Friday, 14 December 2012

City Lights (I love it)


Today is my off day, which is why I'm blogging! :) Teehee

Feels kind of weird that I have only one more week left for work.
I kind of grew to like working, though I don't miss standing for hours at the end.
I just like. Knowing that at least I'm doing something to create money.

And yeah, being surrounded by expensive clothes.
How nice if they carried more of Prorsum. Imagine if you scratched your pen
over a 7k dress. Boom- defect item it is. LMAOOO! xD

Was supposed to go Raffle on my off day with King Jiat
but postponed because I was not mentally ready.
I mean, I don't remember the way there and I don't have iPhone google maps to rely on
(cos I blardy lost my phone)
For Samsung it's Waze. Don't know. Some other day!!

So, just  went to King Jiat's house to visit him.
Cos he took off day from his work for what was supposed to be checking out Raffles. LMAO.

Mei Yen, she came while I was just about to get in my car and drive off.
A minute later and she'd be here for nothing.
WTF! I asked her why she didn't text me before coming.
She said she did.
When? The moment you arrived?

I asked her half-sarcastically, but yes- indeed she texted after she arrived.
LOLL. It's her habit already ma de.
Because my house is on the way when she comes home from Taylors ~,~

But of course, happy to see her, because I've been caught up with work
and she, with assignments.

I think all the free time in the world is worthless,
if you don't have the right timing or the will.
Right? :3

After that, dropped by Xuannie's house.
Cos she was lazing at home and she'll be working soon, for the first time hoho.
Xuan and Chi Cheng are the relaxed and carefree ones among us. 

 And she gave me some curls!! 
Lol, photo above and above was supposed to be before.
This is the after. 

Wanted to try curling inwards. She did it for my first bunch of hair.
I immediately recoiled. I don't know. 
It's not volumous enough, a bit like countryside cowgirl. Taylor Swift's curls.
Like Sim Kuan's prom curls. Ma de. 

For hair, I only want two things- volume and shine.
Hahah. Might just dye it myself (red again) then let 
the salon do the permanent perm.

Of course, camwhore before the curl "drops". HAHAH

 After that, back to DPC again.
Some Salmon Orizushi thingy from Rakuzen.

Ping Kuang's treat. Why? because the other time he told me 
we were eating japanese food, but got dragged to Boston instead.

Hextrade sounds like something with a lot of profit going on,
but I'm NOT ready to join it because it sounds simply too good to be true.
Danny, the original hextrade guy- said I'm fan jin. HAHHA.
Got good things but don't want.

Umm. Because it feels like gambling,
and I don't trust being able to keep money you earn from gambling.
Eventually, you lose it all, risk it all. 

Like Forex, such a peachy rose dream with bills raining on your head.
But the truth is, I know friends who've lost thousands 
and also hundreds of thousands because of it. Lose what you earn.

Gambling is about getting money by winning, or losing money by... not winning.
And the money comes from the losers, so what makes you think 
you won't be one of the losers? 

What makes you think, you'll get the best out of everything? :/
If the company is the one producing the money, then why isn't it bankrupt already?
Lol. I'm also afraid of Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes. Whatever fuck la.

It's like, the person at the top- someone with great charisma.
Gets people to join him to invest, then he tells them they'll earn 
a marginal profit by asking someone else to invest.

In the end they are actually investing on nothing, 
nothing is gaining profit. It's just money being exchanged, no value created.
The guy on top simply uses the money from new investors 
to pay off old investors.

The only loophole is that the scheme will collapse,
when people stop investing. When new money stops coming in.
And that's where the guy on top also stops coming in.
He'll flee for fuck's sake. 

I'm not saying Hextrade is guaranteed to lose your money,
because I only know half of how it works.
RM8k, 25 lots, get RM57k profit if you find at least three new investors.

And I am also a bad liar, I do it so half-heartedly.
It's like... I find it funny that I'd tell such a ridiculous thing.

Ping Kuang was rushing me and I told him to wait fifteen minutes,
I'm looking for parking at the back parking lot. 
That cb actually went to the back parking lot to see if I was there.
Then sent me a picture of free parking space. DAMN FREE EH.
Lol admittedly I was only coming out of BSD when I told him I was parking.

And he told me I was too noisy while eating.
Ma de. Eat of course must talk, so awkward if I have to keep silent.
If so why not diam diam go home eat right. lol.

He's not the first to tell me I'm too noisy when eating thou. =.=
I suka laaa

This was I forgot when the fuck, because I am working.
HAHHAA. Somewhere this week la okay.

We only planned on dinner at Rakuzen initially. 
Then going to someone's house to catch VS '12

Then Gwennie talked about how she wanted Furla candy.
She said there's an outlet at KLCC. Why not drive there now, she asked.
And I was like, ON la. Don't ask me man.
I say ON to everything. 

It was already 9 o croc which meant we had half an hour to get there
and another half to shop!

As you can see. We manged to arrive on time ^^
Not bad oh Gwennie!

Sadly, there's no Furla at KLCC.
There was one at Pavi but I'm not sure if it's still there or not.

For me, Furla is like.. with Oroton, Coach, Braun Buffel, Longchamp.
Concentrate on bags, but not so obvious with monograms etc.
Except for Coach la.

And then we went to "wan kat" which means window shopping but in a ruder way in canto.
HAHA. Means you go there and fuck with the salesperson only. Try but never buy.
lolll. But hey! Sometimes it's like they fuck with you today, but after they know more about the product, they buy it.

Miu miu's vitello bow small bag, RM4.8k. It's so pretty, girly, fun.
But so expensive.

