Tuesday, 18 December 2012

City suns

Hello lovelies!!

How lovely to be back with blogging.
Work ends, with two more days. After this Thursday 10pm, 
I'll be as free as a bird. 

Well, until Jan 2 when Raffles start that is!

Out with my ladies to KL! 
Kualala lumpur~~
Had an off day before my last day. How nice.
Every off day feels like a weekend for me.

Working in a shopping mall, 
it's seldom you get leave during weekends.
That's when they need you most :3

Meeting time was supposed to be 12pm.
Sim Kuan came quite early, to my house. Pitstop.

She wanted Ou at first because of Tamago Mentai.
But I'm like, girl you need to think far.

I just like KL. Because once you're in KL, fuck.
There's so many places to go.

Stop at Pavilion. Bored? 
Go Fahrenheit 88. Bored?
Lot 10. Bored?
Sungei Wang. Still bored?
Times Square?

Still still bored? 
Go home la ma de five giant shopping malls also cannot satisfy. Lolol.

Also reminds us of diff cultures, and the places they shop.
In Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai (Asia mostly)-
shopping is done in shopping malls, exclusively.

I know it may sound stupid that this feels weird, 
because I used to think that the only place to do shopping is in a mall..

But then after you travel to European countries and USA,
you'll know- they all like to shop in streets. Outdoor, open air.
Branded shops side by side. 
Sit outside a cafe and people-watch.

Meh, people in Malaysia don't appreciate the art of having tea alone.
Anywhere anyone is eating alone, they'd think- loner.
Western people like to do that. With a book.
That's what Jennie said when she say a western people with a book, alone.
Today. HAHHA.

The picha above is Via Condotti, Rome. HAHAH.
Where I got my first handbag. They had free keychain too,
which you can probably sell off for few hundred dollars.
Because it's exclusively from there. 
Why Malaysia no such thing :3

Oh right because Italy is like designer's hometown.
Special treatment neh. 

I think luxury brands are more stingy nowadays?
Hike up their prices like cock but didn't hike up quality as much...

Well and then in Macau, hotels are like malls.
With freaking gucci prada fendi. In ONE mall.
That one is Wynn hotel. 

Stayed there for a trip few years back.
Everything feels... so expensive.

I think for Macau they put it in hotels because the thing people care about, 
is simply gambling.

And, casinos are INSIDE hotels.
So after those sugar daddy win huge amounts of money,
they can go to branded shops with are a walking distance away, 
to treat their baby dolls right? LOL.

Like this couple who came in while working.
The girl looked pretty, in a carshow model sort of way.
She chose a handbag, and her bf took out 4k in cash to pay for it.
LOLOL. Girls-big handbag but don't put money.
It amazes me how much bills a guy can stuff into his wallet. 


WAIT WAIT. Back to my life.


Off we went into Gwennie's car. I was supposed to drive today
because I was the one who suggested KL.
I told Jennie to drive if she wants Ou. 

HAHHA. Xuan drove because she was. Umm. Kind of late.
Washing her lingerie or something. Lol :(
I think I should dare her not to be late someday.
Because she's always the type who doesn't wanna lose a good challenge.

But thanks for driving hehe she offered because she knew we waited quite long for her.

Now I know why she takes so long to get ready.

Part of the reason- CURLS.

They are freaking high-maintenance.
No wonder they make you look rich.

Because they are high-maintenance and only those
who don't have to worry about money
can afford to be high-maintenance. =.=

You know the last two times I did curls recently?
Well those were by the magic of Gwennie's curling thongs.

I couldn't resist the itch today and drove out to get my own curling thong
in the morning. I woke up early, way too unholy for an off day.
Like 8am early. I am NOT a morning bird.

But hey! At least I did something productive. HAHAH.

Omg, now I like Guardian more.
I went to Watsons at first, but- no curling thongs in sight.
Not even hair dryer... =.=

Guardian, YES!! MUAHAHA. So gladdddd.
When I want something, I feel angry at myself if I fail to get it.
Like I want to punch a hole in a wall angry.
Thinking to this world, OHH IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE ME WHAT I WANT

But of course. When there's will there's a way.
I didn't realise curling thongs were cheap!!
The one I got, some Phillips one. Ceramic curl thing, dunnowadfuck la.
RM50, normal price about RM70. Hah, fated already.
I was thinking I had to spend around RM150.

