forget about everything. 

Anyways, better than staying at home and doing nothing right!
Still have two more weeks to go, the timetable much more better than last two weeks.
Cos the other part timer is back!

I have more stories to tell, but daddy nagging me to eat dinner.
And you know la, have to act good since I spent his money today ^^

Tchao tchao!!! 

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