Prada's saffiano tote- RM6++k. My mind drifted when the salesperson answered with six.
HAHAHA. Ma de. So exy. The wallets were RM2k++

And then Gwennie got her eyes on Chanel earrings, wanna ask Sher to switch YSL belt
to Chanel earrings. LOL. Girls have fickle minds.

With Jennie. Who's enjoying her break. With bouts of insomnia :3
I think we need something to wake up to in the morning.
God knows how our timings would be, without work or school
all our lives :3


Halfway I also thought I misplaced my new sunglasses somewhere, 
because the case wasn't in my bag.

I freaked. Because I've barely used it and I can't bear to lose anything expensive again.
NEVERRRR. ARGH. It's like this- when I get something I really like,
I take good care of it, dote it like a fragile piece of glass.
Then my mantra- "the more I like you the more I leave my marks on you" comes in.

LOL. Okay. Take care la take care!! Because what's the point if you have ten handphones
when you keep losing them. You'll end up with nil at the end...!

I'm thinking of getting an iPad mini. Portable, good for eBooks and INSTAGRAM!
But... iPad is like.. something not necessary. I'd think I'll waste a lot of time of mindless apps and shit.
That's the problem when you get something to hi tech. 
It'll have too many functions for its own good :3

Also arranged my brandwhore display because it's Christmas. 
And. I always do it while working.

Putting the handbags, making sure everything looks equal, symmetrical.
If there's three wallets on the right, there must be three more on the left.
If the knot is facing south, so should the other one.
Everything is pretty because its composition makes sense.
Art is like... maths with freedom of expression ~,~

And I... am not really into maths :<

And yes! I'm lucky my dad is someone who'll give me money to buy things
ridiculously marked up. ~,~
I like accessories. Same ol', cos they can be worn everyday
while clothes sort of have to be different everyday, no...? :/

Learnt to giftwrap a box.
The trick is making the ribbon flat at the bottom.
Easy to do nia, I just googled a video.
With.. how to tie a giftbox with ribbon.
Captain Obvious!

Colleague joked you can work at a giftshop if you work at Burberry.
Tie a lotta ribbons. I like ribbons.
They are a suspense and gives you to pleasure of enfolding the mystery of what it's wrapping.
Like uncovering a secret, a pretty secret meant for you.

This was the glasses I was talking about, finally not a disposable one.
Why? Because those from Kitschen- they break. MA DE.
I had my hair tied and it broke when I tried to get them out.
Don't know if I'm too rough or what :(

But you know we're biased. We'd be lying to ourselves, if we said
we don't act more rough when something's cheap.
Cheap equals.. replaceable.

That's why, as a lady- you should NEVER act cheap.....!

Anyways, it's from Burberry. Staff price shit.
I thought it was crazy great, like 90% off. Scott makes it so overrated @#$%^
Don't know if he's lucky or wad :<

Most is only half price. Initially wanted to get a lot of things,
but I think I'll settle with this one. Released the nova check bag,
because a lot of people had it.

More for family, giftwrapped their stuff too.
Dad got a jacket. I told him to wear it to the swamp.
"you crazy ah!" lol


Okay, now.

Imagine this life-

Your sports car hitches to a stop in front of a glitzy hotel's valet.
They run to open your door, and you hand them a hefty tip.
As the doormen opens the door, everyone's eyes turn to you- cos you're that magnetic.

The bellboy presses the elevator button with a gloved hand,
and you sashay into it with your manolos-clad feet.
A gold Herve Leger dress hugs your curves like a lover and shines with every move you make.
You delicately perch your sunglasses atop your head with manicured fingers-
which is admittedly more than a person's average monthly salary, because it is diamond-encrusted.

Just because.

Admittedly, you are wearing head to toe what is worth more than a person's average yearly salary.
But it's alright, you've worked hard to get to this place.

At the same time you never let it show,
because people want to believe it's effortless- that you just got lucky.
Well, things are always 99% perspiration and 1% luck.

A long queue awaits as the elevator reaches your desired floor.
But it doesn't bother you, because the hostess recognizes you.

She promptly ushers you to your group of ladies, and you greet them with little air kisses.
Cupcakes and bite-size sandwiches, plus macaroons of every imaginable colour
teeter on tiers of tea trays- awaiting your presence.

The interiors are filled with gold columns, and full of mirrors with no fingerprints in sight
to marr your gorgeous reflection.

*** I am laughing like shit writing this*

You proceed to gossip with your ladies over people who have less fortunate lives/attitudes,
manicured and haute joaillerie-laden hands collectively picking up the china filled with aromatic tea.
The laughter at the table is low but filled with childish amusement, a byproduct of a sheltered life.

Everyone is wondering who you ladies are,
the effortless ability to arouse interest of someone inherited with charisma apparent.

After tea is done, you part ways but only to adjourn later at night.
For now, you are off to some place else, because there are never enough places to go,
never enough places to fill a glamourous touch with.

Just as the enormous door swings open, your boyfriend is there,
leaning on his Bugatti Veyron.

You hop in to his car, forget about yours
because you know that anyway his driver will bring it home for you.


HAHHA OKAY OKAY. Done fantasizing.
Serious shit, I had photos like what I fantasize floating in my folders. 

Ya. This is what I dream about most. When I daze around.
You don't see what I see.
I see flashes of gold, glamour, girls.


Feels good to dream. Yah, dream more dream more.
Laws of attraction.

Tata hotties! :*

ps: I am craving twister fries, have been since ten pm. it's two in the morning and it HASN'T weaned off, gardammit..!@#$

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