For RM150 you can get those set one la, with detachable heads.
Straighten or crimp, bla. So many pattern.

But I was happy with mine because I only want curls right now :3
And lighter hair colour, with reddish tint. Almost bought another home dye.

Before make up or any shit. Look tired right. HEH.
Blow-dried my hair. And I realise why my hair didn't look good straight.

While doing the curls.
Also did eyebrows while waiting the thongs to heat up.
But it heats up so fast.

Of course, clumsy me- I also burned myself, the very first time using it.
It hurt, but my finger came contact for like less than half a second.
A second? Fuck, skin melt weyhhh.

Burned because the instruction shit ask me to hold the tip to secure my hair.
But the tip so short!! CIBET. Easy to burn. Must keep in mind yohhh

Also pardon me for opening my legs so big in the pic above.
HAHAHA. But cannot see anything la, safe safe.

Wiki-howed how to work the curling thong.
Spent a good hour doing it. Gwennie takes 15-20 to do mine.
PRO. Okie, I must practise more.

I think Jennie would probably burn herself more than a few times,
because she can't hold a brush and blowdry her hair stimultaneously. HAHHA
Soooo cute ^^

The basic thing about how to work curling thong-
1. Press open the lever, clip the tips of your hair and secure.
2. Then, roll it around the barrel. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
(Gwennie used to hold it for what felt like a minute on my hair. HAHA
No wonder there's always the burnt smell)
3. Release it in flow of its direction, and spray some hair spray.

I usually separate it to six to eight sections. 
But I think that's too little because my hair is thick.
BUT. Lazy to do so many, and I like big curls.

I HATEEEEE those beachy hair waves. 
Like Taylor Swift,
or Blake Lively...

Those curls are by curling inwards.
Mine is always always always curled outwards.
But anyways they say to mix a lil bit of both to make it natural.

But I don't care natural. 
I want it big, curled like a tube. Stiff even. 

Heh. Have to work on not frying my ends.
But it's okay! Practise makes perfect!

Also tried eyelid tape for the first time.
Was surprised it feels so natural. Like really. 
Can't feel you're wearing it.

I hate falsies the most. So hard to control, bah :(
But they do really open up your eyes!

Jennie and Gwennie both didn't notice I had eyelid tape on.
Jennie noticed when I asked if she felt something was different.
Gwennie, clueless. HAHA. I think distracted by other make up

Used it because I heard after a month or so, it can correct uneven eyelids.
I WAN LA WTF! Symmetry is a facet of beauty..

Oh yah. I forgot. 

ALSO ALSO, remember to have some heat protector inside your hair before 
burning it with an iron. HAHA! Got a random one from Lucido L.

And of course hair spray to hold the curls because it makes a difference.
Espo when you've never curl your hair before

Actually I could care less about damaging my hair if it looks good,
but the thing is unhealthy hair never looks good. Aiks. :/
I like shine and volume. Healthy hair will shince and bounce yoh!

Took my diamond ring out.
I'm supposed to let my dad give it to me after I'm married
but anyway it is collecting dust in the drawer
and I love diamonds :(

So why not wear now la right.
It was my mummy's! A souvenir from Europe trip.
While visiting this huge building of jewelleries.
Don't know how many karat that one is. lol :/

I remember during the tour, people bought shit and compare with each other.
HAHAHAH. And fight for food with this one particular family.

Supposed to put it out with another setting, to make it look like a different ring.
But later they charge so much and have to wait, mafan eh.

If I had to changed it, I'll put it in a gold ring and put two more mini diamonds beside it.

Or get a Tiffany & co diamond band and stack it on top *w*
But. t&co diamonds are so the expensive.
Like it costs 2k USD for an almost same thing thing you could get for 2k, IN RM.

I guess it's the blue box experience, and the tiffany diamonds shit?
Because when people ask where you bought it from, you can say. OH, T&CO!
But with diamonds, most people just ask if they're real or not.

