Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sex and the city

Hello dearies! Running short on time to blog lately.
But no worries, I'll make this post make up for it :*
 Good things come to those who wait, and I can't wait till Dec 20. 
When I finally finish working!

But of course. Let's talk about partying first hehe ^^ 

As you can see, I have curls in that picture.
Thanks to Gwenllian for curling my hair, hehe.
She's good at it because she does it all the time.
Curls are so high-maintenance.

The hair I want is like that. But permanent. 
With redder lighter hair. Copper? HEHE.
76style wait for meee! ^^ New year must have new hair.
Fresh start. Can't believe it's already December. =.=
I don't know what I did for the past twelve months.
A lot of conflicts, excitement. 

What I hope for next year? Hmm.
Just keep improving myself. 
Learn as much as I can for college, don't stop halfway.
Upgrade myself, find what look really suits.
Invest in quality shit pieces for clothes, buy less fast fashion boutique pieces etc. ^^

Dec 1, went down to KL.
Celebrate my bou bou's birthday (actual bday Dec 2)! With all my ladies yoh!
Dress up and hit the town.

Beautiful view up from the 57th floor of KLCC.

Marini's on 57. Xuan's taste. Dafug.
Damn expensive hahah!

There's a really private party sort of feeling, reminds me of this movie. 
The Gem of Life. Hong Kong movie about those business powerhouses, 
always having meetings at hotel and all that.

I opened the menu and I swear if I was eating one of their hundred dollar desserts, I would choke.
Gwenllian's simple explanation was, their food is 28, plus another figure. So becomes RM280.
How nice. HAHAHHA

They have their own private little concierge, and they guide you upstairs.
With all the velvet curtains and plush carpets.


We all dressed up of course. KL. Love the city eh.
Fantasize about living in a condo at the heart of the city with my friends someday.
Fuck. So nice. 

The usher also checked I.C., all of us eighteen.
Just legal. HAHHAA. 


All wore different colours that night :3 
I wore ballerina dress from Zara, it was in my closet quite long.
Never worn before. Xuan's, nude palette. 
 Also borrowed her shoes because I realised my wedges were broken
when I was at her house :(
Sim Kuan as always- black white blue. MUAHAHA. But no blue that day.

Going to KL. Now I know why rich people always have a certain vibe.
They always dress a bit more formal than normal people.
Because if they don't- look, for Marini's they put there no slippers and shit.
They can barr you from entering. HAHHAA.

But if you bring out your expensive shit, they come and serve you.
With the best service they can give.

Star of the night :*

My ladies.
Clockwise from top: ChiCheng the beebo, 
Siet Yen the bee girl, Sim Kuan the jblock, 
Xuan the Gwenllian, Karen the Bubu.

As you can see the restaurant was pretty empty.
We started eating around 10 plus? Lol.

They were saying the restaurant was closing but changed their mind. HEHE.
Lucky yoh. If not have to go to the bar, damn noisy.


Here comes the cake! 

Tiramisu! :3 

HEHHE. Gwenllian was actually pretty crestfallen 
when Chi Cheng and I told her Jblock wasn't coming.
But few moments later, there comes Jennie.
With the presents. HAHAHA.

And then Gwenllian smiled again ^^

Hope you had a sweetie bday yoh!

  A shot after dinner.

I can never walk past reflective or shiny things without my eyes drifting over to them.
It's like magnet. Fuck. The only jewellery I want is T&Co's Elsa Peretti necklace and bracelet!
In diamonds and gold! 3k or 5k? Don't know.

Between buying new phone or handbag/jewellery. I'd chose the latter.
Because I'm so tired of losing handphones. I've lost three.
I can't afford losing another 2k handphone ma deeee :(

Handbags, the Gucci one got stolen before.
But the thief took the iPhone and left the bag in the toilet lol.
I couldn't care less, that handbag was my first real bag from Milan.

 Them girls walking, Jennie and I falling behind camwhoring.

Urm. On our short walk to the parking lot.
We got hit on twice.

First when we were taking photos outside KLCC.

So pretty right??! 
Us Malaysians just take our jagung tower for granted.

Anyways, while snapping photos a group of foreigners came and asked us to take pictures for them.
Then asked us to join in the picture. 
Then asked us where we were going, if we wanted to hang out.

I think it's amusing how they always have their lines ready,
it's like they're so used to hitting on random chicks. 
Chinese guys would never do that, and I don't think chinese girls would appreciate it anyway. Lol.

And foreigners always tackle in a group, when they're with their friends. 
Don't know why. Can see them eyebrowing to their friends, hinting here and there.

I used to get scared when random guys talked to me, because I've had old dudes following me twice.
Once at Isetan and another at Australia. The former I went to the security guard, the latter I cycled off. Lolol.

But. After clubbing and getting used to it, it's just amusing to see the lines they come up with.
Mostly I'm lost for words, just smile.

Another time was at the lift, and the guy asked if we wanted to watch movie together
and asked for phone number, the usual la.

And also yesterday night at work while going out of the parking lot, 
a car kept highlighting me. I ignored it la, don't wanna let ppl cari pasal.
Didn't dare to see the car as well.

Then they got down, two foreigners. One of them knocked of my window 
and dropped his name card, asked me to call him. Some limkokwing dude.

I don't know why suddenly. It is because I curled my hair. Dafug.

Most of them were. Erm. Latino looking guys. Olive skin, brown hair. 