Diamonds feel like fire frozen in ice.
The brilliant way they sparkle, kept in such a cold fortress.

I wanna save money for jewellery now.
I want diamonds. I want gold.
I want my husband to give a blue box every anniversary.
HAHAHA. I give him something nice also la.

Fuck, I fantasizing yoh.
BUTTT. You can't covet about these things too much,
because it'll never end. What you need to satisfy yourself isn't materials.
Maybe relationships. Or your own perspective. Heh.

Well, I hope one day I will save money for my business
instead of splurging it on material wants.
But for now, imma kid without a care.

So funny these two Malay ladies, dripping with diamonds.
She asked the Orchard bag, how much it was. RM7k, I said.
"Murahnyaaa" she whispered to her sister.

Ma de. Speechless weyh. HAHHA.
A matter of perspective. What to do,
her diamonds can probably buy half of our display.

Went to KLCC first, our favourite jagungs.
Dragged Gwennie and Jennie to Chinoz.
That place where I go to every Sunday.

HOH! How long didn't go there cos of work :'(

I like that they serve Asian as well as Western!

Xuan had beef burger, me Spider Maki, Jennie onion soup!

What I like about the place is just sitting outdoors, people-watching.
Look at all the expatriates and all.
Dome is like opposite of Chinoz, but their service sucks so badddd.

Please don't tell me you're gonna take my photo that's candid.
Confirm come out posey one. HAHHA

My pretties. 

Almost regretting sitting outside because it was a tad too hot.
I wanted sunlight to take pichas. But not this much lar harloww!!

Magazines. I love cafes which provide magazines for patron.
I mean dumbfuck investing RM50 is so small if it helps to make a customer
come back again and again.

HAHA dont mind my crudenessss.
I'd take a mag wherever I go, but my bag= too small.
My problem, I know :(

Tadah, done with tea.
I wanted to try hotel.
I mean Chinoz already costs RM50 a person.
Why not go hotel right. :3

Foruchizu. Hmm... I think the clothes look more exciting in pictures??
Cos it suits them. Audrey & Cheesie!

Nevertheless, it was nice to sate our curiosity. Didn't buy shit. 
Looked around onihhh. Cheesie is my favourite blogger because
she's always on top of trends.

BUTTT. I like it better when her blog were filled with pictures
from four-thirds camera and not from iPhone ://


A little wallpaper. Didn't like the light stand in the middle..
cockblock our attempts to make the picture look live!FGH*YW#d

And of course, Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE.

Was supposed to head to Siet Yen's house but she wasn't in the mood because of TOA.
It's like you know. She asks us to meet up with her but on the day itself she's too tired.
Tired enough to FFK YOH. Chi Cheng is busy with her cousins and stuff.


Again I don't remember whenthefuckk this was and don't wanna bother.
HAHA. I sacrificed sleep to go Vertigo, the exact place where my work is.
Was supposed to head home early but that didn't happen.
Okay lo, recuperated the following evening.

Young peepo, can tahan oneee

With Vincent, the one who called us.
He was there with his Taylorian friends, second time meeting them.

Outfit. Top given to me by baby Chi Cheng! ^^v
thankiu bebeh! :33

And a random plate of .. fuck. I forgot what it's called =.=!
Something I like to eat while working to comfort myself

Anyways, it's just a delicious baby with mussels. 
Xuan said I eat crabs and all those but not beef.
Then I realised why. Because beef and pork are so
warm-blooded and big, HARD TO KILL! Like they suffer a lot. /.\

Seafood like prawns and fish, they die the moment you take it out of water.
Which feels funny to me sometimes that evolution becomes the cause of its death.
Can only breathe through water, nehh. Crab can do both, but because of that.
SUFFER LO. I imagine chefs just take them alive and fry them.
Or hit them with hammer. HAIH. SO poor thing.

But beef. Omg. The way they bleed to death, and they have SOOO much to leak...

HAHHA. OKay. Sorry to end this post on a disturbing note okie ^^
Love you guys, sayang sayang~


Go out and live your lives!

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