Ohhlalala, feels like Gossip Girl~

So sad Mei Yen couldn't make it ;( assignments deh.
So long didn't see my baby!

Lucky to have you guys.

Shortly after I took of my heels and climb the escalators... handrails.
To help CC pay the parking ticket. So fun, like spiderman.
No guards, just cctv. Can climb anywhere you like geh ^^
Because I want to walk barefoot but not touch the escalator itself.
They so pokey!

Wokie, so that was one night in KL.
Maybe Christmas, celebrate in KL?
HEHE. New Year's coming too!
And then CNY. And then my BDAY

That's all I remember each year, all I get excited about.
The months of spending, indulging, renewal. 

And then think about New Year's resolution.
Not exactly I complete everything, but ya. 
I did learn piano. That was on my resolution three years ago.
And don't know like almost a decade ago. Was learning how to cycle.
HAHAH. These little things meant a lot to me back then.

Sometimes I just feel the urge to do something, to learn something.
But I keep putting off to start it, because maybe I am secretly afraid to commit :/
But I make sure I'll complete it when I start.

I wanna learn something that has to do with skating.
Ice-skating, rollerblades, skateboards. I don't know.
I like the feeling of gliding. Gliding my hands over the ivories
gliding my bicycle over the tarmac, gliding my pencils over the paper.
I like touching. HAHAHA

People say everyone has different strengths in learning through hands/eyes/ears.
Ears are my worst, I don't like to listen. I hate it.
I hate people telling me what to do. ^^
 Eyes is okay okay, I like to see when it is interesting. 
I like a lot of visual, pictures floating around like crazy.
Hands I like even more, I am for some reason good in opening locks.
I don't get why people can't figure out how to opening locks that aren't typical.
HAHAHAH. I like watching them fiddle over it.

I am however very shitty at directions, and remembering things step by step.
I like looking the whole picture and detaching it piece by piece.
I hate it when people force me to pay attention to details- I don't care.

HHHAA. So that's me.

Last Tuesday meeting up with CC, Daniel and Danny.
Danny the hexagon guy. Danny and Daniel are like one package.
Business partners etc.

HAHHAA. Danny is very patient with me.
He says I'm the one who's made him the most frustrated 
among all the potential "clients" he's met.

I eat sushi almost everyday at work. Umm.
It's like that lo. Wanna getaway a lil with food, willing to spend.
Sushi Zen, because it's the nearest.
Or Sushi Q, for easy takeaway.
And then Cold Storage, for night deals! *w*

Anything covered in seaweed, stuff it in my mouth pwease!

 Chi Chi! 

Went yamcha a while at Pappa Rich's Giza.
Err. Suffered the next day, not enough sleep.
The manager so nice, give full-time more than three days in a row
for part timer. HAHAH. Haiyo, workplace is like that.
Everyone wants to get the better deal.
Everyone wants something out of you.

When I drop in at work, it's always with sunglasses.
Not ready to meet the world yet.

I've got my eye on a Burberry sunglasses! 
A cibai gayhai released the one I reserved because he so retarded,
didn't know where the sensor remover was. In the cabinet la ma de.

Okay, tak baik marah!

I took KTM for the first two weeks of work.
But then one day I woke up late, and thought- fuck it.
If I drive I can get an hour's time, so anyway the twelve bucks I pay for parking
is worth it because it saves me two hours a day. HAHAHA.

But really jibai lo no parking allowance. 

One of the pictures I really took when working. 
Don't have many. Working no mood to camwhore geh.

So glad tomorrow is off day, gotta get my I.C. done.
And have a little break, the manager so nice gave me so many full shifts.
HAHAH. Would be better to take it as earning money.

Honestly working a month at Burberry is more than enough for me.
The staff there can be bitchy, espo the gay dudes, I don't know.
For Scott it's okay, he can click with them. 

Couldn't stand in today, told a colleague "You boleh professional sikit boleh tak?"
because he threw a bitch fit for the second time at me in front of the customers.
Please la. I'm not here to serve you. 

His own problem, retardedly didn't save customer's info on the iPad. 
I needed to use the iPad to check stock. 

Workplace is all like that, experienced ones bully the newcomers.

Chiu, your salary work whole year also cannot buy my car la.
HAHHAA. This is what I always think to comfort myself.
But the car is not mine anyways, daddy afford I just use it.
I don't have the capability to afford it as well.

And. That's what frustrates me, that I want a lifestyle 
I myself can't afford.

I can't wait to build my own career, to hog money. 
To invest in all kinds of shit. If I ever go bankrupt I will remember that
Donald Trump was once in debt for 90 mill. But is today a billionaire.

I would never be a staff. Fuck.
Maybe freelance or a fashion brand producer.
I can't ever stand authority, I only give respect to people I think deserve it.
I think it's what frustrates people- sometimes I don't listen when people ask me to do things
while working. Because I'm used to people picking up after me, not the other way around.

At the same time- working is an eye-opening experience. To know what it's like
in a luxury store. How ugly it is in the storeroom, my gads!!!!

HAHHAA. Okay okay. Patient patient. Must remember how I jumped and skipped
when I found out I was hired. Remember how other girls wanted part time job but got declined.
Dec 20 wait for me.

Candyland hahaha

Last Monday with the girls, if I'm not mistaken. With Chi Cheng and Sim Kuan as well hehe.
Retardedly left my memory card inside lappie so no camera. :3

Anyways, more update to come. 

Go go go!

Happy December month! The Friday of months heheh!

See ya guys :**

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